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Margaret | 3491 comments Mod
Let's discuss Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede, no spoilers please.

Margaret | 3491 comments Mod
I went ahead and put this one on hold! It gives me a wait of 6 weeks, but usually, my holds arrive early. I've never read Patricia Wrede and I'm excited!

Mary Catelli | 845 comments This was originally the prequel. Talking to Dragons was the first published. (Ironically, I think they are better read in publication order.)

Margaret | 3491 comments Mod
Mary wrote: "This was originally the prequel. Talking to Dragons was the first published. (Ironically, I think they are better read in publication order.)"

Interesting! I'll keep that in mind.

Annette | 253 comments One of my now-adult daughters had this on a shelf for me to keep for her for future reads. Yay!

Julia (ultramarine) | 47 comments I've wanted to read it for some time, so I'm excited! I've just bought on the internet an old, used copy for a ridiculously low price... The cover is so horrible I can hardly believe it was published by a professional publisher :D Hmm, no surprise it was never popular in my country...

Leah (flying_monkeys) | 1009 comments My daughter is the one who brought this to my attention. She absolutely loves this one! Has been telling me to read it for years. Looking forward to reading it finally.

Annette | 253 comments I just finished and decided my post doesn’t contain any spoilers so to encourage others, I am putting it here:

Cimorene is independent and resourceful. I can see the book’s appeal to teens/pre-teens. I gave it 4 stars.

Maggi Harris | 22 comments I liked this story too, but felt the ending came rather quickly. It almost felt like she rushed to meet a deadline, even if it was cohesive? Am sending it to my pre-teen niece though, as I think she will get more into the series.

Margaret | 3491 comments Mod
I still have an estimated 4 weeks remaining on my hold.

message 11: by Mary (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mary Catelli | 845 comments Well, part of it is that it was the prequel being written to fit the backstory laid out in Talking to Dragons

Emily M | 135 comments I had no idea that this was the prequel to Talking to Dragons. It's been some years since I've read any of them, but I remember not enjoying Talking to Dragons all that much, and loving this one, which I assumed was the first one for that reason alone.

I think, similar to Dragonflight, what appealed to me so much as a kid here was the symbiotic relationships between intelligent dragons and empathetic humans. What girl wouldn't want a pet dragon?

Margaret | 3491 comments Mod
I...still want a pet dragon. :)

Emily M | 135 comments Me too. Especially the Dragonflight kind that can beam you through space and time with no regard for international borders or states of emergency. :-)

Margaret | 3491 comments Mod
I really adored this! If I'd read this when I was a preteen, Cimorene would've been my hero. Who wouldn't want to be a dragon's librarian!?

I listened to the audiobook, which has a full cast. I loved it.

I agree that the ending was rushed, but I didn't even care. I knew what the ending was going to be anyway, if that makes sense.

I'm going to take Mary's advice and read Talking to Dragons next.

I'm putting some other questions and thoughts in the spoiler thread.

Margaret | 3491 comments Mod
I finished listening to Talking to Dragons a few days ago. It's a sweet book! I confess to liking Dealing with Dragons better. Give me a protagonist that likes to rebel over a rule follower any day. Daystar is a sweet character, but definitely a rule follower.

Emily M | 135 comments Cimorene is in every way superior to all the other characters in the series (except the dragon).

Margaret | 3491 comments Mod
Emily wrote: "Cimorene is in every way superior to all the other characters in the series (except the dragon)."

:) She's the kind of character I always want to see in books.

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