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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Historical Romance: Heroine escapes marriage by becoming a courtesan. Trained by masked man who ends up being her betrothed.

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message 1: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa Lovett Wilburn | 1 comments I, for the life of me, cannot remember the title of a historical romance novel I read a few years ago. 🔥 I let someone borrow it and it never came home. 😩

Anyway...the plot from what I can remember was something along the lines of...

Heroine was being forced to marry or betrothed to someone she didn't want to marry. She decides to rebel and become a courtesan, being trained in the "art" by a masked man. At the end of the book, we learn that the masked man was her betrothed all along. 🦸🏼‍♂️

It 👏🏻was 👏🏻SO 👏🏻GOOD👏🏻. 📚 Anyone know the title and/or author? All of my searches aren't yielding anything.

I'm dying to read it again. 💕

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy Diaz | 224 comments I’m dying to read this too

message 3: by JennyG (new)

JennyG | 541 comments Do you remember the book cover?

message 4: by Anne (last edited May 14, 2020 06:14PM) (new)

Anne | 96 comments https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/1...

Maybe you will have some luck finding your book with this list?

Good luck

message 6: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn (kalariah) | 5 comments I own that book! But it’s somewhere in my garage in a box and I don’t remember the title.




It’s about a frumpy girl who re-encounters former crush while doing research on town founders. She discovers a hidden journal telling of Very Proper Founder’s wild sex life before moving from England to America. Modern girl dolls herself up and takes inspiration from the journal to catch her man.

I will look in my garage tomorrow and see if I can find it.

message 8: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (innocent_sweetiepie) | 52 comments Maybe try this one too???


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