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Full Name:
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Are you a First Wife?:

What do you think of the mansion and your marriage?:

Important Miscellaneous Information:

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Full Name: Angeline Aurore Lucienne Fleur Carrington-Deveaux
Age: Sixteen
Born Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Angeline is an ethereal beauty. Upon first glance, one might assume her to be an illusion, a trick of the light, for how could one with looks such as she possibly be human? Her father once told her that she looked like an image on a stained glass window. Upon seeing her latest photograph, her betrothed wrote that she looked like a porcelain doll brought to life by a sorcerer's spell.
She stands at exactly five feet, with a figure so fragile that her mother has often compared her to a glass figurine.
Her arms and legs are slender. Her hands are small and delicate, and her feet are so tiny that her father once joked that, if she had been born in ancient China, there would have been no need to bind them.
Her face is oval and her features symmetrical. She has high cheekbones, and an untarnished alabaster complexion due in equal parts to luck, lack of exposure to sunlight and a rigorous skincare regime.
Her eyes are large, round and evenly spaced. They are pale blue in colour, speckled with tiny flecks of gold and encapsulated by long, thick, voluptuous electrum lashes. Thin, carefully attended brows of the same shade sit neatly above them.
A small nose curves gently down towards a pair of rosebud lips, which part to reveal a pair of straight, white teeth that glimmer like pearls.
When left unstyled, her long, lustrous locks cascade down her back like a waterfall of silk, stopping precisely three centimetres past her hips. Her tresses are her pride and joy, as they are a very unusual colour. They are the same electrum as her lashes and brows, appearing white in most lights, but with undertones of silver and overtones of gold. Poetically, they could be described as sunrays and moonbeams woven together to create a crown of glory.

Personality: You may receive different accounts of Angeline, depending on who you ask. Of course, so far she has known very few people. Her acquaintances consist only of her immediate family, her family's servants, Ellowyn (who she has met only once) and her betrothed (who she has known only through letters and a few meetings).
Her parents would describe her as the perfect daughter, but they played no small part in this. They would explain that she is dutiful and docile, but only to her betters. They have spent years teaching her the hierarchy of the Wrenninford mansion, so Angeline knows who to obey orders from, and who to simply be polite to. They would praise her impeccable manners, but also tell you that they also taught her never to take any disrespect from an inferior. Though she may look like a fragile flower, and indeed is so, they have given her strict instructions to assert her dominance over any inferior who would dare try to make her feel inferior. Her maids would note her keen interest in fashion and other feminine activities, and how she has always been excited by the idea of going to the mansion. The idea of polygamy does not seem odd to her because her parents have never told her that it is not the norm. Ellowyn has noted that the girl is very innocent, pleasing in demeanour and doesn't seem like the type to cause much trouble. In this assessment, she is correct. Angeline doesn't want to get into trouble, she wants to please her groom so that he will love her and say nice things about her, and so that the rest of the Wrenninford family will like her as well.
Now that Angeline has actually met her groom, she is more determined than ever to be a pleasing First Wife. She is determined to take her duties seriously and perform them to the best of her ability. She has fallen in love with Matthew, just as she knew she always would, and now she hopes that he will fall in love with her in return, though she knows a man like him could never fall in love with an unworthy wife.
Upon first meeting her, you may think Angeline to be a very shallow being. She adores beautiful gowns, being complimented and pampered and believes that household chores should be left to the servants so that people like her can get on with more important things. However, she is actually a very sweet-natured individual. She is always willing to listen to the problems of her friends and attempts to offer advice even if she does not fully understand the problem. If she cannot help directly, she will send gift baskets or offer hugs. It is also worth noting that she holds no animosity towards the servants and treats them well -- unless they fail to treat her with respect. She often stops to chat with them, making small-talk with the ones she knows little about but having more substantial conversations with the ones she knows well.

Friends: Josette, Rei
Foes: Mihail

Are you a First Wife?: Yes
Bride/Groom: Matthew

What do you think of the mansion and your marriage?: "I absolutely love it here! The mansion is so beautiful and Matthew is the most wonderful man alive! I am so fortunate to be his bride."

Biography: Angeline was born to French beauty Aurelie Deveaux and wealthy French Englishman Raymond Carrington. The Carrington's were long time friends of the Dusk family and for centuries they had been gifting their daughters as brides to the Wrenninfords. The Carrington's had always believed the Wrenninford mansion to be a haven, where their daughters could be sent away to be cared for, safe from the strife and stress of the outside world.
From the moment she first understood what a betrothal was, Angeline knew that she was pledged to Matthew Wrenninford, as was her older sister Victoire. However, unlike Victoire, Angeline was ecstatic. She loved hearing stories of the grand mansion in which she would be living and the people she would meet there. She herself already lived in a very fine mansion due to the combined wealth of her reclusive luddite parents, but they assured her that the Wrenninfords' wealth was double, if not triple, theirs.
Her father would use corporal punishment to correct infractions, but Angeline soon learned which behaviours to avoid, quickly becoming his favourite. By the time she was seven, her father had no need to punish her for anything, because the girl was so bent on perfection herself that she would ask countless questions about the proper way to do this or that, so when it came to actually demonstrating the task to her father she always got it right before her third try. Her father always gave them three attempts before bringing out the cane.
Through Ellowyn -- to whom she was already corresponding -- she began corresponding with her future betrothed. They sent each other frequent letters, self-portraits and gifts, eagerly awaiting the day of their meeting. When the boy was ten, he asked Ellowyn if Angeline could be his First Wife. The day the news of this arrangement reached her was the second happiest of her life, bested only by the day she actually set eyes upon him for the first time.
Victoire, on the other hand, refused any attempts at initiated communication and fought against the betrothal with every ounce of her strength. This caused tension among the sisters as Angeline did not wish for her name to be tarnished by Victoire's unwillingness to comply with their husband's wishes, nor did she want the Wrenninfords to hear before the wedding that one of the sisters was an unwilling bride lest they start to believe both were. Over time, the sisters feud grew worse and true animosity began to blossom between them like a poisonous flower.
Understanding how important secrecy was to the Wrenninfords, the Carrington-Deveaux's hid their two daughters away in their extensive mansion. Angeline and her sister were not permitted to leave the mansion grounds. Again, this was something she did not mind as she knew that this was the way things were at the Wrenninford house. She was quite happy to be homeschooled and to roam the extensive rooms of her family home. Nobody but her parents and their servants even knew they had two daughters. When the girls left, most were told that they were sent to finishing school in America. Those who suspected otherwise, or had aided in the preparation of the girls' transfer, were given large sums of money for their silence.
Then, when Angeline turned sixteen, they were sent to the mansion. To her amazement, Victoire has begun to change her views and there may be a chance for a reconciliation between the two sisters now. Of course, everything else is just as she expected. This place is paradise to her.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Angeline enjoys the feminine arts. She is very proficient with a needle and makes wonderful embroidery pieces. She can also sew, knit and crochet. She can play the harpsichord, violin and pianoforte and she has a beautiful soprano voice. She speaks both French and English fluently. She is also a talented artist.

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Full Name: Josette Amelia Thompson
Age: Twenty
Born Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual

Appearance: description

There are many people who think Josette beautiful, and she has received frequent comments on the loveliness on her appearance. However, the girl is not as vain as some, for she remembers that she has also been called ugly several times, and for every person who comments on her supposed beauty, there is also a person who does not comment. Perhaps they think her plain, or perhaps they believe there are more important things in life than beauty. She doesn't know. How she views her own appearance depends on the day. There are times when she can look in the mirror and find hardly any fault with her appearance, and there are days when she can spend hours in front of a silver glass fretting over every minute flaw.
She seldom wears make-up, saving it for special occasions as she prefers the natural look and it is impractical for her to wear as she is often resting. When she does, however, it is always perfectly matched to her attire. Her skin is often left pale when she wears it, as that is how she likes it, though her freckles -- should they be showing -- are always covered. Her cheeks are given a hint of colour though, to soften her alabaster complexion. When she does not wear make-up, her skin is simply white. Most of the time, she and others find it pretty. People often draw comparisons between her and Snow White for her ivory complexion. On days when she feels particularly unwell, however, her skin will take on a deathly pallor. The only time any natural colour comes into her cheeks is when she is having a hot flush or a panic attack. In the summertime, if she is exposed to the sun for too long, her freckles will appear. She is unsure how she feels about them. It is only a light dusting, so sometimes she finds them endearing as they are a harkening to her Celtic heritage, but sometimes she wishes they would go away so her skin can be smooth and pale again. Other than the freckles, her skin is mostly clear. She doesn't suffer with blemishes as frequently as she did in her teenage years, which is a good thing, because she was very self-conscious about that and still is to this day.
She stands at five feet and two inches, with a swelling bust and hourglass figure. She never wears trousers, instead preferring dresses and skirts in old-fashioned styles. She wears lacy nightgowns just as much as she wears her dresses, for she spends quite a lot of time confined to her room due to her many maladies.

