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Bella barrels in, gasping for air.

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Peter was behind her. He fell down, blood everywhere

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Bella rushes towards him, her eyes wide.

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He took off his helmet. "More scars. Yay." He said sarcastically

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Bella's breath is shaky, like she's hyperventilating.

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He groaned

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Bella seems frozen in place, shaking.

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Peter laughed. "It sometimes works."

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Bella doesn't respond.

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"You okay?" He asked

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Bella doesn't blink, doesn't answer, nothing.

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He moaned again.

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Bella stands up for no apparent reason.

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He holds back another moan. He smiled

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Bella picks up her metal pole.

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He sighed

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Bella walks away, seemingly in a trance.

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"Where you going?" He asked

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Bella doesn't answer.

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He stood up and walked over to her

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Bella turns around. Her eyes are blazing with wild fury, almost in-human.

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He took a step back

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Bella swings her pole at him, smiling sickly.

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Bella chuckles, still smiling and swinging the pole.

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Peter throws her pole far away.

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Bella manages to duck away from him before he could do that, but still ends up stumbling. She trips on a root sticking out of the earth and falls down to the ground.

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He got down next to her. "You okay?"

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She doesn't seem to move, but she appears to be breathing.

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"Don't kill me for this." He mumbles and kisses her

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Bella stirs and wakes with Peter's lips on hers.

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Peter pulled away and smiled

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Bella blinks confused "Wh...why'd you kiss me..? Why am I on the ground...?"

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"You sorta tried to kill me." He said

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Bella blinks again. "I... What?!" She jumps to her feet, looking at him like he's crazy. "I tried to kill you?!"

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"Ya. Sorta." He said. He stood up. "But I'm fine."

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" you're not!!" Bella looks sick. "I.. I TORE YOUR ARM OFF?!"

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"That wasn't you! That was a bear!" He said

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"A bear?! When was there a BEAR?!" Bella shouts.

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"Umm..back a little. Its not here anymore. Were safe." He said

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Bella blinks. "Why...why can I not remember these things...?"

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"I don't know." He said. "What is the last thing you remember?"

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He sighed. "Okay, thats not a lot to work on."

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"G...good..I...guess.." Bella whispers, still clearly confused.. and disgusted. "Oh, and you took off your mask."

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He looked down.

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", it''s fine.. it's still fine." Bella assured him.

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He still didn't look up. He just stared at the ground. He didn't want to move. He had heard the disgust in her voice. He felt ashamed.

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Bella shakes her head, tears falling down her cheeks.

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