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message 1: by Polly (new)

Polly | 6 comments Hi, I'm a book lover looking to help out any author that needs reviews. I have a lot of spare time at the moment, usually stick to the same style of books and series, but wanting to adventure into new genres.

I'd be happy to read your synopsis and go from there.

Thank you so much,

message 2: by Ray (new)

Ray Litt | 14 comments Hi, Paulina! We just launched the second in the Dark Water series, and I'm in need of reviews. This is a fast-paced YA with elements of fantasy and horror. Some foul language, reference to drugs and sex. Nothing explicit. If you're interested, I'd love to gift you kindle copies of both.

Blurb for the first, Westward to Strange:

At the Salerna Beach drum circle, Lu meets Jake, a handsome addition to her brother's typically wayward social sphere. He's a college kid--a refreshing reprieve from high-school mundanity--and he's undeniably interested in Lu. And Lu is interested in him. But try as she might, she can't clear her mind long enough to enjoy it. She can't stop thinking about the kid in the cove.

On her way to the drum circle, Lu stopped to help a boy caught in the rough waves between the cove jetties. She was lucky to see him. It's dangerous there during the day; to swim there at night is practical suicide. But after a chilling conversation, she finds the boy isn't in as much trouble as she thought. And their meeting does more than prevent Lu from nurturing a new crush. It casts her into a whirlwind investigation of coastal urban legends--one in particular that seems eerily tied to her own family.

Family skeletons are a funny thing. They can quickly turn a sleepy beach existence into an existential nightmare. Lu's once loving relationship with the water becomes confusing. Primal. She loses patches of time. She has vivid nightmares. She has a fallout with her closest friend and becomes obsessed with a mysterious newcomer. Soon she finds herself wondering if there isn’t something more to these legends. If, in fact, her life depends on how quickly she can unravel the age-old mysteries of the dark water.

First in the Dark Water series, Litt’s tale—carried on the backs of a funny cast and enchanting setting—is a thrilling trip into the mesmerizing arena of mermaid mythology.

Continue the adventure with To Each Her Own, available on Amazon

Visit Ray's site to learn more about the author.

message 3: by Mill (new)

Mill Woods | 23 comments Hi Paulina. If you are interrested, I have a book which is is due to release on May 17, 2020 (this Sunday). It's a thriller / mystery novella named "Orb of Wonders" - here's a short description:


A man awakes next to three dead bodies, with no memories of who or where he is. Surrounded by strange monuments and golden artifacts, he hides from a creature searching for him in the dark. A whispering calls from his pocket, and he picks up the glowing whisperer; An extraordinary orb claiming to be his friend.

While attempting to escape, the man, Christian have dreams informing what he believes to be the past. He remembers his daughter, knowing that she needs him, like he recalls devastation greater than himself. He urges to escape - which will only be possible with support from the orb. But is the orb truly a friend?
In the end, is the world even like Christian believes it to be?

Orb of Wonders is an emotional thriller, filled with mystery and eye-opening philosophy. Follow Christian on his journey through time, encountering wondrous creatures and hidden secrets destroying the world as we speak.

Let me know if this is for you, whether it's just taking a look or ending in reviewing it, and I will send you a copy. I can provide most formats (pdf, Mobi, ePub, etc.).

Have a great day :-)


message 4: by Zita (new)

Zita Harrison | 38 comments Hi, I'm writing a Gothic thriller trilogy called Owl Manor and need reviews for book 1, Owl Manor - the Dawning.

Sometimes the tide sweeps us into a fog where dark forces are at work…all of a sudden evil and good become blurred…

Powerless and defenseless, we swim toward it, and wonder if we’re going mad.

Stifled by the repression of women in the 1800s, trapped in a loveless marriage, Eva lives a life of dissatisfaction and frustration. The tide sweeps her to the Rocky Mountains during the gold rush in 1859, where she finds unexpected hope at Owl Manor, a strange, dark place with owls in the very fabric of its walls.

But the stakes are perilous. Shadows wander the dim corridors. The owner of the manor is moody, volatile, annoying. And unforgettable.

