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message 1: by Mollie (new)

Mollie Hunt Reading the post about Shirley Rousseau Murphy made me think of the Cat Writers' Association, of which she is a long time member. Did you know that CWA has a comprehensive list of their members' books?

By author and title:

By category:

I hope you find some new reading material there.

message 2: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Gee | 9 comments Hi All - I have a manuscript I wrote and would love for you all to test read if interested! It is indeed a cat story.

I would say the genre is New Adult / Literary Fiction.

The story is called "Immortal Cat".

IMMORTAL CAT is the exact story you’d expect the ultimate search for immortality to be: a man-boy trying to save his dying cat. In the not too distant future, wealth gaps will rise while cancer will remain a constant, so when a mentally unstable Billy Luck finds out his emotional support cat Toro gets cancer, he will do everything he can to save his best friend. Billy feels his own death nearing by relapsing into suicidal tendencies without his best friend. Armed only with the internet at his disposal, Billy will go deeper and deeper beneath the surface of the web world looking for solutions. He will discover that some places down there have teeth.

If the story sounds interesting to you please do comment or message me!

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