Personality: Josette has a very complex, multi-layered personality. Different people will describe her differently. Some might tell you that she holds grudges, and this is definitely true. To be accurate, she's capable of holding a grudge for years, if the injury you do her is severe enough. But she is also capable of forgiveness, if you are actually sorry what you did. Because of the many injustices she suffered during her school days, she is very sensitive. Her emotional fragility is annoying to some, but it isn't something she can help. She becomes anxious if she feels as if she has done something wrong. Shouting frightens her; injustice enrages her.
Despite the horrors of her past, she is now convinced that destiny has placed her here as a way of making amends for all that life has done to her and she is determined to make the best of it. She believes Matthew to be her true love, his home to have been plucked straight from a fairytale and the grounds to be a wonderland designed especially for people like her, people deserving of greater things. Now that she is here, she is determined not to fall into the old traps of the past, but to start anew and live her fairytale life to the fullest. And truly, she is very much like a fairytale princess brought to life.
Her emotions tend to evolve with the situation. They can change quickly and drastically, leading to some believing her to be a drama queen. In reality, she has Asperger's Syndrome, PTSD, anxiety and situational depression, though she hates to place those labels on herself as she likes to think of herself as a person, not a psychiatric disorder. In her opinion, she could have been born with any of these personality traits without a diagnosis of (insert diagnosis here). Some people believe that she overreacts to situations and her reactions are not justified, but they are always justified in her mind. She is unable to comprehend why 'normal' people react to certain situations the way that they do and this frustrates her, especially if these people have wronged her and then they just want to pretend like nothing has happened. She is a very curious person who tends to ask a lot of questions, which can sometimes result in either people getting annoyed with her -- and consequently her getting upset with them for getting annoyed for just asking a harmless question -- or her learning about things that are damaging to her psyche.
She tends to swing from being overly trusting to overly paranoid, depending on the situation. For example, she will happily tell the nice old lady across the street her entire life story, but she mistrusts most people under eighteen she does not know well.

Friends: Robin, Arabelle
Foes: N/A

Are you a First Wife?: No
Bride/Groom: Matthew

What do you think of the mansion and your marriage?: "I love it here! I mean, I miss my grandparents of course, but this place is like something straight out of a fairytale! And Matthew is so unlike any man I have ever met before! He is kind to me. And just look at all these lovely clothes!"

Biography: Josette Amelia -- originally named Amber Louisa -- was born to young parents Robin and Rochelle. A year and a half after her birth, her brother Jay came along, but tragedy struck while Rochelle was pregnant with Jay -- Robin abandoned her. Soon after Jay's birth, Amber went to live with maternal grandparents Niall and Mallory, who resided on the same street as their daughter. Niall was a health and safety officer, Mallory a housewife.
Primary school was a challenge for Amber. She had very few friends and those she did have were more like acquaintances that the teachers 'encouraged' to include her. Frequent absences caused by various illnesses, a higher level of intelligence, and of course her visual impairment set her apart from her peers. Most children did not want to play with her as they feared her visual difficulties would spoil their games. So she sat in the corner and daydreamed. She didn't mind being alone though. She was quite content to lose herself in her fantasy world. She was alright, as long as people left her alone.
But when she entered secondary school, they didn't leave her alone. Every day people would come up to her and say cruel things. They cornered her in the cloakroom and yelled at her until she had her first panic attack, losing her vision completely for the first time. After a year and a half in her first school, she moved to her second school, hoping for a fresh start. The bullying began anew, but she thought she had found solace in the form of a childhood friend. What she didn't realize was that he wasn't the person she had said goodbye to when he'd left for secondary school. He had changed. Now he sought only to destroy her innocence. When the school learned of the things he'd been doing to her, they covered it up, more concerned with their reputation than the well being of their student. Nearly at breaking point, she was sent to her third school, where she uncovered more terrible injustice. A woman, Marguerite, mentally abusing disabled children. Knowing that the girl was onto her, Marguerite made it her mission to destroy her.
By the time Amber left her third school, she was at the point of near insanity. For months, she could enter no conversation without ending up in a rant about how one day she would have her revenge. Over time her anger has cooled slightly, but the wounds have not healed.
At age sixteen, she changed her name from Amber Louisa to Josette Amelia. College didn't last long. As soon as the bullying started again, she was out of there. Terrible boyfriends came and went, leaving their emotional scars. As years went by, she developed more of a fear of the outside world and almost everyone in it, trusting only the few nice people who had proved themselves worthy.
Throughout her life, she had suffered with severe headaches due to IIH. Every few years, a lumbar puncture had been necessary to drain fluid from around her brain. Her incredibly low pain tolerance made it necessary for her to be unconscious during this procedure. Three days ago, she went in for a lumbar puncture. She went to sleep half way through telling the doctors a ghost story...and woke up in an unfamiliar room. She awoke here, in the Wrenninford mansion. She had a panic attack as soon as she realized she couldn't go home to her grandparents. But then everything was explained to her and she met her groom. Now that Matthew has proven that he is nothing like the terrible men from her past, she wants nothing more than to remain here forever.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Josette is an amateur novelist who hopes to be published one day. She also has a talent for singing, mostly in the musical theatre vein. She has many health conditions that call for near-constant monitoring, including IIH, hypothyroidism and hypopituitarism. She also happens to be classed as legally blind, having a condition called Optic Nerve Hypoplasia.

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Full Name: Victoire Céline Mireille Laure Carrington-Deveaux
Age: Eighteen
Born Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual



Victoire and her sister Angeline have often been compared to dawn and dusk, with Victoire taking the role of dusk. Both are extraordinarily beautiful, but in their own unique ways. While her sister's tresses are as white as snow, hers are as black as the raven's feather. Naturally straight, they fall to exactly two inches past her hips, making them a single inch shorter than Angeline's. She tends to favour elegant hairstyles, only ever leaving her hair loose in the evenings. Her hair is most often tied up in simple but sophisticated buns, though now that she is here her hairstyles have become slightly more formal to reflect the mansion's atmosphere.
Her eyes have often been described as wise and thoughtful. Some say that Victoire's eyes unnerve them, as her soul-piercing gaze seems to strip a person down to their very core. These haunting eyes are framed by long sooty lashes.
The only thing she seems to share with her sister is her unblemished porcelain complexion. While Angeline's face is an oval, Victoire's is slightly rounder, though not overly plump, and she has less of a child-like appearance. Though eighteen, she could easily pass for twenty. Her full lips have a natural reddish tint, a contrast to the sweet rosy lips of her sister.
While Angeline stands at 5'2, Victoire is much taller at 5'6. She has a small waist, a flat stomach and both swelling hips and bossom. She dresses in the same style as her sister, but while Angeline tends to favour pastels, Victoire favours more muted and darker tones.

Personality: Victoire does not know what to make of her life at present. She has been bitter and angry for as long as she can remember, swearing that an arranged marriage would never make her happy. But then she actually came here and met her husband-to-be, and to her surprise found that he was kind and spoke respectfully to her. She has not entirely changed her ideals, but she may now be willing to compromise a little. She knows that she will never be a mindlessly docile wife like Angeline. She expects to be respected, consulted, her opinions valued. She could never be happy living in blind obedience. But for the first time in her life, she is starting to believe that happiness in an arranged union may not be entirely outside the realm of possibility.
Victoire is by far the most curious of the two sisters. She likes to ask questions; she likes to know things. She seeks knowledge beyond that which is considered feminine and loves engaging in intellectual conversations. She also loves a good debate. She is willing to debate on almost any subject, as she loves the challenge, and she almost always has an opinion.

Friends: N/A
Foes: N/A

Are you a First Wife?: No
Bride/Groom: Matthew

What do you think of the mansion and your marriage?: "Well, at first I wanted to stab my fiancé through the heart and burn his mansion to the ground, but now I think I kind of want to stay...not that I actually could leave even if I wanted to, this place is a fortress. Despite all of my planning, I've discovered that there really is no escape from Wrenninford Mansion. I've also discovered something I never thought I ever would -- now that I'm here, I might not actually want to escape."

