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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Teen YA Fantasy/Fiction Ebook about a succubus and an incubus and other magical teenagers who work together to defeat a villain

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Lebrea | 3 comments I read this book around 2015 I remember because I was about 13 reading it and I'm 17 now. I found this book on Nook when that was still a thing by searching "free books for teenage girls" or something along those lines. The book is about a teenage girl who finds out she is a succubus and is sent to a sort of camp or something with other magical teens. I think she ends up dating a werewolf there too. She also finds out that her aunt is a succubus too. At one point her aunt takes her to a bar and starts making out with men without caring that she's hurting them and burning their lips. The girl doesn't want to hurt anyone but she meets a boy at the bar and is super attracted and ends up kissing him but it doesn't hurt him. She finds out its because he's an incubus, the natural other half to a succubus. She later gets caught making out with him and almost having sex by her werewolf (?) boyfriend. I remember all of this very clearly. Another important piece was that towards the end of the book everyone finds out that the main character's girl best friend is the brother of the main villain. I believe the author was a female and the book was published in english if that helps. Please help me find this book I've been searching for YEARS. Pleaseee! I loved this book.

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Duplicate thread deleted. Please - just one thread per book.

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Lebrea | 3 comments Oops, thanks for deleting the second one

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