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Full Name:
Born Gender:
Gender Identity:


Personal Maid/Attendant:

First Wife:
Other Wives/Husbands:

How do you treat your wives/husbands? Are they locked in, or permitted to roam? If they are permitted to roam, how much of the grounds are they permitted to explore and under what conditions? Do you choose their clothes for them? If so, how do they dress? What do you look for in a wive/husband?:

Important Miscellaneous Information:

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Full Name: Fabian Arthur Wrenninford
Nicknames: His wives often stick to his full name, Fabian, or use endearments such as darling or sweetheart. However, his friends tend to go with abbreviations such as Fabes, Ian, or the ever-annoying Faby-Baby.

Age: 23
Born Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Fabian is a rather handsome man by most people's standards. However, the Wrenninford family do set awfully high standards, so he may not be the most handsome compared to some of his other relations. He knows that, compared to Maximilian in particular, he may not seem the most attractive. Still, most of his brides seem to think him handsome. Or, if they do not, they have never said so.
His hair was once compared to the colour of milk chocolate. It is short and neatly trimmed. When he appears before one of his brides or relatives, it is always impeccably combed, never a single strand out of plcae. Fabian is the kind of person who appreciates beauty and cannot stand for anything to look less than immaculate. Therefore, he insists on setting such a standard for himself as well. His custom made clothes are never stained or creased and he always has a pleasant scent.
His eyes are also brown. They have been compared to the colour of coffee, and he rather likes this comparison. They can portray a wide variety of emotions. His eyes hide nothing. They show his true feelings, so when they are turned upon you, they make you feel as well. They can be as cold as ice, or warm and tender. They can be filled with hate or filled with love, but never indifference.
His complexion is rather pale, like most of the grooms at the mansion. His skin is like velvet to the touch and free of all blemishes.
He stands at six feet and four inches. He does not look particularly muscular, but he is stronger than his physical appearance would indicate. He doesn't have a frail look to him either though, and he is grateful for that. He has the look of a man who could easily sweep a woman up into his arms and shower her with kisses, something he has done on many an occasion. He has the look of a man whose arms signify warmth, comfort and protection, something he is more than happy to provide for those he loves both platonically and romantically.

Personality: It is rather difficult to get an accurate account of Fabian's personality, because different people will describe him in different ways. It is, however, generally agreed upon that he is a traditionalist, who would never willingly break the rules of the mansion. He values order and boundaries and understands that they are there for a reason; it would take a lot to make him break them and he has little respect for those who do. He is known to be an honest person. If asked a question he will answer with the truth, even if the matter is delicate or unpleasant, particularly if the person asking is one of his wives. He is not so free-speaking with those of higher status, but he would never directly lie to a person. His wives in particular can always expect the truth from him, though he will usually try his best to speak gently about unpleasant matters, and calmly when he is displeased with them.
Most of his relatives will note that he is entirely devoted to the family, praising his sense of family duty. He loves his family very much and makes an effort to be close to as many of his relatives as possible, even his most distant of cousins. He is excellent with the children of the family and can often be found visiting the nurseries, or advising those who are soon to become grooms on marital matters. He does not get along with all members of his family however, as he does not approve of the way some of his relatives conduct themselves, or the way they treat their brides.
One of the main people he worries for is his brother, Maximilian. He does not believe that Maximilian is fit to become the next patriarch. They are both ambitious and crave power, but Fabian thinks that Maximilian lacks the skills that a Wrenninford patriarch needs. Fabian believes that when Maximilian takes power, he will make decisions and do things that benefit him, not the entire family. He believes that he would make the better patriarch, but he knows that that could never happen, and respects the family code of honour too much to try and take the position from Maximilian. Instead, he tries to behave in a respectful manner toward Maximilian, even though they have the occasional disagreement. Fabian would not consider Maximilian an enemy, simply a person with different viewpoints. Now, Mihail on the other hand...that's a different story altogether.
Things are simple with his family. As long as he follows their code of honour -- stick together, love and respect each other, obey the patriarch and respect the patriarch-to-be -- he knows he will be fine.
With his wives, things are slightly more complicated.
He can be your ideal match, or your worst nightmare, depending on how you are to him.
He wants docile doves. He expects his wives to be kind, virtuous and thoughtful. He resembles Maximilian when it comes to expectations of obedience, but he doesn't want his wives to be like Maximilian's wives. He wants angels, not temptresses. If you're sweet and subservient, he will treat you like a Queen. If you are stubborn and wilful, the mansion will be nothing more to you than a glorious prison until you can be civil at the very least.
He will not tolerate disobedience without good reason. He'll try different ways to tame his wives. He'll try charm and hope that works, but sometimes he becomes angry. He is a man of many moods, and his mood will swing depending on how he is being treated. He is very good at retaining composure for a long period of time with a stubborn bride, but even he has his breaking point.
He can be quite controlling and domineering, with both his angels and his demons. With his darling angels, it's more of a suffocating protectiveness. But with the wives that defy him, he will stop at almost nothing to put them in their place.
This is not to say that he is a cruel individual, for he is far from it. He is always seeking ways to make the mansion a more pleasant place for his brides. He has made it clear to him that they may make requests of him at any time. Requests are reviewed individually based on their sensibility, but most are granted almost immediately, as he truly wishes them to be happy here. Fabian adores his brides, they are his whole world. The man is a hopeless romantic, and his floor a romance novel come to life.
Not only would he do almost anything to please his brides, but also to help a friend. Although he is a rather popular individual, he has a very tight-knit group of best friends. He is the only Wrenninford in the group, as the rest of them are servants, but this has never been an issue between them. He treats them as his dearest friends, never lording his status over them or giving them orders. He is kind to all of the servants, preferring to request rather than command.

