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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments Located in the Elderos mountains there is a long forgotten tomb sealing away something. The tomb is built into the Side of the mountain on a dangerous narrow path that is never traveled, for good reason. The entrance of the tomb is small, a double stone door with two pillars beside them. The top and sides of the doors are lined with ancient runes inscribing;
Hic jacet Custos Luminis. Sit conteram illam lucem ac tenebras mundi.
along the top, and down the sides writes;
Nemo potest conteram in umbra ex perpetua sigillum.
The doors seem to be sealed by ancient runes but parts have broken off over time.

jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments ((Latin! Nice!!))

It was in the middle of the night. Just like it was every night Landon went out. By nature, or perhaps preference he avoided the sun and the light.

He had been in Elderos for a few days now, spending his time stealing, or exploring (but mostly stealing). Now he really had no idea what he was doing wandering the dark as if he was going somewhere. In reality he had no idea where he was in Elderos- but instead deigned to see where his feet might lead him.

Apparently they sought a mystery. Because eventually Landon found himself in front of a mountain that was far from the city. Intrigued, he followed a narrow path that had him questioning his reckless nature, but then scolding himself for being reasonable. Clinging to the rocky walls, and relying heavily on the shadows to part the mist and guide him, the nocturnal eventually reached the end of the path.

And before him was a double door built of stone. If it was tucked away like this, then surely something important was in there.
Believing he had struck gold, Landon smirked as he approached the door before scanning the runes inscribed with mild interest. A curse? Probably. He couldn't read the dialect, but he could make out some words. Luminis was clearly light. That was good enough for him. Light usually meant that something good was behind it. He could only hope it was jewels.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments ((I love latin and ancient greek. Lyra Asteri is actually greek ahaha.))

The stone was cold and hard with the runes etched into the stone around the door, some faded and some parts around the door where cracked or even broken off. Was it cursed? Know one alive today would know. The bottom of the door and pillars grew a sort of lichen and moss, able to survive off the moisture the mist provided. But at a glance, this door seemed very very old. perhaps even older than the cities here as the language suggested.

Although by absolute chance, an event was about to happen that happened only once in every hundred years, and Landon would be the first to see it unfold.

It would have been about midnight when the mist suddenly dispersed from the mountain, leaving a clear view of the world from atop the mountain peek. The stars and moon shone brightly in the sky, the light hitting the surface of the door, its light filling the runes as they began to glow a bright silver. Suddenly, the light poured from the door down the creases of stone and flowed onto the ground beneath it, revealing runes what where not meant to be seen ordinarily outside this event. These runes read;
Lunae Lumen. Luceat. Spem.
Like a sort of spell or chant.

jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments Landon eyed the door for a moment longer as he gave himself time to analyse the mechanics behind it. It could possibly lead to a trap, but he doubted it seeing as how old the door looked. If anything it just seemed jarred shut. But was that intentional?

As if in answer, light parted above him and reflected off the door which his gaze followed to land on a new inscription. One he had missed. Lunae Lumen. Luceat. Spem. Never before had he wished he learnt Latin- but it was too late now.

Raising tentative fingers he traced the letters before pushing at the door with his hand. Then harder on his second try. He was right, it was stiff shut due to lack of use. It could have been hundreds of years old, possibly longer. Bracing both hands on the frame he summoned his powers to help him push it- and in a thought both he and wisps of darkness tried to force open the door. It budged an inch, then another. Landon could practically feel the floor beneath him shudder with his efforts. Finally, minutes later there was an earth shattering shriek as the door finally gave in and opened wide.

Panting with slight exertion he entered the tomb.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments As the door shrieked open, dust and dirt and even small rocks come loose from the ceiling and the door. A draft rises up from the darkness of the tomb. As Landon looks into the tomb, he sees black, the hallway into the tomb is pitch black and deep and long borrowing into the mountain. The walls and floor seem to have etchings across them but it is too dark to read them.

The hallway is rather long and about wide enough to fit two people shoulder to shoulder from one end to the other. Further along down the tomb there is a spiral staircase drilling deep into the mountain. The wall has runes the makes a soft light to light the way down the stairs. At the end of these stairs which seemed to take far too long to walk down there is another stone door, not sealed that opens up into a chamber the chamber lights up with white lights revealing walls covered in writing of firefly and the creation of a winged girl. The paintings and script also tells the story of this girls success across the lands in an oddly unfamiliar world but yet still knowing that it is the same country you are apart of now. There are banners hanging from the ceiling but the colour is faded and the fabric is rotted from age. The walls also depict a battle with a necromancer and the destruction of a village. At the end of the chamber on the walls the pictures depict the winged girl being sealed into a tomb in a ball of light, and finally at the opposite end of the hall there is a door with golden white light peeking through the gaps.

