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UNSOLVED: One specific book > French short story -fiction/memoir, WWII boy finds school is closing

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message 1: by Joan (last edited May 14, 2020 08:39AM) (new)

Joan | 1 comments I first read this touching short story- about a reluctant scholar in Alsace realizing how much school and his native language mean to him when the germans announce school will close and french language and literature may no longer be taught- in french class in 1972. I have since seen it translated to English, but I can't recall the author or title now. I don't know what anthologies it may have been in as I always found it standing alone.

message 2: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (mjbcoffee) | 18 comments I follow a blog called : The Children’s War which reviews books for children and young adults, mostly about World War II. You might try searching there, or ask the blog’s author for help. She has a very extensive knowledge of literature written about this time period. Good luck!

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