Parents: Richard and Serena Wrenninford
Siblings: Drayven (full siblings), Derek (full siblings), Maximilian (half-siblings)
Personal Maid/Attendant: Rohan Elias
Friends: Rohan Elias, Alina Hartley, Elian Aster, Ellowyn Dusk, Rosselyn Elias, Nathaniel Whitlock
Foes: Mihail Wrenninford

First Wife: Rei
Other Wives/Husbands: Robin, Willow

How do you treat your wives/husbands? Are they locked in, or permitted to roam? If they are permitted to roam, how much of the grounds are they permitted to explore and under what conditions? Do you choose their clothes for them? If so, how do they dress? What do you look for in a wive/husband?: Fabian is generally kind to his wives, but he believes that everyone should treat others the way they wish to be treated. Therefore, if a wife is continually hostile, he will grow gradually colder in demeanour. How much freedom a wife is given will depend on how trustworthy she proves herself. After the seven day test, most wives are permitted to roam the floor without supervision and to roam the mansion and grounds with Fabian or a maid present. Should they prove even more trustworthy, he will present them with their very own key card so that they may roam the grounds alone. A wardrobe of beautiful skirts and dresses awaits his wives when they arrive at the mansion, but should these clothes not be to the bride's taste, he is open to compromise. He prefers his brides to dress in a more feminine fashion but he will sit down and talk to the bride about her preferences so that the wardrobe can suit both their tastes if possible. Fabian likes it best when his wives are happy with their life here. He prefers it if they are not too wilful, though he does not mind them expressing their opinions to him and indeed prefers they do so if they are unhappy about something. He does however dislike it if they go out of their way to directly disobey a request he has made of them unless they had a very good reason to do so.

Biography: Fabian Arthur Wrenninford was born twenty-three years ago to Richard and Serena Wrenninford. Although not the Necessary Child, he was a child of the patriarch, making him a direct descendant of Frederick Wrenninford. He may not have been a child of Henriette, Richard's First Wife, but Serena was a highly popular woman at the mansion. Wives from every floor flocked to see her baby, which her husband had permitted her to name.
Growing up, Fabian was given his own way in almost everything, though he was a reasonable child and never made impossible requests. He was wise beyond his years, most likely due to the companionship of Rohan Elias. Though Fabian had a governess to entertain and educate him at the age of five, he was placed early with his attendant, as occasionally happens, so that they could accustom themselves to each other. All these years later, Fabian considers Rohan a brother.
The others -- Ellowyn, Alina, Roz, Nate, Elian, Andrea -- came later, but they are important to him too. They are like his own little family.
His mother was very loving, but she was certain to impress upon him the importance of duty also. She insisted that his Governess instruct him particularly in the Wrenninford family history and Code of Morality, and set a strict code of rules for him to obey also. He has kept these codes of honour always in his mind.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Fabian is absolutely obsessed with musicals. He often keeps The Collectors busy, as he loves to shower his wives with gifts. He can play several instruments and has a magnificent singing voice (he is a natural tenor, though he can sing in the baritone range as well due to lots of practise). He is a lover of stories; not only does he read and listen to them, but he writes his own.

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Full Name: Maximilien Henri Donatien Narcisse Wrenninford-Devereaux
Age: 22 (born September 13th, 1997)
Born Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Cisgender Male
Sexuality: Polyamorous Bisexual

Appearance: (view spoiler)
Maximilian Wrenninford-Devereaux is an exceptionally good-looking man, and he is well aware of that fact (such a point has always been drummed into him, after all). As far as he is concerned, he fits every current beauty standard to a tee, and then some. Then again, it would be impossible to be anything but, given his extensive beauty routines each day - the man is incredibly vain. A lot of work goes into ensuring what he considers absolute perfection.