((Thats the description on the whole tomb till the door you can rp your way through it if you want :) ))

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jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments ((nice set up :) ))

The tomb was dark, dusty and most definitely misused. The walls and floor seem to have etchings across them but it was too dark to read them, so Landon slowly made his way into the heart of the mountain guided by the starlight as well as the lighting of some rune- but even that was beginning to be useless the deeper he went. He supposed he should have brought a candle stick at least- but he didn't have the foresight to.

He pushed past a stone door which leads him to a chamber that was lighted up. He took a few moments to readjust his eyes- so use to the darkness from not even moments before. The white lights revealed walls covered in writing and even more inscriptions he tried to understand but no matter how much he wanted to be, he couldn't suddenly become bilingual.

Landon hesitated at the door- once, but then walked down the length of the room to analyse something he could understand; pictures. A winged girl was illustrated as being sealed into a tomb in a ball of light.

He finally acknowledged the final feature of the room that had bypassed him completely. There was another door.... and golden white light seeped through.

Landon traced his finger along the ball of light in the picture as realisation hit him.

Luminos. Light. The ball of light.

It couldn't be. Was she here? In this tomb?

Curiosity and interest peaked, Landon headed through the final door.

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The door cracked open as an intense light shone through. Around the room the walls and sealing were covered in bright glowing runes and the floor around the side and back there was mountains of tarnished gold and silver coins, jewels and jewelry, rusted sets of swords, halberds, shields and armor. And finally in the center of the room floating about 15ft off the ground was a winged girl, seemingly unconscious as she floated on-point in suspended animation, her wings hanging down off her back uselessly. She was facing belly up to the ceiling and wearing heavily tarnished silver and gold armour. There was a large milky stone protruding out of the floor infront of the girl that read in common,
Here lies Lyra Asteri, daughter of Firefly and protector of light.

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The jewels were the first thing he saw. With a feline smirk gracing his lips he laughed at how much was in front of him. He had quite literally hit the jack pot.
That was until his eyes roamed to the center of the room. Floating high off the ground was a winged and seemingly unconscious girl. Like the wealth around her, she was wearing the same gold and silver but in armour.

As if entranced, Landon finally found himself in front of the girl where he read in the common tongue, 'Here lies Lyra Asteri, daughter of Firefly and protector of light.'
Lyra Asteri. Protector of light. her name and title was unfamiliar to him, and yet despite himself he felt drawn to the light that seemed to surround her. It was so at odds with his own darkness.

Without knowing why or what possessed him to do so- suddenly Landon pulled at her arm to work out what was happening.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments ((Thats fine :) Try pulling at her :P ))

jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments ((i just added it above))

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The girl, who was named Lyra floated harmlessly in the air above Landon, unconscious. The light she radiated was almost entrancing in itself, it was warm and pure...very, pure. She looked young tho, quite young, like about early 20's in human years. Her hair was a golden blonde, shoulder length and bore a small halo.

As he pulled on her he found no resistance as she floated to the ground, the light fading as she left the ball. The room was light by a soft white glow radiating from the runes and stone in the middle of the room, the girl too seemed to glow lightly with a moon like sparkle. She was still unconscious...but...breathing, something she wasnt doing whilst in animation.

Suddenly she Earth shook, as rocks fell from the ceiling. It was going to collapse. Lyra, the strange girl, opened her eyes, a stunning silvery blue colour, looked right up at the stranger in front of her, this was the first person she'd seen in over 1000 years.

"" She spoke softly, though her lips did not move. Was it inside his head?

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments ((Imma be amazed if he can get some of those gems and coins ))

jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments Landon almost jumped back when the girl came down. He was not expecting that. He watched as her figure lowered to the floor and found himself towering over her to figure out if she was alive. She was breathing which while in the bubble she hadn't been. The girl looked just like she did in that painting earlier, if anything more enchanting now that the distance between them was less.