Owl Manor – the Dawning, the first standalone book in a trilogy of Gothic Suspense novels, is inspired by authors such as Daphne du Maurier (Jamaica Inn, Rebecca), Carlos Ruiz Zafon (Marina, Shadow of the Wind), Shirley Jackson (The Haunting of Hill House).

Filled with Poe-esque atmosphere, dark desires and supernatural elements, this book is a must read for fans of Gothic Suspense.

Thanks for the offer!

Zita Harrison

message 5: by Polly (new)

Polly | 6 comments Mill wrote: "Hi Paulina. If you are interrested, I have a book which is is due to release on May 17, 2020 (this Sunday). It's a thriller / mystery novella named "Orb of Wonders" - here's a short description:


Hi, this is the kind of book I've been looking to read. I'd be more than happy to read the novella and review it for you. The best format for me is pdf.

Thank you,

message 6: by Polly (new)

Polly | 6 comments Zita wrote: "Hi, I'm writing a Gothic thriller trilogy called Owl Manor and need reviews for book 1, Owl Manor - the Dawning.

Sometimes the tide..."

This sounds like something I'd love, I love reading books set in the 19th century, I'd love to read your book and review it afterwards :)

message 7: by Zita (new)

Zita Harrison | 38 comments Hi, Paulina. Can you give me your email address to send my book, Owl Manor to?


message 8: by Astralia (new)

Astralia Dik | 16 comments Hello.
I'm a new self-published author and I want to present you my book "Mystics".
It's a 1st part of Facets of the Soul Series that's about soul development. It's a paranormal fiction, mystical and psychological thriller. Also it's a dystopian describing pre-apocalypse.

There is absolute darkness. The world will end soon. No one will survive. Everything will be absorbed by Abyss. Mary is the only one who can save the whole world but she doesn't know about her destiny. She tries to find her vocation among another's life and memory but she's destined to find herself only through her soul.

If you want to review my book you can get a free ARC through link or I can send a free copy on your email. Thanks for your support

message 9: by Polly (new)

Polly | 6 comments Zita wrote: "Hi, Paulina. Can you give me your email address to send my book, Owl Manor to?


Yeah, of course. My email is


message 10: by Dave (new)

Dave Williams | 98 comments Hello Paulina. I'm Dave J. Williams, author of the Medieval fantasy Sineria: The Great Kingdom and its sequel Sineria: Age of War. I'm hoping to get some reviews for Age of War since The Great Kingdom has a few, so I'll post the synopsis for that.

Eight years have passed since the mad wizard, Kraydon, attacked Sineria. Hayden, now a young adult living in a castle near two of his best friends, soon finds out things aren't easy for even the best of Sinerians. When an insane warlord threatens to wipe Sineria and all other kingdoms off the map with her infamous and feared army, Sineria finds only one way to protect themselves: war. However, a fight for a kingdom isn't easy, especially when a mysterious, endangered, titanic dragon rampaging throughout eastern Europe threatens the existence of all living things, adding to the worries. Hayden, struggling internally to mature and become a young adult while dealing with a powerful army and their dragon, finds himself in a world he never could imagine. His only options: listen to the king like a mature adult and hide out until the war is over, or unleash his inner warrior from eight years ago to attempt to take down the immense threats. One option will determine the fate of Sineria and all other kingdoms.

If you'd rather review the first book, I can email that one, as well as the sequel, as a .pdf. Thank you.

message 11: by Dakota (new)

Dakota Duncan | 12 comments I write “slightly spooky” chapter books for kids 7-11. They are short (~10K words), fun reads.

Liz and Toby are having a great evening until their dog, Fred, gets loose and runs directly to most haunted location. They are determined to get Fred back, even if it means going into the creepy, old haunted house. What is it about the place that makes Fred so interested in getting in? Could it be the same thing that Liz and Toby fear will never let them out?

About the Liz & Toby Adventure Series
Liz and Toby are a sister and brother who love exploring the world around them and are always seeking new adventures. Liz is really smart and would do anything to keep her family members, even the furry ones, safe. Toby is very athletic and also passionate about their pets. Could their love of animals be attracting strange things into their lives? Until recently, Liz thought stories about ghosts and vampires were just made up to scare people, but with what she and Toby have seen lately, it might be that those stories are real!