Born with thick blonde curls to match his mother's, his hair both darkened and straightened with age, now a deep brunette more reminiscent of his father's hair in his youth, dyed pitch black and usually worn slicked back and tucked behind his ears. Bright blue eyes are his most defining trait, though a stormy mood more often than not dampens their sharpness: he is undoubtedly more attractive when he smiles (some girls have referred to him as 'cute', though he finds such a term to be better in describing a child). That said, his plump lips are usually stuck in a petulant pout and sharp eyebrows in an irritable frown. With a thin face and high cheekbones, Maximilian certainly looks a Wrenninford and a harsh one at that.

At six foot and four inches exactly, he is the tallest man in his direct family line; athletic but not overly so, for he does take care of himself but takes care not to be excessive, never having found too many muscles to look desirable. Most of his strength is in his upper arms: so long as he keeps his arm and abdominal muscles hard, the ladies are interested. Besides, he has an exceptional naked form, if not solely for being particularly well-endowed.

He has a silver piercing on the right side of his nose, and a similar ring hanging from the lobe of his left ear, which he often replaces to suit his outfit best. Maximilian has a particular affinity for tattoos, despite his still young age, and has no problem decorating his body in such a manner. He doesn't like to pretend there's any meaning behind them, because half were chosen solely for like of design rather than anything more significant.

Henriette taught her son to dress well, and that the first thing anybody should ever notice about him is the finery of his clothes and the sparkle of his jewellery, which should always noticeably be from the most desirable brands around. Maximilian thus cares significantly for his appearance, and, as such, he wears the very best he can find, preferring silk shirts and dark colours and, usually, garments that have been made specifically for him. A man's wealth, power and prestige are first seen in his outer appearance, after all, and the current future Wrenninford patriarch knows precisely the image of himself he wishes to convey.

Personality: Maximilian thinks himself a far more complicated individual than he likely is. There is perhaps some truth to that statement: where many might look at him and see little more than an airheaded mummy's boy, there is some intellect buried within, even if it does manifest itself far more in charming others and composing musical masterpieces than his academics. He knows full well he has been over-indulged, as some might put it, past the point of expiration, and yet even at twenty-two, he does not hesitate to shed a tear before his mother if he thinks it might gain him what he desires, uninterested in the thoughts of others as to such an action. Primarily, Maximilian thinks of himself, and has no time to panic about the feelings of most others. Life has taught him that two things matter above all, and those are himself, and the good of the Wrenninford family. The world be damned if either is harmed.

With most, he expresses the kind of superiority and arrogance that could be deemed impressive were it not so thoroughly despicable in nature. There is a particular joy in belittling others, he has found, and in ensuring they know the place that he wishes for them. In romance, he can be almost caring - unnaturally so, given his typical demeanour - and yet domineering, for he was raised not to comprehend disobedience, and any who stray from that norm are subject to both his confusion and wrath.

Richard Wrenninford; father
Henriette Devereaux; mother
Derek Wrenninford; half-brother
Drayven Wrenninford; half-brother
Fabian Wrenninford; half-brother
Robyn Wrenninford; son
Personal Attendant:
Félix Lévesque

First Wife:
Ariel ---
Other Wives/Husbands:

How do you treat your wives/husbands? Depending on their behaviour, Maximilian can be kind or otherwise. He values obedience, though finds rebellion mildly exciting at times. For the most part, so long as they do as he says, he will be kind to his partners, though he can become more aggressive if they misbehave repeatedly.
Are they locked in, or permitted to roam? They are permitted to roam unless they commit some reasonably irritating infraction.
If they are permitted to roam, how much of the grounds are they permitted to explore and under what conditions? Generally, the entirety of the mansion is open to them, though he avoids the garden unless he trusts them fully and they are under complete supervision at all times.
Do you choose their clothes for them? In part. Maximilian likes them to have a selection of clothes in his preferred styles, but they are also permitted to own that in their own styles that they may wear when he is not around, and when it is more comfortable for them.
If so, how do they dress? The clothes Maximilian chooses are modern in style and, in the case of women, slightly more exposing than natural. For men, he favours stark white fencing shirts and slacks.
What do you look for in a wife/husband?: While he might seem thoroughly shallow and interested in nothing more than looks in his partners, Maximilian also prefers brides and grooms to be artistically inclined, be it musically or otherwise. He is also partial to redheads and blondes.