Biography: Victoire was born two and a half years before her sister, Angeline. She comes from a wealthy family, though this does not necessarily mean that she has led a glamorous existence. Growing up, she often wished that her mother had strangled her with the umbilical cord to save her from the hell that her childhood was to become. From the day she was born, her life was not her own; it belonged to someone else, though who had yet to be determined. Upon her sister's birth, it was decided that Angeline -- and consequentially Victoire -- would be betrothed to Matthew Wrenninford. And thus, the man to whom her entire life would belong had finally been decided, and her father could now begin his work.
From the age of three -- as she was a very intelligent girl -- she understood that her life was not her own. It belonged to a man, who she would one day marry. As she grew older, she understood that he was the reason she could not, nor would ever, be able to go outside. As a maiden she would be confined to the grounds of her own family home, as a married woman she would be transferred to yet another gilded cage, for no outsider could ever learn of her existence. o outside. She also noticed, unlike Angeline, that the princes in the fairytales they read as children only had one wife, not several, and that their father only had one wife. She noticed many things. The more she learned about her future husband, the more determined she became to hate him.
This spurred her father to take drastic action against her. He beat her regularly, used blackmail when bribery would not work, deprived her of luxuries and, eventually, necessities, in an attempt to gain her compliance. All of this caused a rift between the sisters, as Angeline did not wish her sister to embarrass her in front of their husband.
As time went on, she resigned herself bitterly to her fate, knowing that there was no escape. What she did not expect to find was a husband that would talk to her, listen to her, respect her. Now she is torn. A part of her thinks she may be able to grow to love him in time, but is this only a trick of her mind?

Important Miscellaneous Information: Victoire is a very talented artist. She is also surprisingly good at hide and seek, thanks to the many hours she spent hiding from her father as a child.

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Full Name: Venus Aurora Wingfield
Age: Seventeen
Born Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual



Venus is definitely a plus-sized beauty. Although her looks are not for everyone, many admire them. She stands at 5'5, with fertile hips, a swelling bosom and a curvaceous figure, of which she is not self-conscious.
Having grown up in the Wingfield household, Venus knew that there was a very real possibility that she may be called upon to become a Bride of the Wrenninford household. Due to this, she has done everything possible to maintain the assets she has been given. She keeps up a rigorous skincare regime to maintain her clear complexion. She has learned how to apply make-up without the assistance of servants, and done in-depth research about which make-up products are best for different skin types and what herbs and chemicals are most likely to cause breakouts in order to minimize her risk of unclear skin.
Her style of dress is naturally very feminine. She tends to lean towards dresses and skirts. How elaborate they are will depend on her planned activities for the day. She is, however, not averse to input from her betrothed on her wardrobe and would gladly allow him to select an outfit for her if he wanted to.

Personality: Venus is a very romantic individual, as her name might suggest. She has always loved the idea of becoming a bride to one of the Wrenninfords, so she is overjoyed that she has been chosen. She is determined to be a productive member of the household as well as a loving and faithful wife so that her betrothed will not regret his decision.
Venus is definitely the traditional housewife type. Despite having grown up with servants to do her bidding, she learned from an early age to cook and clean because she wanted to. She wanted to make herself useful, and the thought of a man picking up after her made her slightly uncomfortable. She loves doing housework and would often ask the servants if there was anything they could do to help her. Due to this, she is always picking up new skills, which she also loves.
Venus is naturally a very selfless person. She thinks of others first and considers herself last. She would do almost anything for a friend or a lover simply to see them smile.
Venus rarely ever holds grudges and it is very difficult to upset her. She is a very happy, positive, optimistic person, rarely ever disheartened. She hates seeing other people's sadness and will often try to comfort them and lift their spirits.
Venus can come off as very innocent in some of her mannerisms -- the way she laughs; the way she adores cuddly toys; the way she believes that a hug can make everything better -- but she has been well taught. She has researched well how to please a man, lest she ever end up in the position of being his wife. Although a virgin, she knows exactly what will be expected of her and she is not frightened or disgusted. On the contrary, she is excited. She hopes that many children will come from these unions, as she has always adored the idea of becoming a mother.
Venus has very strong views on the role of women. Feminists would definitely become offended by her, as it is her belief that it is the duty of a woman to serve the men to whom she is bound, and that women should be conscious of their inferiority to men in general. She believes that men are the superior sex, both in physical strength and mental ability. Her views on many subjects are very controversial. She believes, for instance, that women are born to be loving and dutiful daughters daughters, and then after they walk down the aisle, devoted wives and mothers. She finds the fact that some women do not want to have children inconceivable and greatly pities those who cannot.

Friends: N/A
Foes: N/A

Are you a First Wife?: No, but she doesn't mind. She has heard many wonderful things about Matthew's first wife and already admires her greatly.
Bride/Groom: Matthew Wrenninford

What do you think of the mansion and your marriage?: "Oh, well I've only just arrived, but everything is so beautiful here! I do hope they haven't gone to too much trouble for me, though."

Biography: Venus Aurora Wingfield was born to patriarch Alexander Wingfield and his first wife, Azalea. Her mother, Azalea, had been born into the Wrenninford house before being transferred to the Wingfield's for marriage, so she thought there was a very real possibility that the same might happen to her daughters. As such, she took great pains to prepare them for marriage, encouraging them to improve upon any skills they might have and gently coaxing out their positive traits while making them aware of their negative ones. She was also careful to educate them extensively in the ways of love, though she made it clear that such things were only to be shared between a man and his wives.
A true romantic, Venus longed to be chosen. She questioned her mother extensively about her childhood home, information which Azalea could give as Venus lived in an environment which was exactly like the Wrenninford mansion, albeit a little less opulent, and strove to ready herself for what could potentially be the best day of her life by learning all the practical skills she could so that she could be of use to any future groom. Though she hoped she would be chosen, she began to doubt she would be when by age sixteen she still had no betrothed. Then, on her sixteenth birthday, a letter came in the hand of Ellowyn Dusk. She had written to Venus personally, inviting her to come to the mansion to become the bride of Matthew Wrenninford. Of course, she returned her acceptance letter immediately, and now she is to journey to the Wrenninford mansion to begin her life as a Bride.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Venus loves to create art in all its forms, be it music, sculpting or needlework. She also adores gardening. She will often cook for herself and others and tends only to ask servants to make her meals when she is ill, which is not very frequently at all. She also tends to do most of the cleaning herself, though she does ask the servants for help with the less ladylike chores as she still wants to look nice and appear delicate.

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Full Name: Mihail Leandre Dioniso Toussaint
Nickname(s): Mimi; 'Hail; Princess
Age: 25 (born April 11th, 1995)
Birth Gender: Male
Gender Identification: Genderfluid
Sexual Orientation: Polyamorous Pansexual Aromantic

Appearance: (view spoiler)
Tall and pale and dark-haired, there's no doubt in the slightest that Toussaint blood runs through Mihail's veins. Unlike the rest of the family, however, his eyes are darker, shaded a deep brown instead and only made to seem lighter by his thick eyelashes. In his youth, he wore his thick black hair almost to his waist, and this, mixed with the thin and dainty frame he still possesses, made it so that he was often mistaken for a girl. Now, he often retains that long dark hair, though cropped shorter to his chin so that the curls fall around his face and frame his high cheekbones: some might have said he looks almost wasting at his worst. It contrasts nicely with the pallor of his skin too, the stark whiteness accentuating the black and vice versa, adding sharpness to his features which gives him the appearance of being older.

Usually clean-shaven, he does tend to have a light stubble dusting his chin and upper jawline, the beginnings of a moustache sometimes daring to show themselves. The only facial hair he'll ever really allow to grow are sideburns, and even those are generally shaved to perfection. And, of course, there's the one imperfection he'll never be able to fix - arguably the bane of his physical appearance and the result of what might be considered a stupidly chosen dalliance and the beating Mihail received from her actual partner - that slight crook marking the break of his nose. Some have commented that it gives him a more thuggish look, and he takes full advantage of such remarks, though the half-distracted expression and side-smirk often discount from that and make him appear almost perpetually inebriated.

For the most part, Mihail takes pride in his appearance and does his best to ensure he looks handsome in that mildly unnerving yet elegant Toussaint way, whether this is through the way he dresses or merely the way he holds himself. He often ties or slicks his hair back when he wears it shorter, a habit which remains from when it reached his waist, although the volume makes it harder to handle and more often than not one can see the slightest of strands detaching themselves from the bunch and hanging down over his face. When his hair is cropped short, on the other hand, he keeps it slightly quiffed yet neat, sometimes dusted with glitter. Mihail dresses primarily in more expensive designs with a particular affinity for Louboutins and favours darker shades of red with silver decorations curved like the viper he so commonly wears across his shoulders. He adores jewellery; his fingers and ears are often decorated by a plethora of similarly snake-shaped rings which curl up his fingers and a golden pendant which addresses him as 'princess' permanently hangs around his neck. More often than not, he darkens around his eyes with heavy eyeliner and isn't afraid of whichever other make-up he thinks appropriate for the occasion. On his seventeenth birthday, Mihail also got a set of viper tattoos: a small one on the back of his neck, one curling around his left wrist and a similar one on his right ankle, and a serpentine piercing through his left nipple, which might have been the result of a drunken evening, though he is excessively proud of it.