Join Liz, Toby, their two moms, Melissa and Kim, their dog, Fred, and their cat, Sam for fun-filled, slightly spooky adventures in their hometown of Pinewood and in all the exciting places to which they travel.

Let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for your consideration.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

hi dakota ! I would be interested.
my blog- https://thecosycorner1788007.wordpres...
email -

message 13: by Ali (new)

Ali Ashraf | 14 comments Hi, Paulina.

I am a poet giving away my poetry collection; The Rosary of Love, free for reviews. The book (poetry collection) is in Kindle Ebook format. The poetry collection is about love and includes one hundred and one love poems.

Kindly, read and leave your review after reading. Following is the link to the book:

Kind Regards,
Ali Ashraf.

message 14: by Polly (new)

Polly | 6 comments Dave wrote: "Hello Paulina. I'm Dave J. Williams, author of the Medieval fantasy Sineria: The Great Kingdom and its sequel Sineria: Age of War. I'm hoping to get some reviews for Age of War since The Great King..."

I'd be interested to review both of yours books, since this is a series I feel that it is important to read the first book to learn about the world and meet the characters. My email is , I'll be really grateful if you send me a pdf of both books to review.


message 15: by Elie (new)

Elie N. Azar (elienazar) | 27 comments If you are into poetry, photography and illustrative sketches, then this book is the right pick for you.

My poems are based on personal life experiences dating between 2016-2018.

The book is available on Kindle Unlimited and Select.

I hope to have your support.

Amazon Int:

Scribbles of the mind

message 16: by Global (new)

Global Publishing Group (globalpublishinggroup) | 11 comments Polly wrote: "Hi, I'm a book lover looking to help out any author that needs reviews. I have a lot of spare time at the moment, usually stick to the same style of books and series, but wanting to adventure into ..."

Polly ~
I represent several authors with upcoming releases and would love the opportunity to send you the ARCs for your honest review. Please let me know if you are still reviewing ARC copies and if there is an email where I can send them to you.
Thank you for your time.
~Susan Claridge - Publishing Editor - Global Publishing Group

message 17: by Alex (new)

Alex Robins | 17 comments Hi Paulina!

I would love to find some kind soul to review my debut epic fantasy novel, The Broken Heart of Arelium

It's a fast-paced, action-packed fantasy tale with compelling characters and hidden mysteries.

You can get in touch via DM or email :

epub and pdf available.

Here's the blurb :

Some Things Must Never Be Forgotten
Over 400 years ago, twelve great warriors united the beleaguered armies of men and scoured the war-torn lands of evil, pushing the enemy back into the underground pits and caverns from whence they came. To ensure their legacy, each of the Twelve founded fortress monasteries to impart their unique knowledge of war and politics to a select few, the Knights of the Twelve.
But now the last of the Twelve have long since passed from history to legend and the Knights, their numbers dwindling, are harbouring a dark and terrible secret that must be protected at all costs.
Merad Reed has spent half his life guarding a great crater known as the Pit, yearning for some escape from the bleak monotony. Then the arrival of Aldarin, one of the few remaining Knights of the Twelve, sets off a chain of cataclysmic events that will change Reed forever.
To the north, Jelaïa del Arelium, heiress to the richest of the nine Baronies, must learn to navigate the swirling political currents of her father’s court if she hopes one day to take his place. But the flickering flames of ambition hide the shadow of an even greater threat.
And deep within the earth, something is stirring.

message 18: by Chris (new)

Chris Sifniotis (chrissifniotis) | 1 comments I’m still quite new to authorship, and as a result I’m slow in things like finding willing reviewers. If it’s not trouble I’d like to submit my debut fantasy novel for review. It has been online for a month now. If you need to contact me you can send a DM and we can talk from there.

Tales of Mundus: Puppets,


It's amazing what you can find when you least expect it.

By the babbling brooks of the Great River, the halfling Ceannte finds a mysterious piece of gold hidden under the water. He quickly tries to cash in his fortune, but soon discovers an even bigger find. At the center of the world, he learns of a deeper history untold, and the golden coin he holds turns into a quest to find the others. And so begins Ceannte's quest to find the Pieces of Eight, and he starts at home.

