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Men Blazers (meninblazers) | 26 comments Mod
"A magnificent read. A darkly comic novel about a single miserable day in the life of a flailing middle-aged failed academic who drives a fraying town car for a ramshackle taxi company operating on the outskirts of a north Mississippi college town among the trailer parks and housing projects. The narrator reads Buddhism and worships Shakespeare and Bill Hicks as he drives desperado after desperado downtown all while desperately trying to hold his life together. The author himself was a struggling writer who drove a cab for a long time. And to me, he has written a masterpiece of the human condition and a temperature check for America. This book is best described as the finest novel Irvine Welsh has written in a long time if Irvine Welsh was an American. It is a dark pleasure, and let's face it, we all need dark pleasure right now. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

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Also, check out this book via the baldmart link below:

Valerie | 10 comments It’s on my list.

Binky Marsh | 1 comments Dark sad comedy. Quick good read.

Valerie | 10 comments I can relate.

Beth | 6 comments I put this book on my list immediately after Rog recommended it on the show, but it took forever to find an ebook to check out. It's a quick read, one that grips you pretty quickly and easily, allowing you to get immersed in the story immediately. I found the book simultaneously sad and funny, riding the line between bleak and humorous in way that's clear the author has "gone through a few things." Perhaps not. Perhaps he's led a blissful life and has an active imagination that I can only envy. Regardless, I found this to be a very solid read, where you connect with the characters while simultaneously being repulsed. Seems an odd way to recommend a book, but I definitely appreciated the line the author straddled in writing the book. Would definitely check out more books by him.

Geoff Nelson | 1 comments LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. Thank you for the recommendation, Rog. Devoured it in 1 day. Such an interesting mixture of things -- of characters, of stories, of sillyness, of sadness. Each chapter stands almost on its own as a short story, but the novel's through-line is an intriguing engine that pulls you along and weaves the stories together. I literally laughed out loud during some of the darker moments that the author accented with humor, not unlike life.

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