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Sunny Maria (sunnynacia) | 12 comments Mod
This is the discussion post for those who have read and finished PART TWO of the book. If you haven’t yet, please know that the questions and comments will contain spoilers. If you have read further than PART II, you are free to participate as long as you don’t spoil anything from the rest of the book !
You are also free to reply to other people, interact, agree or disagree as long as you keep it respectful (no hate speech or aggressiveness will be tolerated).

Keeping all of this in mind, here are the questions !!! We hope you can have a lively discussion (the questions will also be up on Goodreads if you want to post a longer answer on there) :

- Do you think Fareeda is to blame for the way she treats other girls / women in her family ?

- Do you believe Deya should run away ? If yes, why ? If not, also explain why and what you think she should do instead.

- Isra writes letters that she never sends. What purpose do you think they serve in the story ?

- Any quote or passage from PART II that struck you particularly ?

- Why do you think books are so threatening to Fareeda, Isra and the men in the novel ?

Emma Grace (emmyloohoo2) | 2 comments The comment about the loneliest people loving books the most was so profound (and true) for me.

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Michele Pugh | 3 comments Do I think Fareeda is to blame for the way she treats the women in her life. What a tough question.

Short answer, yes. Fareeda is an adult. She makes choices everyday about the way she behaves and the way she treats both the men and the women in her life. She chooses to shame and manipulate her daughter, granddaughters, and daughters-in-law. She chooses to gossip about her friends and their daughters. And did she murder her own twin daughters back in Palestine??

But I also think we need to extend Fareeda a little bit of grace. I've been learning more recently about transgenerational trauma, and this family certainly exhibits symptoms of it.

Understanding the trauma in Fareeda's life helps me understand why she makes choices to behave certain ways. But it doesn't completely excuse her behavior, in my opinion.

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