His quest quickly takes a backseat, however, as a sudden change of heart from the Merchant Queen renders him penniless and stranded. He finds a friend, the seasoned hero Capall Beag, and their partnership leads the fisherman headfirst into a world of magic, piracy, and intrigue. In the first book of the Tales of Mundus, who controls who?

message 19: by Ashleigh (new)

Ashleigh Bonner (ashleighbonner) | 30 comments A good day to you, Polly!

the price of a beating heart book cover

Sci-fi. Dystopian. Romance.

Advance reader copies are available for THE PRICE OF A BEATING HEART.

Life and death are only a body part away—and love may cost more than they were born with.

Book reviews by November 3rd, 2021, would be wonderful.

Get a copy:


Leave a review: The Price of a Beating Heart

message 20: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Garland | 89 comments Hi Paulina,

Right now I am seeking reviews - particularly Amazon reviews, though all are welcome! - for my book The Red Grouse Tales The Red Grouse Tales (The Little Dog and Other Stories) by Leslie Garland and I’m wondering if you might be interested in reading and reviewing it.

To the blurb:-

Told in The Red Grouse Inn, the universal appeal of these four charming, very different, adult, speculative, spiritual and philosophical tales will intrigue and entertain. With beautiful and atmospheric imagery, surreal and paranormal concepts of angels, ghosts and devils, they will have you guessing, turning the pages and looking forward to the next one.

The Little Dog, a story of good and evil and retribution. Very much a coming of age story and told in the manner of all the stories in our lives, namely that we have no idea that we are ‘living in a story’ until suddenly all seems to click together. A young forester partnered with an objectionable workmate, finds a little dog way out in a remote part of the forest. What is such a cute little dog doing there? Bill, the teller of this tale, becomes a bit attached to it and looks forward to seeing it every day sitting beside the haul road. Then one day the little dog is no longer there and Bill starts to learn some dreadful truths.

The Crow, a sad, poignant story of misunderstanding, bitterness and blame. Another coming of age story but on a very different theme; that of human vanity. A young boy is taken by his mother to visit a dying and embittered old Irish priest, Mad Father Patrick, who recounts the school days and subsequent rise of a local councillor and of his involvement in the construction of a dam which flooded a valley. As the tale progresses it becomes increasingly bizarre, indeed, mad, and we finally learn why the old priest so bitter.

The Golden Tup, a dreadful tale of a young couple’s paradise being cruelly taken from them by latent evil. Can evil be in a place? A slow burning horror story; this one opens with the appalling news that a nice young couple, who had bought an old derelict farm and made it into their ‘dream home,’ had killed their own baby. How could they have done such a dreadful thing? The story, told predominantly in flash-back and with references to Milton’s Paradise Lost, charts their lives and how this horrific act came to pass.

The White Hart, a happy ghost story, if there can be such a thing! A tale of redemption told by a likeable male chauvinist, Pete, who recounts his meeting with an albino doe while out in the forest on a jog, his subsequent meeting with an enigmatic and beautiful girl at a remote chapel who tells him the sad story of the daughter of the family which built it, and a third incident …..

I usually say my stories are for adult readers because they are not ‘all action’ from page 1, and may contain some minor mention of sex and a tiny bit of bad language. However, I suspect they are very possibly suitable for a NA and even a YA readership.
Page count is 370 pages.
The book is written in UK English.

If these tales interest you and you are prepared to review them and post your review in timely manner (sorry, but I don’t want this just being added to a one mile long TBR list!) on, particularly Amazon, though all others are welcome, I will be happy to supply you with a free PDF, mobi or epub file.

Hoping that my book appeals, that you will be interested in reading and reviewing it and so looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Leslie Garland

message 21: by Trae (new)

Trae Stratton | 49 comments Hi Paulina,

If you are still open to reviews I think you might enjoy my new release, THUNDER PEAK. The story features a female protagonist and the fast-paced plot emphasizes action and adventure.

For more details and previous reviews you can find THUNDER PEAK here on Goodreads, Amazon and my website:

All interested reviewers can feel free to friend me for messaging or email me directly at

Happy Reading.

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