Before he could discern anything else, the earth suddenly shook and Landon stumbled with his footing. The roof was going to collapse in on itself. He had to get out. But what about the girl? His eyes traveled back to hers shocked to see them open and very much alive. Perhaps in a different circumstance, he would have admired their silvery shine. Was he imagining her talking? Was he imagining this whole thing?

Get out of the tomb, Landon. Right. Quick as a whip he stuffed the nearest jewels in his pocket (which wasn't much, much to his displeasure) before wrapping his arms under the girls neck and hip. He almost flinched at how cold the metal was but didn't. In one pull he heaved her into his arms and sent one wistful look towards the remaining gold. Then just as more stones tumbled down he bolted out the doors- the strange girl with him.

((your low expectations of his skills wound him lol. though unfortunately i'm not planning on him keeping any ;) ))

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Lyra was still very slow to react and still quite drowsy. She looked up at the strange man who now just scooped her up and started running. She struggled a little but still feeling weak, didnt really do anything. L-let She spoke into his head again.

More rocks fell as they entered the large chamber, the room Lyra was kept before completely collapses, the jewels and wealth lost forever.

Lyra, slowly realizing whats actually going on raises her hand to his chest as a gold light flows into Landon, filling him with energy making him feel....faster?

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jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments He almost dropped her. By Izar he had almsot dropped her. In his defense he had heard her voice in his head again. Which was not normal.
Unless you are imagining Landon. You could be crazy you know.
But now was not the time for inner conflict as he ignored whatever the girl may- or may not- have been saying. Live first, consider possible mental problems later.

With that as his plan, he backtracked his earlier steps and almost tripped over himself a few times as he did so. By the time he made it to the narrow path, the crash of the chamber they were in prior echoed throughout the mountain and he couldn't help but cringe at the waste of all those jewels. Dammit. He should have stolen before he touched her. At least he had a few in his pockets.

Suddenly Landon felt a burst of energy that seemed arbitrary. He had no idea why but he felt as if he wasn't holding any weight at all. He didn't question it much as he ran faster down the narrow path- faster still as he heard and felt the shuddering of the mountain not too far behind them. It was a wave- and it was catching up despite his new speed.

He reached the first room of the cave and practically jumped towards the exit- losing his grip on the girl as he did so that she tumbled outside the exit. He however fell to the floor- jewels scattered everywhere as they dropped out of his pockets.

jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments ((save the jewels??? pfft no XD ))

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments Lyra squeezed her eyes shut as they ran, the sounds of mountain echoed passed them. She was clearly scared and shaken despite the pictures of her, seemingly strong and benevolent. Instead Landon holds a scared confused girl who looks pretty much harmless.

Suddenly she feels herself flying through the air, then falling, then thud. Landon tripped and launched the girl through the air as she crashes to the ground, rolling to a stop, her armour clanking and banging against the rock. Lyra curled into a ball, in pain and not knowing what happened, or where she is, or who he was, or even who she was? She was so lost. Within seconds of the pair leaving the tomb a massive burst of dust and small stones shoot out from deep into the mountain, then, silence.

Lyra, slowly and shakily sat up onto her side and crawled over the the stranger who has seemed to have rescued her. W-w-where am.....I? She speaks again into his mind. Her voice soft and quiet in his head.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments ((Btw she literally has the worst amnesia, like she has zero memory of anything))

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments ((Ppppsssssstttt ;-; You still livin'))

jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments (( yes sorry lol i'm on and off because i'm writing an essay. rip me its due tomorrow and i just started hehe))

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NO! The gold! Landon stared open mouthed at the cave that now was just a pile of dust and debris. He barely registered he had just survived when full weight of how much gold had been lost hit him. "Aw come on" he said frustratingly running a hand through his hair as he glared at what had once been the entrance. He then remembered the girl and spun around to face her. W-w-where am.....I?
Oh god. He was going crazy. He must've been if he couldn't even steal one piece. Figuring that there was no point in arguing with himself anymore he decided to amuse his imagination by playing along with the voices in his head. "we are in a mountain of gold darl," he began out loud and somehow managed to say with a charming smirk as he said 'darl'. In the midst of everything at least his humour and arrogance was still in tact. That was a relief.

