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Cecelia (It is the Law of Equivalent Exchange) Stromberg (theawesomebookworm) (This one is going to have six i think, but who ever wasn't in the first Crash is in this one)

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(So... can we start?)

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I open my eyes ....I sit up and look a around..."hmm...the others are still passed out" I look around...

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Peter woke up

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Bella wakes up. She looks at Peter. "What...what happened...?"

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Peter looked at her. "Who are you?!"

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Bella backs away, a bit frightened by his strong reaction.
"Be..Bella Ingrid. I'm not gonna hurt you, you know." She says.

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"Okay...I'm.....I'm...." he couldn't remember his name.

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Bella furrows her brow. "You can't remember, can you?" She asks softly.
She goes a bit closer to him.

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He shook his head. "No, I can't." He said.

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Bella bites her lower lip. She looks around. "What can you remember? We seem to have been in a plane crash but... I can't remember where I was going."

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"I......I don't know. I-" he felt blood drip from his head. "I guess I hit my head..."

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Bella bites her lip harder. She examines the wound. "It's not very deep, I think. Quite superficial. But, I'm not an expert..."
She sighs and looks down. She holds up her arm. There is a long cut on it. "I think that this isn't too bad either."

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He tried to stand, but everything went dark. He fell down unconscious

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"Oh Go-" Bella starts and rushes towards him.
(What's near the area? Plants? Stuff from the plane?)

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((Everything in the picture. Plus a crashed plane.))

It appears Peter's head had landed on a rock

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"" Bella breaths. She gets up a looks frantically around for medical supplies. Nothing. She drags Peter's head off of the rock and tears a leaf plus a part of his shirt. She applies the leaf on the wound and then ties the shirt part around it tightly to stop the bleeding.

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Peter almost woke up. But didn't

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Bella sighs. She looks around again, but, of course, nothing. She stares at Peter, unsure what to do.

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Peter woke up. "Bel-Balla?"

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Bella breaths a sighs of relief.
"Good. You're alive. Now don't try to speak or do anything demanding. You need to rest."

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"I'm fine..." he mumbles, though he knew he wasn't

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Bella rolls her eyes.
"Nope. You're not. Listen, I'll go exploring a bit, OK? You stay here."

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He nodded, but fell asleep quickly

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Bella goes to the plane crash and examines the debris.
(I'm using too many fancy words XD)

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There is a lot of burning stuff

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Bella frowns. She tries to find an extinguished metal stick or pole.
Just in case she had to fight.
Just in case.

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You found a medal rod

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Bella grabs it, happy.
(I gtg. Cya! I'll be back in an hour or so)

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Peter screamed loudly

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Bella whirls around and runs towards him.

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Peter kept screaming

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Bella rushes towards him and examines his wound.

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It seemed to have gotten infected some how...

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Bella curses. Then, she realizes what she must do. She goes to the plane crash and gets a burning piece of metal. Then she goes back to Peter and starts to burn the infection off.

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Peter screamed louder

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Bella ignores it and continues to burn the infection out.

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Peter cringed

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Bella finishes burning off the infection before turning to Daphne.
"Good. You're not dead."

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Peter flutter a little

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Bella shrugs. "We were in a plane crash. Apparently. I'm Bella. Bella Ingrid."

Z ||Frypans, who knew!|| (spn_fan) | 25 comments Nia wakes up

"What the?..."

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"Ah. People are starting to wake up." Bella nods. "Hello Daphne."
She turns to Nia. "And you are....?"

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"I don't know who I am....still..." he said

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"What do you want to be called, then?" Bella asks Peter.

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"I don't care." He said

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Bella shrugs. "How's... Peter?" She suggests.

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"Sure." He said

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Bella nods and gets up, satisfied.
"Well, Peter. I'll go exploring, now."

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