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Alessandra Romano | 7 comments I need a genius. Seriously help.

Whoever gets this will receive a trophy in the mail. No matter the country you're from - I'll cop postage on the chin for you.

This is tough. I remember having a relatively small square shaped book. Beautifully illustrated with slightly washed out dusky colours. Yes, I'm Australian. My spelling may be strange to some of you...

But yes, so the protagonist is a girl who (somehow - maybe runs away from home???) end up in what feels like - or is - another world.

I believe she happened upon a lone house where an old lady made her do chores??????? and when she completed them (there was a well involved somewhere, I think) she ended up being showered in gold.

I remember her being dirty looking through the whole thing.
I remember the illustration seemed wiry and grainy/ dreamy.
I remember red flowers.
I remember open fields.
I remember her being showered in gold at the end and possibly being showered in dirt or soot at the beginning maybe????? SOS.
I remember reading it and feeling like it was a dream on pages.

This was bought well after I was born (1994) and lost it maybe seven years ago.

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Melissa | 10 comments Check Grimm brothers, "Frau Holle" is the story I think and there are probably other people who could help track down the exact edition. I would guess there are so many different published versions.

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Stephi | 23 comments It's also known as "Mother Holle", "Mother Hulda" or "Old Mother Frost"
Here is a synopsis copied from Wikipedia:

"A rich widow lived with her daughter and her stepdaughter. The widow favored her younger biological daughter, allowing her to become spoiled and idle while her older stepdaughter was left to do all the work. Every day the stepdaughter would sit outside the cottage and spin beside the well.

One day, she pricked her finger on the point of the spindle. As she leaned over the well to wash the blood away, the spindle fell from her hand and sank out of sight. The stepdaughter feared that she would be punished for losing the spindle, and in panic she leapt into the well after it.

The girl found herself in a meadow, where she came upon an oven full of bread. The bread asked to be taken out before it burned. With a baker's peel, she took all the loaves out and then walked on. Then she came to an apple tree that asked that its apples be harvested. So she did so and gathered them into a pile before continuing on her way. Finally, she came to a small house of an old woman, who offered to allow the girl to stay if she would help with the housework.

The woman identified herself as Frau Holle, and cautioned the girl to shake the featherbed pillows and coverlet well when she made the bed, as that would make it snow in the girl's world. The girl agreed to take service with Frau Holle, and took care to always shake the featherbed until the feathers flew about like snowflakes.

After a time, the girl became homesick and told Frau Holle that it was time for her to return home. Frau Holle had been impressed by the girl's kindness and hard work so much that, when she escorted the girl to the gate, a shower of gold fell upon the girl. She also gave her the spindle which had fallen into the well. With that the gate was closed, and the girl found herself back, not far from her mother's house.

Her mother wished the same good fortune for her biological daughter. She also set her to sit by the well and spin, but the girl deliberately threw the spindle into the well before jumping in herself. She too came to the oven, but would not assist the bread; nor would she help the apple tree. When she came to Frau Holle's house, she likewise took service there, but before long fell into her lazy, careless ways. Frau Holle soon dismissed her. As the lazy girl stood at the gate, a kettle of pitch spilled over her. "That is what you have earned," said Frau Holle, and closed the gate."

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Alessandra Romano | 7 comments YOU'RE AMAZING!!!!! Thank you <3!

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5206 comments But you still don't know the book.

message 7: by Alessandra (new)

Alessandra Romano | 7 comments Rosa wrote: "But you still don't know the book."

I found it from the description. It's Mother Holle illustrated by Kirsten Hocker. :)

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5206 comments Great!

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