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UNSOLVED: One specific book > classic SF: young person answers ad for adventure and is mindswapped into old dying body

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message 1: by Geert (new)

Geert Wilms | 2 comments read in 70s/80s. Classic Science Fiction novella about bored young person who answers ad promising adventure and wakes up in body of terminally ill man (who gets his body). He tries to undo all the wrongs of the former host. Book mentions interstellar space travel towards end.

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Kris | 32073 comments Mod
Geert, do the young man(?) and the dying man both live on Earth?
Chieftain of Andor (1976) by Andrew J. Offutt turned up while searching, but one man's mind is dying (his body is sound) and he lives on another planet.

What does the advertisement promise? Who does the young man think he's mind-swapping with?

message 3: by Geert (new)

Geert Wilms | 2 comments yes, both on earth. Not 100% sure if the old man is dying; he is a rich industrialist, alienates his family and friends, plunders company funds to get a mindswap.

The advertisement is vague, promises adventure. The book starts in a cafe where 3 friends regularly gather. 1 has answered the ad and disappears; when they see him again he doesn't seem to recognize them (has been mindswapped). Main character also answers ad and doesn't realize consequences until he wakes up in new body. His character is quite different from the old selfish host and he tries to turn things around. I don't remember if he gets his old body back in the end.

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