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message 1: by Liam (new) - added it

Liam Cadoc (liamcadoc) | 14 comments Is there anyone here who can refer me to an inexpensive marketer or publicist? Thanks

message 2: by Talia (last edited May 15, 2020 05:48AM) (new)

Talia Carner (authortalia) | 60 comments I've found that instead of hiring a publicist (they are all expensive and accomplish little,) I hire an assistant--a graduate student or an adult seeking part-time job-- have her work from my office. I assign her projects and can follow up on her progress (e.g. contact newspapers, radio and TV station with a pitch letters that I write and send out press release that I write,) call/email libraries to set up for events, etc.
The results are considerably better.

message 3: by Anna (new)

Anna Faversham (annafaversham) | 283 comments I think that is an excellent idea. When I ran my own business, my assistant was invaluable because she would do whatever was required rather than have a set job description.

message 4: by Liam (new) - added it

Liam Cadoc (liamcadoc) | 14 comments Great. Many thanks for getting back to me with that info, Talia. I'll look into it. If I wanted to conduct a social media campaign, I guess would still apply, in which case where do I need to look for such an assistant?

message 5: by Liam (new) - added it

Liam Cadoc (liamcadoc) | 14 comments Thanks, Anna, for your input as well. Seems to me the way I need to go.

message 6: by Jim (last edited May 15, 2020 01:42PM) (new)

Jim Vuksic Liam,

Most public libraries include a section dedicated solely to literary-related materials. There are books and periodicals that provide specific information pertaining to marketing, promotion, media formats, and distribution options.

Some books provide names, biographies, and contact information of men and women who have established track records of substantial success in helping authors achieve commercial success.

All that is required on your part is dedication, patience, time, and effort to perform the required research and follow up.

Very few novice authors ever achieve commercial success within this extremely competitive field. That said; some have. There is no reason why you might not eventually become one of them. I wish you success.

message 7: by Wmba (new)

Wmba Dams | 43 comments Liam wrote: "Is there anyone here who can refer me to an inexpensive marketer or publicist? Thanks"

If they are not free you are unlikely to generate enough EXTRA sales to pay for their cost.

message 8: by Sunshine (new)

Sunshine Rodgers (goodreadscomsunshinerodgers) | 1 comments I use Celebrate Lit Publicity for my blog tours! They have great deals and the tours generally last about 2 weeks with excellent results!

message 9: by J. (new)

J. Rubino (jrubino) I agree that publicists (unless the publisher handles publicity) can be a very costly, and perhaps not cost-effective outlay to the author.
I would start by looking into what sort of promotion you might do for yourself - unfortunately, this is restricted by virus-related closures, but once things open up:
Local radio stations (you can look into this now)
Libraries - Pitch yourself as a speaker, give a book- or writing-related talk. Ask to speak to any book clubs. See if you library has any author-related events. You might organize one with other authors in your area.
Schools - Many schools love to have authors speak. Of course, in these venues you would probably not be able to sell your book, but you can pass out bookmarks, flyers, cards.
Civic or community clubs, including senior living centers
Guest blogs or podcast interviews

You should be able to approach any of these with a good press release, and it does help if you are able to speak on a writing or publishing subject.

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