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message 1: by Odette (new)

Odette Brethouwer (odettebrethouwer) | 378 comments Hello,

I'd like some series to be updates with new comics. I tried to post about it before but my posts keep disappearing probable because I added to much urls in the comment section and it's marked as spam or something?

Anyway, it is about this series: and

Some new editions can be found at and There are just a couple of numbers missing after than. I own this whole series, and yesterday I made work of crosschecking all the info from my fysical copies with the info on this comic website and it all matches perfectly, so that could maybe be an option to add the last missing ones? For example this one

Also, I'm studying the librarian manual atm to become a librian, so maybe I can help adding after that as well, but I wanted to ost about it anyway because the publishers website is not complete and I could use some help with the rules about that :)

Hopefully this works, and if someone wants more url I can pot them later on, but I was affrais of a disappearing post again..

message 2: by Odette (new)

Odette Brethouwer (odettebrethouwer) | 378 comments Thanks for the suggestions! I will make a new thread about adding them. I'd love to do a lot of the work myself. I have the ability to add some books, but not to be able to make them into a series yet. I think that will come once I pass the librarian test I hope :) For now I will do with making the request here.

I viewed my comment history indeed, but this post was completely missing.. I also had this weird 'im not a robot'captcha popping up when I posted, never seen that one before, and my post still just disappeared into nothingness, so no idea what happened there. I will just do all the work again I guess :)

Thanks for the article with the allowed sources! FOr my language area I didn't knew the library calatogue, and they include those pockets I just found out so that's perfect! Thank you for all your help!

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