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Margaret | 3663 comments Mod
Let's discuss Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede, spoilers allowed.

Margaret | 3663 comments Mod
What are y'all's thoughts on how hair color is used to denote temperament in quite a few 80s and 90s fantasy? Cimorene had black hair, so she's the black sheep of the family and independent. Red-haired girls are quick to anger and run wild. Blondes are vapid and wish for romance.

I have brown hair. I think I'm a peasant, lol.

I've also seen this with hair types too. So curly-haired girls also tend to be wild a free (still thinking in terms of novels here). Straight haired girls are studious and shy.

I tend to especially feel bad for how blondes are depicted as vapid, which Wrede certainly does in this book. While I loved reading it, I cringed when the three princesses came to visit her.

I wonder how these stereotypes started?

Something I thought funny--wizards being defeated by dumping soapy water on them! Am I the only one who immediately imagined Gandalf being dunked in soapy water? Who needs a balrog.

I'm kinda wondering if there are any good wizards in this world. It seems like there might be.

Mary Catelli | 903 comments Margaret wrote: "I'm kinda wondering if there are any good wizards in this world."

This is not a question that can be answered in a brief comment. Talking With Dragons probably will give the clearest.

Margaret | 3663 comments Mod
Great! I hope to read it in the next two weeks. I figure there has to be some good wizards.

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