Landon eyed her reaction as he asked to see if it it actually had been her speaking in his mind. He supposed since she had been in a ball of light and was in golden armour than anything was possible. Maybe he was just biased because of the armour. "care to tell me who you are- since, uh I don't know- you were in a mountain of gold"

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments The girl blinked and stared in wonder as she studied the man talk to himself, her mouth opened so ever slightly. She blinked again as he turned to speak to her, flinching a little when he did. Dal? A mountain? Gold? She thought to herself, not knowing what to make of it. She opened her mouth to speak back but only a small sound came out and she shook her head in frustration. W-what...does....dal...mean...? Lyra asked inside Landon's mind again, feeling releaved that he could understand her.

I-I.....I dont She spoke in his head again, with a clear expression of sadness on her face. I-I..Feel like...I've been.....sleeping...for...a-a...very long..t-time... She looked down at his feet, looking to almost be crying. Her wings wrapped around her body to protect her from the fridged air atop the mountain. Her wings here white and feathered but looked a bit dirty and damaged from the fall she had when Landon dropped her.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments ((I'll be back shortly! :D ))

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments ((Im really enjoying Landon as a character! Hes awesome))

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jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments ((hehe welcome back :) i love lyra too, this dynamic is pure gold :P ))

Landon's brows furrowed as a small sound escaped her mouth. Instinctively he leaned in closer as if to catch silent words in the air, but as soon as she spoke in his mind again he reeled back pointing an accusing finger at her. "You are speaking in my head!" He then realised the implications of that and added quickly, "Get out of my head!!!" Realising he probably looked like a lunatic he lowered his hand that had somehow made its way to cupping his ears.
He refused to acknowledge that she had no idea what darl meant. No because if that was the case then this girl had been in that cave for a very very long time. Something his mind couldn't yet grasp despite the world of magic he lived in.

I-I.....I dont Again he flinched at her words, wishing that she'd speak out loud because having a voice in his head wasn't exactly the best experience. But learning from his actions earlier he didn't demand she get out of his head again, but rather raised a curious brow. She looked.... sad.
Nope. Don't feel sorry for her Landon. She cost you your gold. Right. Refusing to look apologetic he crossed his arms against his chest as he said in a matter of fact tone, "The tomb you were in said your name was Lyra." He said it in a way that hinted at his skepticism of her not knowing who she was. He didn't trust the light. He didn't trust her.

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Lyra watched the mans expressions curiously, wondering what they meant before skittering back in terror, sitting up close to the edge of the cliff face as Landon suddenly started yelling at her and pointing. She squeaked and panted in fear, watching him, not knowing if this person was going to hurt her. She thought to herself, Her body started to glow a bit brighter, like when it did when she used that first spell on him to help them escape.

She watched as he calmed down, the glow around her dimming again but she did not trust him, not anymore. He still hadent answered her, then he spoke. "The tomb you were in said your name was Lyra.'' Lyra... she thought.

It then hit her. A voice and a flash. Images. Is She wondered, looking at Landon but him, but rather through him. LYRA! A voice cried in her head as images of a town burning, there were other people crying and screaming in her head... Why...? Suddenly a imaged flashed past in her mind, the face of an undead knight, in similar armour she wore, his face rotten with black sludge oozing from his mouth and sores. Then it was gone. No more voices, no more images.

To Landon, she looked completely lost in thought, like in a trance almost before she broke out into a scream, backing even further to the cliff, her foot loosing footing and hanging over the edge precariously. She held her face terrified, was this his doing? The strange man who stood before her? Lyra looked up at Landon with an eye her face cupped in her hands. " me?!" This time the voice in his head was louder, but not too loud. W-who are i?....A-a-are you...g-going to...h-hurt me... The voice in his head sounded terrified as it trembled. Her wings wrapped around her more protectively this time, tighter.

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jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments ((as soon as he saw it, it became his gold *sorry not sorry shrug* hehe))

Landons brows rose and his lips parted in shock as he watched her reaction and openly and unabashedly analysed her. Then she screamed and Landon instinctively reached a hand outs as of to stop her when she neared the lip of the cliff.

What was he supposed to do? Usually he didn’t feel inclined to be bothered with the lives of others but for some inexplicable reason he didn’t want to leave her like this. He may not have trusted her but she was so clearly distraught.

This time when she yelled in his head he tilted his head slightly as if testing to see that the voice had left (even though he felt a phantom breeze of it in his mind) before saying ever so calmly. “I did nothing to you.” And then more confidently and smugly he added “except perhaps saving your life. I did do that”. he almost scoffed at her questioning if he would hurt her. He wouldn’t stoop that low- besides it would be a waste to loose all that gold so he could save her just to end up hurting her.

