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Hannah Brown (hannahragna) | 3 comments Mod
How do I read so much? I probably get this question more than any other and I've come to the conclusion that what people are really asking is, "Why?" Reading is my down time, my fun time, or my breakdown time. But how do I read so much? I gift to you, my not-so-pro-tips.

First off, libraries. Your school, local, or electronic library is your new hero. If you have a kindle or a tablet of some sort, Libby is an app that uses your school library card to unlock thousands of books. Sometimes you have to wait a bit to get the book you want, but it's totally worth it.

Second, Indie bookstores. Yes, you could just hop on Amazon, but trust me. Indie bookstores are SO much better. Those people put their hearts into those stores, so take advantage of it.

My last not-so-pro-tip: read for you. Take an hour out of your day to recharge and refocus. I struggle with focusing and recharging a ton, but reading seems to let my brain settle a bit. Also, if you don't wanna read something I recommend, then don't! But try it first, like food. You might like it.


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Hannah | 1 comments I ordered the book on Libby but it still has a back hold of about 2 weeks! I'm reading I promise!

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