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My Novel's Description...opinions?

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TJP Lewis | 2 comments A Fairy...

I am Rhian and Annwn is my home. In the near future, a Texan will be born. To save my world, I must become a human. I know this because of the Cauldron of Divination and Rebirth.

Travis the Texan...

Rolling along, life is good, then bam everything goes sideways. Yep, there I was just a dude and his horse the summer I turned seventeen. Out of nowhere, I’m caught between two girls and not in a, “This is awesome,” kind of way. To add to my troubles, I discovered that monsters exist and I’m one of them. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a crazy Russian jumps into the fiesta. A kidnap later along with a couple of near death experiences and now you know what my summer was like.

A Prophecy…

The future is fluid with few outcomes to epic events as the cosmos plays its game of chess.
A teenaged cowboy will live an ordinary life unaware of his paranormal nature until in the course of a few short months he gains the mystic power to destroy them all. Benevolent monarch or a terrible tyrant, the youth will walk a knife's edge but which way will he fall. The source of his mystical might is not foretold. What is clear, Rhian must cross time & space to have any hope of saving all she has known.

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TJP Lewis | 2 comments I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on the description. How does this sound?

“A prophecy-a cowboy will face a crossroad. His future and the fate of two worlds hang in the balance. To tip the scales-a fairy must leave her home in Annwn. Travis the Texan will live an ordinary life—unaware of his paranormal nature. However, in the course of a summer, he will gain the mystical power to destroy them all. How he will use this enchantment remains to be seen.”

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