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--✧ ơƖƖıɛ (aureate-dewdrops) It depends on my vision that day. I have an eye disease so y’know.

--✧ ơƖƖıɛ (aureate-dewdrops) Why? I was born with it. I’d rather have it than one of my siblings.

--✧ ơƖƖıɛ (aureate-dewdrops) It affects everything but I still draw and read. It’s whatever.

message 4: by Lillyyy, Bookish Immortal (new)

Lillyyy | 5515 comments I definitely like ebooks better. With audiobooks I find it hard to listen to and concentrate on it. I do like to listen to an audiobook every once and a while though.

A Reading Disaster | 27 comments I also perfer Ebooks, the whole reason i got into reading again was because I was always, and I truely meen always, ask my screen time, reading fanfic about my favo fantasy show. I always get distracted when I’m listening to audiobooks

message 6: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy | 266 comments I feel like it depends on the book,because sometimes I get really annoyed by the narrarators voice in an audiobook but I like ebooks when I go travelling and stuff

☀︎El In Oz☀︎ (elinoz) E book for me. Audiobooks always annoy me bc the voices don’t sound how I imagine them and when there’s no full cast I feel you don’t get a full experience. Plus, it’s hard to focus on audiobooks for me, I prefer to see the words.

message 8: by Cat (new)

Cat Carstairs | 138 comments The couple of times I've tried to listen to an audiobook, I either get bored or distracted. Though I love physical books more, I've read a couple of ebooks and the experience isn't too bad. I actually read faster on ebook.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

yeah adioubooks. i can't concentrate with them. i need to listen to music, so i can't really do that with an adioubook. plus i just like to read. not hear.

message 10: by Starrisa (new)

Starrisa | 4 comments I prefer ebooks. I seldom read (or hear) audiobooks so I can't really "critic" it, but I like how we can transport ebooks everywhere and literally read it anywhere. But I still prefer hardcopy (though it's harder to obtain them due to covid-19..) Stay safe everyone!

message 11: by Srujan (new)

Srujan (srujanreads) | 422 comments I have never tried audio books. So I prefer Ebooks. But only Kindle. I usually don't read PDF because I have a large spectacle number. But I want to try audio book once.😊

message 12: by Breslynn (new)

Breslynn I like them both I listen to audiobooks more then I do Ebooks though

message 13: by Party Poison (new)

Party Poison (certifiedkilljoy) | 160 comments I hate both, but if I had to choose, I’d pick ebooks. I don’t like having books read to me. I find listening to someone else read the book makes it hard for me to picture the characters and I only like hearing the books in my voice, in my head. And if I told you why I hate ebooks, I’d be here all day.

message 14: by Mathea (new)

Mathea | 86 comments I like both ebooks and audiobooks, but I prefer physical books

message 15: by Breslynn (new)

Breslynn yes same here

*·˚elizabeth*·˚  | 490 comments Mathea wrote: "I like both ebooks and audiobooks, but I prefer physical books"


message 17: by urmom (new)

urmom (urmomreadsbooks) | 466 comments i've never even listened to exclusively audio for a book haha. if there's audio, then i'm also reading the physical thing. i much prefer eBooks lol (but physical books are far superior haha)

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) | 49 comments I don’t really mind tbh 😁👌

message 19: by Lillyyy, Bookish Immortal (new)

Lillyyy | 5515 comments Yes the magical power of EBooks. So much better than audio books.

message 20: by Maddie (new)

Maddie Stumbo | 2 comments I personally like audiobooks because I can listen to the book while I do chores and things, but ebooks arent bad

daughterofathenacarli | 63 comments I probably like audiobooks better than ebooks, because ebooks hurt my eyes if I stare at them too long. I really just prefer regular paperback and hardcover books tho.

message 22: by Lillyyy, Bookish Immortal (new)

Lillyyy | 5515 comments You guys are making me so sad

daughterofathenacarli | 63 comments Why?

message 24: by Juuso (new)

Juuso | 175 comments ebook, for sure!

message 25: by shea (new)

shea I like audiobooks better! But, ebooks are pretty awesome too.

message 26: by Shubham (new)

Shubham Raj (memberofspew) | 268 comments I mostly read on my Kindle, so I prefer e-books more.

message 27: by Zoe (new)

Zoe (Book Hooked) Audiobooks

message 28: by shea (new)

shea 😊

message 29: by Joyce (new)

Joyce | 285 comments audiobooks for me! :)

message 30: by amia (new)

amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) audiobook because i’m blind as fudge

message 31: by Sanna (new)

Sanna Anderson (sanna_elizabeth_anderson) | -7 comments I've never listened to an audiobook, but I pretty much despise e-books because it feels so lifeless in my hand. Does that make sense? Regular books almost come to life in my hand when I hold them. They feel like living, breathing things. So, I think I'm going to have to go with audiobooks. I think it would helpful to listen to the audiobook while reading a regualr copy of it, especially when annotating. But, these are just opinions, right?

message 32: by shea (new)

shea I agree. I mean, I still love listening to audiobooks and reading ebooks, but as you said it feels life less. And-they don’t smell like books. :(

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

I really tend to zone out while listening to audiobooks, but I'm trying to get better at that, so I can read while I'm doing other stuff. As for E-books, I like reading on my Kindle a lot, it's awesome. But a book has to have an ugly cover or be significantly cheaper on my kindle to qualify. Nothing satisfies me more than my bookcases. NOTHING.

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Mel wrote: "Both!

E-books are really cheap, and audio books help me read quicker and i listen to them while doing random stuff (puzzles, cleaning, etc.)"

Sammeeee. I just wish I could listen to audiobooks without zoning out

message 35: by shea (new)

shea Yeah, lol

message 36: by Balu (new)

Balu (balu_reader) Ebook works better with me.

message 37: by shea (new)

shea Yeah, I can see that. I always like reading an audiobook and an ebook at the same! So when I’m drawing I can listen, or even if I’m just eating lol. But then when i have time i can read. I don’t know if that makes any sense haha.

message 38: by shea (new)

shea Aww yay!

message 39: by Shawna (new)

Shawna :) (sugoishawn) | 195 comments I prefer eBooks, but I got a concussion recently and all I could do was listen to audiobooks while I was recovering, so I sort of like audiobooks now

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