He aims for sophistication and sinisterness in his fashion, and he usually delivers it well.

Personality: Mihail has always put on a front of personality. Whilst that Toussaint darkness lurks beneath - cold and heartless and willing to do whatever it takes to get his way - he plays the bright and bubbly persona, a far cry from what he was in his childhood. It often seems as though he could switch at any moment, half the time apathetic and haughty towards most, and yet still willing and happy to approach anyone on the street just to flirt. He is noticeably intelligent and excessively manipulative (just watch him twist the wording of all those house rules to suit himself best), though brandish a weapon and he becomes almost embarrassingly cowardly. Mihail was raised not to believe in mercy or second chances, and he thoroughly relishes the opportunity to prove it.

Raised near entirely by his sisters, he's developed a whinier personality around them; a spoiled streak brought on by their doting nature which he is startlingly unaware of, which only turns him into a diva half the time. Still, despite its obvious benefits, on the inside, he lives in stress about the sheer fact that he's the youngest in his family and he may not live up to their reputation, but, in reality, Mihail has little to worry about, and the pettiness he shows when enacting revenge for the smallest of deeds only accentuates that and his ability to get overly attached to both objects and people. He is a serious romantic, often overly judging the level of the relationship.

Leonard Wright
Fabian Wrenninford

Are you a First Wife? He is now, bitch.
Groom: Richard Wrenninford

What do you think of the mansion and your marriage? It's better than prison, and the shoes are to die for. Mihail thrives on attention, and Richard gives excellent attention when he needs it. The only trouble is, he might have feelings for a different groom in the house.

Biography: Click here.
Important Miscellaneous Information: Someone has to run the rumour mill, after all, and rumour has it, Princess has a spy in every corner. He speaks English (with a thick Italian-American accent), French, German and Italian fluently, and is left-handed. If you touch any of his shoes, you will die.

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Full Name: Elora Meline Clarinda Rosabel Lovelace
Age: Sixteen
Born Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Elora is an exact replica of her mother when she was her age. Her mother was an ethereal beauty and this has also been said of Elora. Her grandfather would always speak in his 'storyteller's voice' when describing even the most mundane things. His favourite thing to describe, however, was her, and having grown up with a love of stories, particularly fairytales, she began to think in these terms herself.
Her grandfather often said that her long hair resembled a waterfall of molten gold when it tumbled down her back. Being a very feminine girl, Elora loved to experiment with different looks. Sometimes she would leave her hair long and loose, tumbling to her hips, and embrace the look of a medieval forest maiden. Sometimes she would adorn her head with wreaths of flowers to give herself the appearance of a faerie. Some of her looks were more elaborate, the twists of a Grecian Goddess or the braids of a Victorian lady. Whenever a girl her age happened to enter the woods, Elora noticed the differences in their appearance. Elora looked almost like something from another time, another world.
Her grandfather would often compare her pale skin to porcelain, alabaster and ivory; her lips were rosebuds, her eyes honey. Her figure was 'as delicate as the first bloom of spring.' Ah, yes...he could certainly tell a good story.

Personality: Elora is an otherworldly being that was born on earth. However, it is quite apparent that she was never meant to live the life of an ordinary girl. She was always meant for the Wrenninford mansion, whether she knew it or not.
Much like the girls in the days of old, she is obedient to the will of her superiors. For most of her life, the only authority figure she has ever known is her grandfather, and she has done all he has asked of her out of gratitude to him. However, he has subconsciously been teaching her to respect and obey her betters, as have the many fairytales (and other stories her grandfather carefully selected) that she has read.
But though she is obedient, she is not uninteresting. Her grandfather loved stories, and so does she. He also taught her to have an open mind, and never to deem anything impossible. In many ways, she is a child in the body of a young woman.
She is very sweet and kind, but her kindness has never been tested. She has grown up with a loving grandfather who never spoke harshly to her. If anyone were to be unkind to her, it is unknown how she would respond, as she has never been placed in that situation before.

Friends: N/A
Foes: N/A

Are you a First Wife?: No
Bride/Groom: Felix

What do you think of the mansion and your marriage?: "Felix is very sweet, though I fear that some of his other wives aren't as kind to him as they should be. Hopefully my kindness will be enough for all of us. He deserves to be loved, he is such a sweetheart! And this is like something plucked straight out of a fairytale, just like the houses my grandfather described..."

Biography: If Elora were to tell you her background, you would probably be more inclined to believe that the girl was telling you a story than the actual history of her life. To be fair, it is rather like a fairytale.
"Once upon a time, there was a young girl, who lived with her parents in a cottage in the woods. One day, a little boy was riding his bike through the woods, and came upon the young girl. They became friends, and as they grew older, fell in love. They married in the Summer, everyone contributing to create the wedding of the woman's dreams. After a year of bliss, the woman announced that she was with child. Her husband with ecstatic, but on the day of their daughter's birth, something went wrong. Their lovely daughter lived, but his wife did not. In honour of his wife, the man decided to give his daughter his wife's middle name, Elora, and instead use the first name they had picked out, Rosabel, as a middle name, along with Meline, another middle name they had picked out. He chose Clarinds as he thought it had a rather fairytale-like sound to it, and his wife had always been fond of them.
His own parents were deceased, but his late wife's parents took an active role in Elora's raising. When Elora was two years old, her grandmother died. Fortunately, the death was peaceful. The woman died in her sleep. But two years later, her father was struck by a car while walking home from a shopping trip.
Elora's grandfather immediately assumed the role of guardian. However, he knew that his time would eventually come, and he wanted to be prepared. Unknown to all, he had a friend who had connections to the Wrenninford mansion, and he made arrangements for Elora to be taken there on her sixteenth birthday. In order to prepare her for this, he decided to raise her on fairytales, as he had done his daughter, in hopes that she would see this as an opportunity to fall in love. He schooled her himself, so that he could teach her music, poetry and other such things, as well as the things they taught in school, and of course because it would be difficult to explain her absence to the outside world, and requested that she never stray beyond the forest. Whenever she questioned this, he swore that she would know the reason when she turned sixteen, and feeling as though she owed him her compliance -- and, being happy in her life with him -- she obeyed, and never strayed beyond the forest.
A great mystery surrounded her life, however. Though they lived in a cottage, they were not poor. The cottage was richly furnished, and when Elora was eight, she discovered that Elora's grandfather received money every month, but she did not know from where. Even more strange was the fact that, starting on her sixth birthday, presents would come for her birthday and Christmas, expensive presents. When she turned ten, Valentine's gifts began coming as well, and the occasional surprise gift.
On her sixteenth birthday, when she came downstairs, she found a breakfast of pancakes with sugar and lemon, a cup of tea, and a beautiful woman sitting on the sofa beside her grandfather. Her grandfather introduced the woman as Ellowyn Dusk, and finally explained the great mystery to her. Together, her elders told her of a place called the Wrenninford mansion, where she would be married to a wealthy man and be treated just like a Princess. He would have other wives, but she would be treated well. And then she was on her way..."

