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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA / NA book about a young woman struggling with a relationship and maternal issues

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Emily | 1 comments I’m very new to this and although I read through the rules, please let me know if I had done anything incorrectly!
This book was read to my fifth grade class by our teacher week-by-week around 2010-2011, so it was definitely appropriate enough for 10-year-olds. The most I can remember about the plot was that it was about a young woman, either in her late teens or early twenties, struggling in a working class job (a waitress I believe). She was also dealing with struggles within a relationship (with a man) as well as struggles in her maternal relationship. Her maternal figure was either an absent mother and/or a former foster/adoptive mother. I believe that she also lived in a trailer home.
If this helps, I think that the cover also used road signs for the book’s title!
I wish I could remember more info, but it’s been roughly ten years and I was in elementary school. Any help at all would be amazing! Thank you!!

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