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message 1: by Blair (new)

Blair (obviously) | 2 comments A couple of days ago I added the Amazon Original Stories 'Disorder collection' to Goodreads. This is a collection of short stories available on Kindle, and it is listed on Amazon with its own ASIN:

However, today I posted a review of the collection and it (the book, not just the review) was almost immediately deleted from Goodreads.

I can see why an argument could be made that this isn't a 'book', but there's a similar Amazon listing for the Dark Corners collection (i.e. with its own separate ASIN), and that has a listing on Goodreads that hasn't been deleted:

Can anyone advise on whether this deletion was correct?

message 2: by Blair (new)

Blair (obviously) | 2 comments I see. Makes sense; in that case I will add the stories individually. Thanks!

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