He debated approaching her but decided against it. If he were in her shoes he certainly wouldn’t want to get all up and personal with a stranger.

Even though he didn’t trust her, her doubting him offended him to no end so somehow he found himself taking off his jacket and holding it out for her. She was in a suit of gold armour so surely she was set for life.... but it was cold.

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Lyra flinched harshly at the hand and moved so ever slightly over the edge before moving back in a panic. I dont know what to do.... She thought to herself, shaking in fear and cold. It was Freezing up there and her armour was icy cold. She looked back up at the man, tears forming in her eyes, reading his expressions, he seemed quite full of himself, but, oddly warming? He was right about one thing, he DID save her life.

Im....Im sorry... She whispered in his head again, she felt uneasy doing so this time. Understanding that this person clearly doesn't like how she can use telepathy, although it made her curious, surely people would get a surprise from it but itsnt it just communicating. She had forgotten how to speak, atleast for now.

Lyra did however watch the man take off some of his clothing and holding it out for her. She eyed it cautiously, squinting her eyes a little before slowly and carefully slinking in closer to it, her wings unfurling from her body before resting on her back as normal, relieving her tarnished silver and gold armour again.

She stopped before the jacket, sniffing the air like a curious cat. She blinked twice before taking it, slowly. She didnt really know what to do with it so she put in on her head, her halo seemingly faze through the material. She spoke again in his head. H-here... She picked up a stone off the ground and cupped it in both hands, the jacket still draped uselessly over her head. In her hands a golden light shone from within, then vanished. She looked up at the man and spoke, with her mouth, lips soft and pure, and the voice that sounded as pure as the heavens. "T-t-t...ta-ke." She opened her hands as the stone that was once there was now a diamond, flawless, although it wasnt polished or cut, it still retained the same shape as the stone.

((I feel like Landon is actually the biggest softie under all that mischief ))

jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments ((you have to break him first haha :P ))

Landon almost rolled his eyes at her apology. He was over her reaction to him as soon as it had happened. Besides he didn't do well with apologies or compliments with how foreign they were to him. "Don't apologise" he told her sternly, but shockingly it wasn't unkind- just his own piece of advice. "But I would appreciate if you could talk out loud then I wouldn't have to worry if you're reading my thought?" He phrased it like a question as he nervously rubbed at an elbow. Nervous? Why on earth was he nervous? Immediately he dropped his arm and replaced his slightly kind smile back to his indifferent smirk.

Again he couldn't cover his shock at how.... foreign she was to some things he said or did. Did she not know what a jacket was? How old exactly was she? He couldn't help but chuckle lightly at how ridiculous she looked with the light glowing off of her. Without thinking why he did it- like before- he instinctively approached her and took the jacket off her head. "Here" he said as he wrapped it around her shoulders. It went over the wings because well he had no idea what to do about that.

He realised the proximity between them a moment later and stumbled backwards to maintain the distance he had said he'd keep.

Landon's eyed widened again as she spoke up for the first time. She was talking! Her voice had a musical tilt as if from the heavens itself, and like her light he felt drawn to it despite himself. His gaze dropped to her hands where a diamond was. flawless. Perfectly curved. Did she just- did she just make that? OUT OF A ROCK?

It was a dream come true that Landon made a decision then and there.
He didn't reach for the diamond, as he realised that in the long run his next words would be more in his favour.
"It's alright. Do you really not remember anything?"
So he had dismissed the diamond. But he was not passing up this walking diamond maker. Not in a million years.

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Lyra flinched then giggled at Landon putting the jacket on her, seeing her own silly mistake. She subconsciously started to stroke the dangling arm piece slowly, almost soothingly. As Landon stepped back she reached out and caught his hand, placing the diamond in it as she did and curled his fingers around it. It was smooth, not a single flaw or bump. "T-ta-ke." She spoke again, sounding more stubborn and demanding than before, looking into his eyes with her own.

She frowned at his question and shook her head a 'no', closing her eyes as she did. I was true, Lyra didnt remember a damn thing about her past before her sleep, other than that brief flashback. She DID know however that her name was Lyra, thanks to the mysterious man who stood before her.

"N-n......n-o.." she stuttered, stumbling on her letters. She looked embarrassed at how useless she was, she couldnt do anything. I must try harder! She cleared her throat, which was followed by a cute cough. "" She frowned and putted at herself, she must've sounded so stupid, maybe if this weird man didnt yell at her for talking in his head she would sound so silly.