Important Miscellaneous Information: Elora has an affinity for animals and small children. She is incredibly fond of fairytales. She can sing, possessing a beautiful soprano voice, dance, paint, draw and produce beautiful pieces of needlework

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Just Joe (justjoe) | 30 comments Name: Persephone "Seph" Wrenninford
Age: 24
Gender Identity: Female
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Sexuality: Probably heterosexual? That's what she has to be right?

~~~ Bride to Maxamilian~~~
First wife?: Unknown

Appearance: Dirty blond hair, light blue eyes, a gentle smile and extremely modest body language. She is skinny, borderline anorexic, but has a plump chest and backside. Persephone stands at 5'7" and weighs 110 lbs. She has no tattoos, but does have a rather large scar from having her appendix removed after it erupted.

Personality: Persephone is shy in every sense of the word. She does as she is told, even if it makes her uncomfortable or hurts her in some way. She is self-sufficient and almost never back talks. She is extremely motherly, and worries over people (not her parents) if they become ill. She bottles everything up, and almost never shows any sort of emotion. She does her duty as a wife, what else could she do?

Biography: Persephone's parents have always been friends with the Wrenninford family. She was given life to specifically be a bride to one of the heirs, that was her only purpose in life. Why should they pay attention to her? She was handed off to nannies any chance they could leave her. She went to the best school so that she might have a decent intellectual conversation with her husband, taught to play many instruments to entertain him, and learned to paint, though she never really thought she was good at it. She did, however, pick up cross stitching to pass the time she spent locked in her room. She has a deep interest in all sorts of music and literature. She was never given praise and her parents scorned her. Her parents didn't even care enough to give her a middle name.

Opinions on the mansion: This is her purpose. What kind of opinion should she have?

- Mother: Gretchen Fordwith (45)
- Father: Peter Fordwith (55)
- Brother: Stephen Fordwith (26)
- Brother: Colt Fordwith (25)

She used to play with her brother when she was younger. Once she turned 12 they were separated and hardly saw each other because ladies, especially those who were betrothed, should not fraternize with the other sex, even her own family.

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Full Name: Myrrh Persephone Farrow
Age: 16
Born Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Myrrh is an atypical beauty, with looks that could almost be described as otherworldly. She stands at exactly five feet and two inches, ve feet, with a slender and delicate frame she herself has often compared to glass. Her skin is white as snow and her lips are red as blood. Her eyes are the colour of mist, and framed by long, thick silvery lashes, above which delicate brows rest.
Her silken tresses ripple down her back like a curtain of molten silver. They are very long, reaching several centimetres past her hips.
Myrrh is proud to call herself Goth, and loves to experiment with Goth fashion. She tends to drift between dark styles, though her outfits are always feminine.

Personality: Myrrh tends to live by that old saying "treat others the way you want to be treated." And she doesn't hesitate to treat others the way they treat her. She is very respectful to those who show her respect, and she never goes out of her way to be unkind to anyone, but she's not the kind of person to just sit back and say nothing if she thinks she, or someone else, is being treated unfairly.
Myrrh is proud to be different, and takes pride in the fact that she isn't just like everyone else. She feels more at home here than she did in her small town, where almost everyone was the same. Here, she lives with a diverse group of people, living an alternative lifestyle, and different people like her are -- for the most part -- accepted. This place is like a dream come true to her.
Myrrh is has a darkly romantic heart, and will never shy away from gestures of affection. If there's anything she can do to show that special someone -- i.e. her husband-to-be -- how much she cares, she will. She absolutely adores romance. That's another thing she loves about this place. It's a house of love.
Depending on who you are, she may react differently to you. She is known for holding grudges against those who have wronged her, though she is able to forgive if you offer her a genuine apology. She is a fiercely loyal friend, and a true and faithful lover.

Friends: Josette, Arabelle
Foes: N/A

Are you a First Wife?: She will be
Bride/Groom: Viktor

What do you think of the mansion and your marriage?: "I only wish I had met him sooner, though perhaps we have met in a past life; that would explain why I feel as though I have known him forever."

Biography: Myrrh was raised in a small, conservative town by alternative parents. The only reason they lived there was because Myrrh's mother, Rune, had a house left to her by her mother. So she and her parents lived in the old mansion on the hill, her mother a designer of alternative clothing and her father a semi-famous author of the horror genre.
A group of youths in Myrrh's town who, like herself, did not fit the cookie cutter mould, adored her parents' work. They read all of her father's stories and loved her mother's clothing. They banded together, adopting Myrrh as their leader. Their group soon became a band by the name of Sweet Sacrifice, with Myrrh as the lead vocalist.
It was through her best friend, Sage, that she first heard of the mansion. Sage's elder brother had just become a Finder, and wrote to her often. Knowing of Myrrh's loving heart and open mind, Sage described the mansion to Myrrh, who became intrigued. She asked her friend to write to her brother, telling him that she would gladly give herself to the mansion should they want her.
Sage's brother and several other Finders started observing Myrrh, and after consulting with Ellowyn, it was almost instantly decided that she would make the ideal First Wife for one of their grooms. She was approached by Sage's brother, since she had offered herself as a gift, and permitted to return to her home and pack her own suitcase. She did not tell her parents where she was going, simply that she had found love and was moving away to be married, which they accepted readily, as this fit perfectly with their daughter's romantic spirit. They had always known that she would not remain long in such a conservative little town.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Myrrh is a mezzo-soprano with a strong belt. She can also play several instruments, but she is mainly a singer. Her favourite colours are black, red and dark purple, though she wears a variety of colours. She loves reading everything from creepypasta to Mary Shelley. She was also the lyricist for Sweet Sacrifice, and also likes to write her own poems, short stories and occasionally novels. She has brought her black cat, Nyx, to the mansion with her. Her mother changed her name from Maria to Rune when she was sixteen years old, Myrrh's grandparents, on both sides, are quite 'normal.'

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Just Joe (justjoe) | 30 comments Name: Basil LaRae Johns-Wrenninford
Age: 24
Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Sexuality: Pansexual

~~~ Bride to open~~~
First wife?: No, probably never. She'll need someone to knock her down and make her behave.


Appearance: Vibrant red hair and blue eyes, freckles dot, not only her face but, her entire body as well. She is lean and toned, 5'6" 120 lbs, and has a small scar on her right tricep from when her and the brother above her got into a fight. She also has "Per aspera ad astra" tattooed on her left arm above her wrist.

Personality: Basil can be aggressive and standoff-ish. She has always had to protect herself and her family so it's reflected in how she reacts to certain...comments. She is not looking to be pitied, actually she might punch you if you admit you pity her. She doesn't take crap from anyone, but can be a bit of a prankster. She is also very motherly, even though she is the middle child. She is very protective of children, and has a bit of a soft side, but it's pretty deep down. She isn't so great at following directions, and doesn't particularly enjoy "girly" things either.

Biography: Basil comes from a relatively small family. It's her, her siblings, 4 brothers, and her parents. She has competed all her life, being the middle child, and only girl, she felt like she constantly had to prove herself. Her father treated her like another son, he wasn't so great with little girls, so she grew up working on cars, kickboxing, and fixing things around the house.
Their family wasn't exactly a wealthy one, or even middle class, they were always just above the poverty line. She's had at least 2 jobs to help around the house since she was 16. She also had to do well in her classes, none of that slacking like her younger brothers, no. She was valedictorian in high school and got into every college she applied to, receiving a full ride to the school of her choice. She decided to go to the one closest to home so she could still help out when needed and obtained her Associates of Science as well as a Bachelors of Science majoring in Chemical Engineering. She recently had to move states so she could continue her education, going for her Masters at one of the best schools around, on a full ride of course.

Friends: So far, none
Foes: Everyone that agrees with the mansion

Opinions on the mansion/marriage: "It's basically a max security prison with gold bars instead of iron. I will escape, and then there will be a day of reckoning!"

Brothers: Mark 30, Spencer 27, Brandon 19, David 15
Mother: Katja Johns 54
Father: Bernard (Berny) Johns 55

