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stephanie | 1341 comments Mod
This is probably some book somewhere, but this thread is what you think, why you think what you think, and what do you think should and could happen. Actually just say what you want to say,,,its a best way to a good prospective on what others think.....I will come back in a few hours after taking my mother out for a walk for exercises, and come back at you on what my mind says...

message 2: by Chris (last edited May 13, 2020 05:27PM) (new)

Chris | 676 comments What I think about this is it is all Bullshit. I say it's the flu on steroids. Dr. Fasci and some politicians say we should stay closed until a vaccine is out. Hmmm wonder why but the biggest question is who the hell is Bill Gates to say it's the right thing to do.

My part of PA tentative date to open now is June 4th. My sister and niece work at CHOP in Philadelphia granted it's a children's hospital but they also have many friends that work in the medical field who have gotten pink slips in and around Philly and the hospitals are empty. There have been so many nurses and staff laid off in the hospitals. To me it's all political so more people will rely on the gov't to take care of them. Small businesses are not going to be around if this goes on much longer but the big ones will be and I'm not going to say the reason why. These politicians are telling us what to do they don't have to worry b/c they have a guaranteed check every week what about us. Who are going to pay our bills. Funny the governors of certain states don't practice what they preach do as I say not as I do. Have you noticed that they are perfectly groomed. One shoe doesn't fit all. This is a free country and all our rights are being taken away and that is what pisses me off the most.

My daughter is an essential worker and she worries about me every day she comes home. I keep telling her that when my number is up it's up.

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stephanie | 1341 comments Mod
Well sit back Chris, because my post will be a long one. I think something else is going on, I really do. First of all, they said that this virus came from China area, okay, I get that, and just how, by someone eating meat and not washing their hands, or sending us food that should have been pig and we got a slice of a rotten bat. They aren't really saying how it actually came. Now we all know that we don't all eat the same, I know that over-seas, they eat other things, like wild creatures, and if that's so, then just what and how did this occur? So now we have something here, and now we are wearing a mask, and this is what I don't get Is this in the air, or in someone's spit? So why is it that alot of folks are wearing these masks in the Park?
Now that we know that all of our stuff is made over seas, then what are we doing now? China makes 99.9999999 of all the stuff we use, and now things should change,, or are they? I don't get how America has to wait for masks, and this PPE stuff. I think America shoots their own-self in the foot on alot of these issues on whats going on. Did you know that if you die, and you die of Cancer, and then they test you, and they find out that you have the virus, they list the virus down on the death certificate? Found this out today,,wow, go in the hospital and pass on a broken leg with a broken vein, and then find a spit of virus, and your dead of the virus. China is being sued by many here in America. And from what I gather, Trump wants the debt cleared because of what happened. Now I don;t know if that will work. Colorado is on the list to sue, so your's is next. New York is number 1,,,Then comes the masks that you use to pay say 19.99 for a box of 100, now they sell 10 for about hiking stuff up, now it's the grocery that is getting hit hard. Toilet paper was the funny thing, I have a stock in the garage, because when I go to Costco, I usually just grab the big bundle and throw it in the garage, but this Doctor Falchi said that this fall is going to be worse, so I am stocking up on meds, like cold meds, and then alcohol from the liquor store because you can make your own medicine with hard core liquor. Grab some bandages and cleaning cuts and bruises stuff, and I have my own little shop going. I don't think the government is telling us alot, I really don't. We have a President who thinks he is a Doctor. And what is up with the scarf doctor, Brix, or whatever her name is. I wonder if she got bit by a vampire, heck I never seen her neck, have you?...They keep saying that the black folks and the hispanic folks are getting hit the hardest, so why isn't there a Medical Van set up in that community and start testing? And it was on the news that if there wasn't the virus, the same amount of folks who have died in our state is about the same as if there was shootings, killings, and drug over-dose and many other ways that folks die without the virus going on. I watch these White House briefings, and some are just off the chart. The other day Trump got mad at this Asian journalist, and then he walked off. Man, I cracked up because Trump don't like you, he sure shows it, lips poked out and his hair flies up.