Biography: Click here.
Important Miscellaneous Information: Maximilian is an excellent musician, and though he is currently trapped in this house with the rest of family, his greatest ambition has always been to become a concert violinist. He also likes to collect cars, though they cannot be used for much.

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Full Name: Felix Alexander Wrenninford

Age: Seventeen
Born Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Felix is 5'2 and still embarrassed about his height, though he's not as short as he used to be. He's still very thin though, and often resembles a girl from far-away. This he can't do anything about. His skin is peach-colored and his cheeks are often faintly red from all of the times he's blushed. His eyes are a blue-green color that's vibrant and his hair is a dark honey color that's straight and just barely reaches his shoulders. It often falls into his face if he doesn't pull it back, and lately he's been wearing it up so he can focus on things longer. He usually wears outfits that give him a school-yard appearance; sweater vests and polos and khakis.
(view spoiler)

Personality: Felix used to be quite shy and timid, never speaking up for himself and letting people walk all over him. After spending time with his brides, however, he's found a new inner confidence in himself. He wants the best for everyone and doesn't want to see others unhappy. He'll go out of his way to comfort people, even if he wasn't the cause of their problems. He barely stutters unless he's under a lot of pressure, and is kinda geeky. He's easily excitable over things he loves, such as books and....books. The one thing that is always constant is his large intelligence and fondness for books. Even now, he still prefers the company of books to people, though he is trying to get out more.

Parents: Tsukiko and Adam Wrenninford(Mother and Father)

Siblings: Maverick Wrenninford(Older Brother)

Personal Maid/Attendant: None Yet

Friends: His wives
Foes: He tries not to think about it.

First Wife: None Yet(?)
Other Wives: Midori, Elora

Expectations: Felix is pretty easy-going when it comes to expectations for his brides. His only two rules are to not hurt themselves by wandering around or by wearing anything trashy. He doesn't like bossy or pushy people and thus doesn't like a bride who's going to be up in his business constantly or bothering him about things like his occasional nervous stutter. He likes girls who are as intelligent as him and can teach him about the world, especially if they like books as much as him. Thus, his brides often tend to be musicians, artists, poets, etc. Anyone who is mean to him is a definite pass.

Biography: Felix was born the second son to one of the other grooms in the mansion. His mother was First Wife; a woman from a place Felix has only read about named Japan, and one could argue he definitely got more looks from her than from his father. Due to her status, things weren't as bad as they could've been, but his father showed a clear interest in his older brother, who was the exact opposite of Felix in every single way. In fact, it got to a point where Felix just allowed himself to become part of the background and not stand out. He became shy, unconcerned, and stuttered constantly, becoming a target for his older brother. But he didn't care about any of that. All he truly wanted to be happy were books. Let his older brother do all of the masculine stuff. He just needed a library full of a million books.

However, the time soon came for Felix to become a groom himself, which he was very surprised about. His older brother hadn't gotten any brides yet, mainly due to a lack of interest, and Felix really didn't want that much responsibility. Plus, he'd have to actually talk to the girls. That meant less time in his beloved library. His parents barely waited half a year before shoving him off into his own wing of the mansion, giving him pretty much no advice on what was expected of him. It certainly didn't help that for a time, he would be the only one with brides due to his brother's sudden bout with appendicitis. It was quite hard for Felix at first.

The girls were unhappy with their placement and having Felix as a groom just seemed to make it worse. Many have come and gone, but a few have left their permanent impact on Felix, such as the one who taught him to fully control his stutter. Before, he used to constantly stutter but now he only does so when pressured or nervous.

Of course, his older brother soon became jealous when he heard of Felix's luck and demanded to become a groom himself, getting several interesting brides but never quite hitting his younger brother's numbers. He even tried to bury the hatchet from their youth, but Felix was uninterested. He severed their ties and believed he was in the right for it. He didn't want anything to do with his older brother ever again.

A few more months has passed since then and while Felix is nowhere near becoming the cocky womanizer his older brother is, he's become a lot different from when he first became a groom. He's thankful he finally has a spine, but is also worried about losing more of his innocence.

Important Miscellaneous Information: He's the nephew of one of the other grooms; Logan Wrenninford, his father's older brother.
He knows how to play the trumpet fairly well. He practices a lot.
He loves pumpkin pie with spices and whipped cream on top and strawberry milk. They always cheer him up when he's down.
His two favorite colors are blue and green.
He wants to try learning how to play tennis.
The most important thing to him is his First Wife.

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Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛ wrote: "
Full Name: Felix Alexander Wrenninford

Age: Seventeen
Born Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Felix is 5'2 and still embarrassed about his height, tho..."

Approved! :) LOVE HIM as usual. <3 He's adorable!

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