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Dune (Dune #1)
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Kyle (kyleabc) | 12 comments Everyone read Dune up to Chapter House: Dune

Sebos | 13 comments Dune was meh at best. Liberal fantasies about sand people, mixed with some good warrior/spiritual culture and interesting politics. Antagonists were cartoonish

seismic (seismic9k) | 37 comments thats a really terrible hot take on dune. ive read up to uuuh heretics but i need to reread it probably

seismic (seismic9k) | 37 comments I'm rereading the entire series right now, almost finished with Dune #1

seismic (seismic9k) | 37 comments almost done with dune messiah

IIIIIIKKKKKEEEEE | 6 comments Dune is solid. antagonists being cartoonish isnt that bad.

seismic (seismic9k) | 37 comments "cartoonish" you are inbred

Sebos | 13 comments oooo im fat evil and gay. Really clever

message 9: by Rasmus (new)

Rasmus (electronicrasmus) | 10 comments Sebos wrote: "oooo im fat evil and gay. Really clever"

Of course Sebosu feels attacked by the gay stereotype character.

seismic (seismic9k) | 37 comments Dune is a mastahpiece

seismic (seismic9k) | 37 comments Finished dune messiah a bit ago, gonna finish the rest of the series in 2021 probably. Too busy finishing up books rn for 2020 to finish the series.

message 12: by Kyle (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kyle (kyleabc) | 12 comments Cool bro, dont read after chapterhouse

seismic (seismic9k) | 37 comments I wasnt intending on it

seismic (seismic9k) | 37 comments i am aware that his sons books are shit

seismic (seismic9k) | 37 comments need to finish these

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