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message 1: by Elisa (new)

Elisa Hadly (ellahadley) | 7 comments Hey everyone! My name is Elisa and I’m currently working on my book called Kingdom of Glass and I honestly just need some pointers on whether this book seems too cliche with the title because we have Kingdom of ash and we have the Throne of Glass so I’m not sure if I’m being quite original with the title

message 2: by Helena, Co-Mod (new)

Helena S | 53 comments Mod
What's it about?

message 3: by Elisa (new)

Elisa Hadly (ellahadley) | 7 comments Here’s the link to my group... I’m lazy to write it on here, it’s long lol

message 4: by Helena, Co-Mod (new)

Helena S | 53 comments Mod
Umm, ok, maybe if you want it to focus less on Kingdoms and Glass in the title, you could do something related to blood? Like a play on words, or something to do with how blood ranks them? The only thing I can come up with right now is "Blood Born", but if I think of anything else I'll put it on here!

message 5: by Elisa (new)

Elisa Hadly (ellahadley) | 7 comments Ok thx!

message 6: by Helena, Co-Mod (new)

Helena S | 53 comments Mod
Your welcome :)

message 7: by Starrisa (new)

Starrisa | 7 comments I read through most of the thread and the discussion you had with Eva, and I like the idea you have!

It's worth building on -- it's something I will want to read (except now I have spoilers LOL but I'm not like super bothered by spoilers).

One thing I'm confused about: is this a fantasy book? You talked about how every child is cut when they come of age to see the colour of their blood, they have powers?? Like magical powers? Doesn't this border on fantasy 😅 Sorry if I'm wrong though. Also, this may seem redundant but just a thought -- won't she get injured and bleed somewhere else (I've accidentally cut myself too many times to count lol)? I think her blood is originally silver, but then it turns black so I'm wondering how it happens?

Regarding the title, I'll admit my first thought is Sarah J Maas's books. Ultimately, it's your book so you get the final say. As long as you think it's good, everything's well! :) But here's some suggestions: Instead of ___ of ___, perhaps you can try formatting it in another way?
(Here's an example but it looks strange lol)

Glass: The Kingdom
The Glass Kingdom (more common, but it also works :)

Or you can try using words related to "kingdom" and "glass"
--> Queendom (oops too obvious) Mirroring the Kingdom
--> Royals of Glass (sorry this is just really bad)

Anyways, good luck! I look forward to reading your book should you ever published it.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Maybe try a title like:

Forbidden curse,

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Oh, hey guys! I know I'm not Elisa but I do know a little bit about your book and as she hasn't been on much this summer I think that I can answer these questions quicker.
Okay, so from what I've seen, yes, this is a fantasy book, as it is not set on earth. The people don't have powers exactly, but the color of their blood determines their status, I believe.. And...hmm, well I'm not exactly sure if she changed the title but she did change the name of the kingdom so she might have changed the title as well? Anyways, she's definitely thinking of changing the title (as you've obviously seen) and I'm sure she'll appreciate the suggestions.

Just note that I'm not Elisa so I might be totally wrong on these things!

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