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message 1: by Marie (new)

Marie | 7 comments * Title: No Man's Land
* Author(s) name(s): A.J. Fitzwater
* ISBN (or ASIN):

PB 978-0-9951355-3-6
Epub 978-0-9951355-5-0
Mobi 978-0-9951355-4-3

* Publisher: Paper Road Press
* Publication date: 8 June 2020
* Format: Paperback, ebook
* Description:

No Man’s Land is a historical fantasy and a love story set in the golden plains of North Otago, in the South Island of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Dorothea ‘Tea’ Gray joins the Land Service and is sent to work on a remote farm, one of many young women left to fill the empty shoes left by fathers and brothers serving in the Second World War.

But Tea finds more than hard work and hot sun in the dusty North Otago nowhere—she finds a magic inside herself she never could have imagined, a way to save her brother in a distant land she never thought she could reach, and a love she never knew existed.

* Page count: 160

* Link to book page:

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Michele | 578 comments I'm on it...

message 4: by Michele (new)

Michele | 578 comments Andrew wrote: "Removed space in "A. J. Fitzwater""

Whoops, sorry about that.

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