Lyra shivered as a sudden cold gust of wind and moved instinctively closer to Landon, hugging his leg for warmth as her wings wrapped around her body again, and his legs. They a dove.

jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments ((Omg lol I love this. He’s met his match in stubbornness. Bahah but I can already tell she’d always win))

When she giggled it was if the angels themselves were laughing. Like her voice it too was angelic that he had to scold himself to pay attention and to not get distracted. That was until he felt a warm sensation in his hand. He looked down and realised she had grabbed his hand. Landon sent a questioning glance to Lyra since words escaped him. She was insisting on giving him the stone. Take it. He obediently curled his fingers around the diamond unable to say no when she sent him a stubborn look that shocked him to the core. Who was she?

In a single fluid movement the stone was pocketed.
He was a thief for damn sake. But Why did he feel a twinge if guilt at accepting it though? His eyes trailed back to hers and he realised just how hard it was for her to speak. Should he offer for her to speak back in his head?

At her cough his face brightened with a bemused smile before shaking his head. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He turned away prepared to ask her if she was ready to leave when he felt her wrapping herself close to him. await what?!
His face turned a light shade of red at the contact and he turned alerted eyes her way. He did not do close contact. He did not do people in general. But why did he wait a few moments before pulling her away from him? Surely it wasn’t because he enjoyed it. Right.
“We should go” he somehow coughed out looking away from her. “...cold”

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She flinched at his touch as he pulled her away from him, she too looked embarrassed and seeing a glimpse of his red face made hers turn flush too, although her face literally glowed a subtle pink, which just made it worse. She pulled the jacket over her face and buried her face in it in embarrassment. What was she doing!? She didnt even know his name!

She nodded from inside the bunched up jacket and let out a muffled "Hmmhmm." From inside. Lyra paused for a moment to let her blush die down before she pulled the jacket away from her head, completely messing her short blonde hair up as a strand stuck out over her face. She was pouting at Landon, expecting him to give her a hand, but seeing that he wasnt even looking at her she made an attempt to stand.

Her legs were incredibly shaky. Lyra got probably about half way up, putting in one hundred and ten percent effort before her legs gave way completely and she came crashing down on her rear. "A!" She let out as she fell down. Im so useless....

She looked back up at Landon and folded her arms, face red with embarrassment as she looked back away from him pouting again. I-I have She spoke in his head, far too embarrassed to actually try to say that out loud.

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jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 255 comments Landon didn't meet her eyes for a while, worried what he might do if he did. Get a hold of yourself Landon! Neither of you know who she is! Releasing a breath he nodded his head towards the precarious and narrow path he had taken to get here. Was she going to be able to make the trip? Lost in thought as he was he didn't face her until he heard her yelp. Immediately he spun around to face her. "Lyra?" Her name might have been foreign to the both of them but he couldn't deny the fact that he liked how it sounded on his lips. Lyra. "Are you alright?"

He noticed her face turn red and frowned slightly as her words settled in. Carry her? Her words startled him enough he didn't even realise she had spoken in his head as his gaze again turned to the narrow path.

Think of the gold Landon.
She can make rocks priceless.

Covering up a resigned sigh he made no comment as he swooped her in his arms and set off on the narrow path that he hoped wouldn't lead to the death of them both.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) | 401 comments Yes.....I'm...fine.. she spoke in his head again. She had a almost demanding, stubborn as she waited, arms crossed to be picked up. Did she actually enjoy getting carried? What was this feeling? Why was she so flustered?

I need to stop this. Act my age. She thought, which then raised a good question. What was her age?

Suddenly she felt herself leave the ground and start moving at a pace. "Eeeek!" She squeaked as Landon scooped her up into his arms. She clung to him terrified at how unexpected and sudden it was, she really didnt think he'd actually do it.

He felt warm as she held onto Landon, and it wasnt long before she snuggled in and made herself comfortable. Her body glowed softly as she was met with peace, she then realized that i might be a little hard for her...rescuer to see. She closed her eyes and waved her hand and with the flick of her wrist a small white light rose off of her finger and floated down to the ground in front of them and moved as they did, lighting the path. The light was dim though, not bright enough to blind but bright enough to light the way without discomfort.

She liked this, grabbing a fist full of his shirt.

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