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Bella walks in, cautious.

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Peter was behind her

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Bella looks around. (What does she see?)

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A forest.....?

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(Yeah... but nothing very important...?)

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Bella sighs and flops down on the ground. "We're gonna need to find food, and water, and..." She trails off.

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He nodded. He found water pretty easily. But food he could not find

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"Let's drink." Bella says.

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He smiled and handed her some water

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Bella drinks happily. "Thank you."

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Bella gets up and sighs. "Well. Typically, this is where the people start wondering if help is going to come, and if so, when, but let's not be stereotypical." She half-jokes.

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((BTW. Peter has a helmet on, and he never takes it off.....))

Peter laughed a little

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((You there?))

Cecelia (It is the Law of Equivalent Exchange) Stromberg (theawesomebookworm) (yes, but i'm not the person you're talking to.... Lol)

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Bella smiles and crosses her arms. "So. Let's explore somewhere else."

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"Okay." He said

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She heads west.

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He follows

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