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Just Joe (justjoe) | 30 comments Name: Leora Reddington (maiden name)
Age: 19
Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Gender Fluid
Pronouns: She/they
Sexuality: Heterosexual

~~~~Bride to Fabian~~~~
Spirited away
First Wife: Maybe?


Appearance: Hazel eyes, pale unblemished skin except for a tattoo of a small ballerina shoe on the front of her hip, some place her mother would never see. She is light on her feet and very skilled. She has an athletic build, but on the leaner side, standing at 5'5", weighing 96 lbs. She has a nice rear, but it's rock hard because of all the muscle, and small yet perky breasts. Like any ballet dancer her feet are really beat up, several of her toes had broken since starting pointe ballet, other than that she hasn't had any broken bones.

Personality: Leora is rather subdued, she doesn't get worked up about many things because her mother has always been overbearing so she is used to having little to no say in things. The only time she gets worked up is when she is discussing ballet, but always in a happy way. Other than when she is actually dancing that is the only time she shows much emotion. She's rather stoic, sometimes having been referred to as "Stone Face Lee". Leora is determined, fiercely passionate about her art, amiable, athletic, and a touch pessimistic.

Biography: Leora's mother, Freya, had always wanted to be a dancer, but she had Leora at a relatively young age, certainly early on in her career. This caused her to push Leora in that direction her entire life. She was groomed to be a ballerina, being in practice since she could remember. Her mother was completely invested in her, most certainly living vicariously through her. She had a strict diet, exercise routine, scheduled practices, went to the best school around and the best dance school, of course, and no dating. Thanks to her mother's restrictive diet she developed an eating disorder since her mother was always so concerned about her weight.

"You need to stay thin and beautiful to be a ballerina"

Leora had very few friends, again Freya's doing.
"Friends hold you back, and you don't have time to play around with them anyway"
As she grew older she realized how much of a crock of sh*t that was and developed few friendships when she could. When Freya found out she would throw a fit until Leora promised not to see them outside of practice or class. This stunted her understanding of relationship, causing boundary issues and her inability to cultivate them.

Her father, David, on the other hand, was always away on business. Lucky for Freya she had a child with a CEO worth precisely 2.8 million dollars. That fact was never lost on Leora. Though this meant he was hardly a part of her life, but rest assured he paid for everything, including a breast augmentation for his stunning trophy wife. He almost never went to her recitals, even when she begged him to come he'd leave half way through to talk about business with one hotshot or another.


Opinions on the mansion:
Well I mean it's a break from all of mother's strict rules, some time too relax I suppose....and it's lavish, I mean even more so than home. But does this mean I'll have to give up on my dream of becoming a famous ballet dancer?


* Has a hard time carrying a tune, but likes to sing
* She loves to paint, her mother also fostered this ability (constantly hanging her paintings around the house)

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Here to say that everyone is approved, 10/10, love you all <3

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 43 comments

Full Name: Georgia Mary-Ann Anders

Age: 25

Born Gender: Female

Gender Identity: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Appearance: Georgia has honey-blonde hair that curls perfectly into doll-like, sausage curls and bright blue eyes easy to get lost in. She seems almost doll-like herself, often having a smile but vacant expression on her face. She's 6'1 but makes herself look taller by wearing heels. Her sense of style is 1950's housewife. Colorful, lacy, and vintage. She enjoys looking tasteful and for special occasions will go full-out Southern Belle. She'll wear pretty much any color that's not super dark, like black.
(view spoiler)

Personality: Georgia is a well-bred Southern Belle through-and-through. She is very polite, soft-spoken, and well-mannered. She hates conflicts and does her best to stay out of them. She is sweet and motherly and loves cooking and cleaning. She treats everyone with the utmost respect no matter who they are, and believes in only the best of humanity. Family is very important to her and she gets sad if she feels her work isn't being appreciated or she feels like an inadequate wife. It's obvious when she's sad because her gloom affects everyone. She is ready to teach people what she knows. She always wears a pair of heels.

Friends: Robin, Fabian
Foes: None at the moment

Are you a First Wife?: No

Groom: Fabian Wrenninford

Opinions: "I am very happy to be here. Not only am I treated like a princess, but my groom is handsome and caring. I cannot wait to show him everything I can do. I only hope he is as pleased with me as I am with him, otherwise, I would have failed my job."

Biography: Georgia grew up in...not a nice place. Well, maybe it was nice for someone who wasn't like her. Her family was a very traditional Southern family, her father was a pastor. She was their only daughter and spoiled and doted on, becoming a regular 'daddy's little girl' and the perfect Southern archetype.

As she got older, however, she started to mentally question her sexuality. She hadn't had a boyfriend yet, and she wasn't really interested in boys. She was more interested in girls. She thought about asking her parents about it, but then one of her older brothers came out as being pansexual. Her father all but disowned him and Georgia was left to help clean everything up. She then realized in horror she never could tell her parents the truth, no matter what.

For several more years she continued to be obedient and learned everything a well-bred girl should. She's an amazing cook, dancer, writer, embroider, and is great at holding tea parties. But she wanted a place where she could be herself, the other part of herself.

One day when she was walking home from a tea party, someone hit her in the back of her head and knocked her out, resulting in her waking up in an unfamiliar room. Once learning about what her role was, she quickly got settled in and is eager to meet her groom.

She knows everything will be long as her secret is kept. But who knows? Maybe she'll get an open-minded groom.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Her favorite color is baby blue.
She's an expert at making peach cobbler and macaroni and cheese.
She has a slight accent.

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 43 comments

Full Name: Natalie Sarah Bennet

Age: Sixteen

Born Gender: Female

Gender Identity: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Natalie is 5'1 and hates being short and therefore often lies about how tall she truly is. She looks a bit older than she really is, which she's proud of. Makes her look more mature. She likes to style her hair and curls the honey-blonde locks often; she wears extensions to make her normally chest-long hair go down to the floor. She often braids it and puts flowers in it. Her eyes are dark brown and full-lashed. Everything she wears is in a shade of pink and she wears a lot of yellow and purple too. She loves wearing skirts and dresses, but can wear jeans if needed to. She loves wearing necklaces too!

(view spoiler)

Personality: Natalie is very dreamy. She dreams of being rich, of being pretty, of being a princess. She's always been poor, so that explains her fantasies. She's very intelligent and loves to spend her time reading books, or playing her instrument, or even writing. She's almost always smiling and looks on the bright side of things. However, she is also immature and has trouble handling moments of high stress, which make her panic and cry. Thankfully, she feels her following days will have little of those, because that's what being pampered is about, right? She likes to look fashionable, but often wears whatever she wants.

Friends: None yet

Foes: None yet

Are you a First Wife?: N/A

Groom: None Yet

Opinions: "I came here to take care of my family. It could be a lot worse. I could be some kind of drug dealer or prostitute, but instead, I'm like a princess. It's just like being in a history book! After all, most princesses in real-life were locked up in their house."

Biography: Natalie came from a poor family. Her father left shortly after her third sibling was born and her mother had trouble taking care of four children at once. While it wasn't as bad as it could've been, they often went without food or other necessities for days. Natalie ate less to let her younger siblings have food. She still continued to look on the bright side of things though. She figured one day she would have a chance to take care of her family for good, she just didn't know what it would be.

One day at school, one of her teachers stopped her after class and told her one of her sisters had gone to a secret mansion where she continues to send money back to the family. She suggested Natalie look into it since she knew of her financial troubles, and Natalie sent herself in without much thought. After all, what else was there to think about? She's not even mad about not being able to leave. She sends money back to her family and hopes that even if they miss her, they appreciate the choice she made to help them out.

Important Miscellaneous Information: She can play the trombone and xylophone.
Her favorite colors are pink and yellow because according to her, 'they look like the sunrise'.
She almost always wears hair extensions.
She has two younger brothers and a younger sister.

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@Elizabeth: Georgia is approved and you can make her suite on Fabian's floor whenever you like! <3

I just have one or two questions about Natalie. The teacher that told her about her sister, she must have had some sort of connection to the mansion in order to know about it, as the mansion is a very well-kept secret because of the crimes committed there (polygamy and abduction). Did the teacher have some sort of ties to the mansion? A sibling perhaps that had gone to the mansion to become a Finder or Collector? If so, that would explain how she knew about the mansion and Natalie's sister being there, and how she would have the authority to tell Natalie to look into it.
Also, I'm assuming that Natalie was then put in touch with a Finder, or Ellowyn, so that she could willingly gift herself to the mansion?

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 43 comments Yes, that’s pretty much what I was going for

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Dark Angel | 198 comments Mod
Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛ wrote: "Yes, that’s pretty much what I was going for"

She is approved, then! :)

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Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) (codenameagentmcmuffin) Name: Scarlet Taylor

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Role: Bride


Personality: Not arrogant and shallow, Scarlet is still no nonsense. She loves meeting with fans who are passionate about her acting, not Scarlet herself. Theatre is her life, her very reason for existence in her opinion. She is a servant of the people, of those who wish to find joy, love, sadness and many other emotions on the stage. When not acting she is on other types of adventures, whether in a book or adrenaline rushing activities such as rock climbing. She only has one life and wants to make the most of her time in this world!

