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message 1: by geoflame || inactive :(, Camp Director (new)

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 312 comments Mod
So I've been a bit inactive recently and i've realized that i need a second mod

things a second mode can/should do:
-answer questions about characters or the rp in general
-approve characters IF it's been at least 2 days since the character was submitted and they follow all the requirements (if the character originally didn't follow requirements and then was edited, mods should wait until at least two days after the first time the character fit requirements)
-monitor topics to make sure people are following the rules and to call people out when they break the rules
-de-escalate conflict
-roleplay as Chiron

things the mods can't/shouldn't do:
-approve a character that breaks the rules
-ban/kick people from the rp
-delete other people's comments (unless they contain slurs or encourage illegal activity other than civil disobedience)
-make new rules
-edit the description of the group
-facilitate capture the flag {{which is Friday in-game btw}}
-abuse their ability to roleplay as Chiron

the application should be as follows
Time Zone:
Your Conflict De-Escalation Strategy:
Prior Engagements: (exams, a job, family problems, etc.)
Availability: (how often you get on Goodreads and things that could stop you from getting on)

message 2: by (new)

​ (dragomania) | 176 comments the application should be as follows
Alias/Name: Drago
Time Zone: EST
Your Conflict De-Escalation Strategy: try to find the root, explain any misunderstandings that may have caused the conflict. If the conflict is not based off anything in this group or is just a conflict of ideas I would recommend they (the people the conflict is between) take it (the conflict) to PM
Prior Engagements: family, I probably won't put this in front of goodreads but I do have homework and I need to work on it occasionally.
Availability: whenever I'm not sleeping, eating, doing something with my family or dog.
Other: If there is any competition for being a secondary mod I'm out

dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) Alias/Name: Dagger/Potatos
Time Zone: EST
Your Conflict De-Escalation Strategy: Don't pick a side, just remain neutral and try to calm everybody down.
Prior Engagements: Homework, Marvel movies, books
Availability: Roughly six hours per day, starting at eight am, although sometimes I get on late.

message 4: by amia (new)

amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) Alias: Lemon Girl
Time Zone: PST
Conflict De-Escalation Strategy: talk to people asking what’s the problem and getting them to work things out
Prior Engagements: school, family time, piano, reading
Availability: I’m on and off but I’m usually active around 3-5 PM PST

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