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Chris | 676 comments I am trying not to be political. The biggest percentage of deaths are happening in nursing homes and where do some states send the elderly back to. Also the count is off because if a person got hit by a car and died from internal injuries but had covid antibodies it would be listed as a covid death and that is bc hospitals get more money for a covid death than an accident death. It has also been written that most of the people have been diagnosed and died from Covid had underlying conditions, diabetes, obesity, COPD etc. There are videos taken down where medical doctors are saying that it is not as bad as the media is making it out to be. I just watched a video taken of a doctor in front of a CA Hospital and he said that it is not a deal breaker people should go about their lives guess what, they took that video down. A politician is telling people not to go back to work on twitter and another person says people should go about their daily lives and she got banned from twitter. Take the Ebola VIrus that happen in 2010 lot of ppl died from it but not a word in the news. Not a word in the news about how many people die each year from the flu. There is a county in CA that never was locked down b/c Sheriff won't enforce there are hardly any deaths in their county. Gov't shouldn't tell people what to. Our gov't is way too big and there are too many big mouths. Yes I am glad we got a stimulus check but I personally know a person that filed for unemployment and he is making more now then when he was working. You have to agree with me that a person shouldn't make more sitting at home than the people that are working. Don't want his bill when he files his taxes at end of year. Just this morning rec'd an email from work saying that a co-worker's sister has it but guess what she had it in February or March so the antibodies were in her. It is the MEDIA that is sending out the PANIC

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stephanie | 1341 comments Mod
I don't mind folks who are getting over on extra income for awhile, because 9x out of 10, these are underpaid black and brown folks who are below the government poverty line from the get-go. We all know that they don't have the same wages as many others, so I can care less about that money, heck, we owe it to them. No one says a word about the bail outs that we have given to the CEO's and the airlines. Every time there is a bail out, somehow the airlines get involved, and yet they bump up their ticket prices. I am still waiting on my stimulus check, heck I must be on the crap list of someone. I sure would like to see Trumps taxes, and why he was soooo invested in that one drug that didn't pass the pee-test..

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Chris | 676 comments I don't know if you know this or not but a lot of the CEO's of the larger companies resigned right before the break out and their benefit packages could pay for a 3rd world company. Did you know that only 9 of the 10 richest people want this lockdown to last longer. Also Florida and Ohio who lifted their lockdown completely have had no spike in deaths compared to what certain people are saying will happen. Wonder what will happen in Wisconsin since they opened up their restaurants. Look at Sweden I think it was no lock downs at all and they faired way better than Italy, Germany, Belgium, etc.

The people that work at low paying jobs now are suppose to be for high school and college kids not a job to raise a family on. The percentage of people in the country who have died from Covid is ,03% but certain people are saying it will be between 1-2m which is .33-.67%. Think their numbers are off a bit.

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stephanie | 1341 comments Mod
Stock Market folks received a bail out, it seems that alot get bailed out for some reason or another. Many folks are doing these low budget jobs, and they have no choice. I am happy that they get a hand up just like the rest of the others. We are partial opened, and I just went to JoAnn's, and they had a line, only take so many, and its 1 employee to 3 customers...Many employees are not working. I need to go to the hairl salon, need a neck trim, so I am SO happy they are open...I heard that Oprah is thinking about doing a Telethon, which means that she wants folks who have limited funds to no funds, to give to folks who have limited funds, or no funds. Makes no sense. What she should do is what Lady GAGA did, and called all her rich friends and asked for some $$$

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Chris | 676 comments Stephanie don't you know buy now that it is people like you and me that give the most money to the less fortunate. Most of the people that have tons of money give hardly anything to the less fortunate. I don't do holidays anymore but since I don't I go to my church and give a complete meal along with a few other things to my pastor to give to a family in need I always ask how many people it is so that I get the right size turkey b/c turkey always taste better when everyone leaves.

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Chris | 676 comments I really wish some politicians would STFU on Covid.

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stephanie | 1341 comments Mod
Over the weekend there was a HUGE rally at the capital, Folks are getting really fed-up.

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Chris | 676 comments stephanie wrote: "Over the weekend there was a HUGE rally at the capital, Folks are getting really fed-up."

The reason for that is because people want to go back to work. I don't know about you but 1 of my favorite restaurants is really on the edge and may not be back b/c of this. We had our little protest at the capital last week or the week before. Things are starting to take an ugly turn. My governor actually said if you re-open I will cut off all your funding.

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stephanie | 1341 comments Mod
Many issues regarding this whole shut-down deal. Restaurants here are hurting more so than anybody else. We have been trying to take-out at least once a week at different places just to keep the $ in our community, and then go out once a week to King Soopers for medicine or groceries. Mayor Polis may not be re-elected because he has made many folks highly upset. I think it should have been no more than a 30 day shut down, and then re-open, and use the No Mask, No Service,,,Folks should be cautious on going anywhere. This virus will not go away anytime soon, and yet we have to have business's open so that we can get this country back on track. This whole thing with this shut-down has made folks more upset than anything else.

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