Biography: Before Scarlet could even walk she was on stage. She had been babies in various plays, held closely and nurtured before her scene to ensure she did not start crying on stage. At her daycare the classes would "perform", ranging from the babies being silly to the older kids demonstrating their musical growth.

Her next theatrical experience would be in the second grade: a play about Santa's journey around the world. She was one of few who took her role seriously and was invited to be in more plays by the music teacher. Her parents told her to accept and she did, actually wanting to participate more.

As she progressed through school she continued putting on more plays, anything form musical about good manners to epic fantasy. She played evil sorceresses, beautiful queens, punk rebels, anything you could imagine. In high school she finally had the chance to experience the legendary dramas, tragedies and comedies of Shakespeare. She read Rome and Juliet in her English class and grew frustrated when people were monotonous. Like, why even bother if they weren't going to put effort into their work?!

Around this time musical began fascinating her more. Anything from Marry Poppins to Phantom of the Opera she wanted to become more involved in. She joined choir to help make her singing sound more professional, something the choir teacher stressed all the time. They were not there to sing karaoke, they were there to grow as musicians and as people. Scarlet agreed and took the class seriously. When she was first "tested" to see her appropriate range, her teacher was stunned as she was the most melodic singer in the entire class, easily a soprano. The teacher also said Scarlet would be singing any descant parts that came up, which she hit effortlessly.

After her graduation, Scarlet found work in the theatre, first with minor roles as she was unknown but after a few outstanding performances she became a famous name in the theatre community, at least at home. By age 21 she had played Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera several times. After her first performance she started receiving letters from someone marked "Angel of Music" which she found sweet in a mysterious way. But as time went on she received more and more letters which grew more intimate and...descriptive. She started to feel uncomfortable until she received a letter asking to meet this "angel". A bit on edge she decided to meet at the specified place.

She waited over thirty minutes but no one showed up. A few passerbys waved hello but not much more. Finally she stood up and began walking away when her world went dark, a sack placed over her head. She screamed out loud and flailed as she was touched and dragged away...

Opinions on the mansion: Are you freaking kidding me? That creepy stalker seriously had his henchmen go and kidnap me and now they won't EVER let me leave?! I need to call the police!

Other important information

Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) (codenameagentmcmuffin) Name: Midori Yamaguchi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Role: Bride to Felix


Personality: Midori is energetic and easily excitable. She loves to be doing anything and quickly grows bored when idle. It's almost as if she's a toddler with her attention span and energy, but she does have the maturity and interests of a female of her age. She is also quick to make friends and quick to forgive minor conflicts, but may need time to deal with heavy betrayals or heinous acts.

Biography: Midori was born in Japan, growing up and attending school there. Her parents were both musicians and thus made her follow a music path of some sort. What it was they didn't care, but it needed to produce music. In elementary school she auditioned for a singing role in a play but her classmates made fun of her squeaking voice, causing her to become upset and cry a little.

Her music teacher assured her that singing wasn't for everyone and offered her a chance to play the xylophone. After being shown the different notes and what they sounded like, Midori was left to practice. SHe quickly got the hang of and played the instrument in the musical, giddy at the applause from the audience and her parents. She continued to play until it was time for her to join an orchestra according to her parents.

She signed up for the xylophone but was quickly told orchestras, at least theirs, did not have one and she needed to play "real" instruments. So she decided on the trombone and in later years, even a tuba! Midori was never sure how exactly she was able to carry such an instrument, but she did and made a name for herself as one of the youngest brass players in the orchestra.

One day the maestro informed them they would be traveling to England for an international orchestral event. WHen Midori informed her parents of this they were beyond thrilled. A chance to play with some of the best musicians in the whole world? They knew Midori was going places! They helped her pack and soon she was on her way to England.

The country was unlike Japan in most ways imaginable. Luckily for her her mom was English and so taught her to read, write and speak the language so she had little trouble understanding. She attended numerous rehearsals while there until one fateful night...

On her way back to her hotel from the building the orchestras practiced and performed in, she was grabbed from behind and bagged over the head. She flailed around and screamed, but was quickly subdued by people far stronger than her. She would be taken away, never to be seen again...

Opinions on the mansion: This place is crazy They stole me from...not even my home but a foreign land, where I will never see my friends or family again? I hate it I hate it I HATE IT!

Other important information: She plays the trombone, tuba and xylophone!

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Aly (poaly1998) | 25 comments Mod
Lilly Collins is a taken face already.

Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) (codenameagentmcmuffin) I used these characters in the last group

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Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) wrote: "I used these characters in the last group"

Okay, but someone claimed Lily Collins as a face for one of their characters in this group before you posted this here. This isn't the other group, this is a new group. It is not fair for me to make someone else change a face they chose, when the face claim is clearly labelled as first-come, first-serve, because in a different group you had that face.

We've all had to make compromises with face claims at some point. If you want, you can ask Madison whether they'd be open to sharing Lily Collins as a face.

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You can start roleplaying as both characters anyway while this whole face claim thing gets sorted out. :)

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Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) (codenameagentmcmuffin) I'll get rid of the face then.

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indigo (little dove) {fallen angel} | 9 comments ((reposted from the second brides group. this is my original character.))

name: willow marie greene wrenninford

date of birth: 16 june 2001

gender: cisgender female

sexuality: demisexual

role: bride to fabian

are you a first wife?: sadly, no.

appearance: willow is a girl with a delicate beauty about her. her stature brings her to stand at about 5'1", causing a dramatic height difference between her and fabian. willow has a very soft aura about her. she has very pale, smooth, unblemished skin, with a few tiny freckles on her shoulders and nose. her wide, ocean-blue eyes are the window to her soul, and reveal whatever emotions she may be feeling at the moment. she has thick, dark, fluttery eyelashes, and neatly groomed eyebrows. her delicate button nose leads down to her very soft, nicely plump lips that are naturally a delicate rose-pink colour, and easily spread open into a bright, perfect smile. willow's hair is her pride and glory--her long, silky mane of hair is nearly always perfect. her hair reaches down to her hips, and is a beautiful milk-chocolate brown, with hints of caramel highlights from being in the sun so often. willow's body is naturally soft and lean, her curves proportionate to her stature. willow mostly wears dresses, often of a floral print and in many pastel, light hues of colour, with hints of lace and frills.

personality: willow is an old soul. she loves to care for any animal in need, and is interested in biology and psychology, though not nearly as much as her passion for music. she’s sweet and mellow, with an even temper and is very compliant. she adores fabian and will do nearly anything for him. willow deals quite a bit with anxiety, though she tries her best to hide it. she's very humble about her upbringing, and doesn't like bragging.

biography: willow was fortunate enough to grow up in a relatively wealthy family. she grew up on her family’s estate out in the country, and had the best of the best selection of tutors, maids, and friends. she never took anything for granted, and was never afraid to get her hands dirty. she treated all her maids as friends, and was respectful and eager to learn from her tutors. her mother and father doted on her, as she was their only child who had made it, after her mother had had four miscarriages. her parents only wished the best for her.
that was when disaster struck. the family vineyard was destroyed in a fire, and willow’s dear mother passed away from suffocating on the smoke. distraught and heartbroken, willow’s father sold her to the wrenninford mansion. that’s where she’s been ever since, heartbroken and anxious.
willow has found her peace again in fabian. but that’s another story...

opinions on the mansion: 'it reminds me very much of home. i miss mother and father, of course, but i know i can be happy here again.'

other important information: willow has been playing the piano and violin since she can remember, and she loves to sing. she’s also very nurturing, as well as compassionate and kind.

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indigo (little dove) {fallen angel} | 9 comments ((reposted from the second brides group. this is my original character.))

name: charlotte anne williams

date of birth: 3 june 2002

gender: female

nationality: american -> british

sexuality: bisexual

personality: charlotte is very shy. she prefers books to people, and thus has nearly no friends besides her service dog, eloise. charlotte adores books and has a large collection, and always has one in her hand. charlotte is very sweet and caring once one gets past the shyness.
charlotte rarely gets upset or angry, but when she does, she shuts down and isolates herself.
charlotte deals with severe social anxiety, and it's difficult for her to get past it.
once she does, however, she is fiercely protective and loves hard.

appearance: charlotte is a soft beauty. she's very short, standing at 5'2", and has a long mane of curly, chocolate brown hair. she has a heart-shaped face and a shy smile, full lips partially parted to reveal straight white teeth. she has a constellation of light brown freckles on her nose and cheeks, and a cute button nose. her eyebrows are groomed neatly and lead down to gorgeous hazel eyes. her eyes are a kaleidoscope of brown and green with hints of blue and are framed by thick, dark lashes.
