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Lab 6 (Watchers, #6)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Teen Horror/Sci-Fi about a boy who absorbed his twin in the womb and now the twin lives in his head. [s]

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Violet | 2 comments I seem to remember this book being part of an anthological series of equally creepy stories, but I don't remember the name of the book or the series. It was in the vein of Goosebumps but more haunting/disconcerting and much fewer books in the series, and maybe for a slightly older audience. It is in English. I definitely read it before I got to high school, so it came out before 2012 and was geared towards pre-teens. It wasn't super old, probably post-1990. The copy I read (and I think the whole series) was a black book with a green title. I know the plot may sound like The Dark Half by Stephen King, but that's not it - this book was for a younger audience.

In terms of the story, a boy (teenage-ish) discovers the concept of the vanishing twin (that one of the twin fetuses in a womb can be miscarried and then the other twin can absorb the fetal tissue). I think he maybe finds out from his mom that she originally was carrying twins but that he absorbed his twin in the womb. He starts hearing voices in his head and realizes it is his 'dead' twin whose consciousness survived but has no control over the body. The twin is maybe also evil? Through some series of events, he meets someone - possibly a mad scientist type - who is willing and able to remove his twin's consciousness from his brain. The process involves a surgery where the scientist will transfer the twin's consciousness into a cadaver so that it won't have any life force to feed off and will die. When the boy wakes up after the surgery, he is on the floor and the scientist is talking to someone else. He finally sees his body on the operating table and realizes that he was removed, rather than his evil twin and the evil twin now controls his body. But his consciousness didn't die after being removed, he is still 'alive' in the cadaver - and that's how it ends. I don't remember where it is set or what year it is set in. Don't remember any names, or what his family's involvement in all this is.

I remember tiny vague details about some other books in the series if that helps at all: one involves characters who are genetically part fish and at one point they stumble across a warehouse filled with tanks, and another is narrated by disembodied voices who can see what happens in the world but not participate, and each voice is in a different font and they converse with each other. I might be entirely wrong about this being a series and if I am you can just disregard these.

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Ayshe | 4162 comments Lab 6 maybe?

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Violet | 2 comments Ayshe wrote: "Lab 6 maybe?"
This is it, thank you so much! Solved

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