her build is slight, lean muscle with some soft curves to smooth everything out. charlotte prefers to wear jeans with oversized sweaters, or sometimes a dress or two.

biography: charlotte was born to marie and paul williams after many trials and errors dealing with miscarrying and infertility. charlotte was named for the iconic children's book, charlotte's web, and was raised surrounded by books.
at age three, charlotte had taught herself how to read. her parents homeschooled her, due to her being three grade levels above everybody else in her class. charlotte took pride in her knowledge, and was very interested in books and writing.
the home she lived in was small but comfortable. her family lived in new york city while charlotte was an infant, then moved to great britain and took ownership of a small bookshop with a small apartment on the second level.
charlotte's parents adored books, and charlotte grew up with the same reverence for them.
one night, the bookstore was broken into. since it was so old, there were no alarms. charlotte woke to the sound of breaking glass, and crawled into the crawlspace behind the closet with eloise. eloise kept completely silent, nudging charlotte to comfort her.
charlotte heard the screams of her parents as the burglars slit their throats.
charlotte was found hours later, curled into the fetal position and trembling with eloise standing guard over her.
that was the last thing charlotte remembered before drifting into unconsciousness.

disabilities: ehlers-danlos syndrome type three, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, anxiety, social anxiety

pets: eloise is charlotte's service dog. she's a yellow lab and goldie mix, and is very good. she helps charlotte stand up, open doors, and many other things that charlotte can't do herself, due to her diagnoses.


friends: none yet

enemies: none yet

opinions on the mansion: "why am i here? why am i not at home? this place is so confusing..."

role: bride (to be determined)

likes: reading, coffee, drawing, and eloise

dislikes: loud noises, people hurting eloise

miscellaneous information: charlotte has a soft british accent due to the fact that she was raised in great britain.

a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. the man who never reads lives only one.

a book a day keeps reality away.

if people were rain, i was a drizzle and she was a hurricane.

indigo (little dove) {fallen angel} | 9 comments ((reposted from the second brides group. this is my original character.))

full name: emmeline marie holland

date of birth: 14 may 2002

gender: female

nationality: british

sexual orientation: heterosexual

personality: emmeline is the epitome of delicateness and propriety. she is dainty and kind, and never impolite. she's always calm and collected, and smooth under pressure. she has anxiety, though she tries to hide it. emmeline prefers to be alone, since she's never had many friends. she loves to paint to de-stress, and is rarely flustered.
when she is, though, she becomes a completely different person. first, she turns to ice. her voice hardens and she becomes unnaturally still. then tears bite at her eyes, and she flees. she has been taught that it is incredibly improper to cry in public.
emmeline also deals with ocd, though she doesn't know it yet. she's a bit of a perfectionist, always having things neat and organised, and rarely showing emotion.
nobody has cracked her layer of ice around her heart, much less shattered it. she has sworn to never let anybody see the real emmeline.

appearance: emmeline is described as being a living porcelain doll. she has a delicate build, and is very small, barely reaching 5'2". her skin is clear and very pale, and she has a dotting of small freckles across her nose. her eyes are a pale blue, framed by thick, fluttery lashes and neatly groomed eyebrows. she has a dainty button nose and full rose lips that rarely part into a smile, but when they do, they reveal straight, perfectly white teeth. her hair hangs down to her waist and is a soft pale blonde with a gentle natural wave.
her build is very slight. she has nearly no fat on her body; rather, she is made up of lithe, lean muscles. she has scars on her arms, but they have faded over time to be nearly invisible. she is very light, and has been described as a sort of bird due to her build. she walks daintily, appearing to float rather than walk.
emmeline wears white or cream dresses that are made of chiffon and other dainty, flowing materials. she wears a silver necklace with a tiny songbird on it, a gift from her father. she never wears makeup, due to her natural beauty.

biography: emmeline was born to two unknown parents in an alleyway. those parents left her in a basket, hoping someone would come take her, but not caring if they didn't. eventually, an earl and his wife came across her and took her in. she was raised as a lady, with a proper education, manners, and instruments. when she was eight years old, lady cora gave birth to a baby girl. the family grew even closer, and eventually emmeline blossomed into a beautiful young woman, taking violin lessons and getting good marks in her schooling. emmeline's father eventually ended up taking a liking to emmeline and doing... things to her, though nobody else knows.
since the home they lived in was so large, emmeline normally found a place to hide. there were many dark corners and crawl spaces, and eventually the house was outfitted with electricity.
one night, the breaker went out. nobody knew how to fix it, since they were all so new to it. emmeline's father tried to fix it whist the others looked on anxiously.
he touched a live wire and a bolt of electricity went into him, stopping his heart immediately.
the entire house went up in flame.
emmeline and her family sobbed, and emmeline tried to wake her father and start his heart again. the others were gone, and as the smoke rose over her, emmeline gently kissed her father's cheek and lay down next to him.
the smoke entered her lungs and she drifted into unconsciousness.
then emmeline was taken away.

father--matthew holland--deceased
mother--cora holland--unknown

friends: none yet

enemies: none yet

opinions on the mansion: where am i? it's lovely and all, but i want to go home...

role: bride (to be determined)

likes: playing her violin, reading

dislikes: rude people, loud noises, messiness

miscellaneous information: emmeline writes in long, flowing cursive. she also enjoys reading poetry.

it's always in the eyes. always the eyes.

i'm hopelessly in love with you, my darling

when i saw you i fell in love, and you smiled because you knew

indigo (little dove) {fallen angel} | 9 comments ((reposted from the second brides group. this is my original character.))

name: kinsley marie cochran wrenninford

date of birth: 17 december 2002

gender: cisgender female

sexuality: bisexual

role: bride

appearance: kinsley has long, chocolate-brown hair that is naturally wavy and falls down to her waist. her skin is smooth and pale, and free of blemishes and scars--except for her arm, but that’s a different story. she stands at about 5’5”, and is very slim, with nice, gentle curves. her eyes are a deep, gorgeous blue-green, and are fringed by dark eyelashes and eyebrows. her full, rosy lips are constantly pulled into a smile to reveal perfect, straight teeth.

personality: kinsley is very shy and reserved. she’s dealt with anxiety for most of her life, and so she finds it very difficult to speak up and find her voice. it takes a while for her to trust somebody, but once you earn her trust, she’s very open and honest. she cares deeply and loves hard, and will always try her best to not mess up. she does beat herself up sometimes if she overthinks too much, but normally she’s fairly happy and kind.

biography: kinsley was born into misfortune. her mother died in childbirth, due to medical complications and blood loss, and kinsley’s father shipped her off at a young age to her grandmother. kinsley was raised to be sweet and docile, and was trained to be a maid at a wealthy family’s mansion just outside of the city.
that family adopted kinsley, turning her into their daughter and telling her to forget anything about being a maid. she was raised with the best education, and while she did get many of the things that she wanted, she was taught not to be a brat about it. she was upset going into her teenage years, seeing as her “family” was treating her poorly. they sold her to the wrenninford mansion soon after, and she soon forgot about all the pain she had been put through.

opinions on the mansion: 'i love it here! it’s so beautiful, and it’s so much better than “home”...'

other important information: kinsley is a very talented artist, and she loves to paint and draw. she also plays various instruments and sings, but prefers art, seeing as she doesn’t have to worry about performing in front of anybody.

indigo (little dove) {fallen angel} | 9 comments ((reposted from the second brides group. this is my original character.))

name: calix mason stephenson (birth name cassandra marie)

age: 17

assigned gender: female

gender identity: male

sexuality: pansexual

role: 'bride'

appearance: calix stands at about 5’10”, making him taller than average for a female but slightly short for a male. he has olive toned skin, marked with some scars from various childhood injuries. his hair is cropped short in a handsome hairstyle, and his dark curls are always slightly messed up. he has a strong jawline, soft, slightly full lips, and straight white teeth. his eyes are a warm brown, glimmering like topaz, and his thick, dark eyebrows and dark lashes frame them nicely. his body is slim, with little to no curves. calix still has the genitalia of his assigned gender, and he hopes to someday change it.

personality: calix is reserved when you first meet him, and slightly shy. he is quick to distrust someone, and it takes a while for him to deem someone worthy of his trust. his smiles are rare to come by and disappear quickly, but if you earn one, it’s like the sky has opened up and the sun has smiled down upon you.

biography: calix, born cassandra, was born into a world of money and lust. his parents, both having “secret” affairs, pawned calix off to a nanny as soon as they could. calix didn’t complain, though. he had a good education and a loving nanny as he grew up. fast forward to when calix was about thirteen. he had been left alone for a few blissful moments of silence and peace. so he had decided to cut his hair.
it was not received well.
his parents reacted immediately by storming into calix’s room and tore apart his closet. calix was forced even harder into the role his parents wanted him to be—a perfect “daughter”. they even went so far as to purchase a wig for calix, to cover up his hair.
that was when the anxiety and dysphoria came.
calix became severely depressed, upset at his body and himself. his parents didn’t notice and didn’t care. they got even worse, refusing to accept calix’s identity.
so calix left. he ran away from his parents’ horrid mansion, the life he had always hated, and ran towards... well, he wasn’t sure. but he finally felt free. he had bound his chest, and was wearing men's clothes like he had always wanted to. he had thrown away the wig, and was running towards freedom.
that was when they came for him.
he was knocked out, and woke up in an unfamiliar bed.
the rest is history. or so they say.

opinions on the mansion: 'it’s a sanctuary. i don’t have to deal with my parents anymore, and am free to express myself as i want to. this is the place for me.'

other important information: calix is interested in science, art, and music, and is self-taught on piano.

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