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Why I Chose My Books

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message 1: by Henry (new)

Henry Nguyen | 3 comments When thinking about what books I wanted to look into further to better my teaching practices, I started thinking about what is happening now in education and what could happen in the near future. This is when I started thinking about distance learning and what I am currently doing and what I could be doing. That is why I chose books that offered insight into distance learning itself and also teaching practices that revolve around emerging technology. For instance, the book I will be reading mentioned utilizing social media and I have always heard how social media is bad because students are always on it but considering the current situation, it might not be so bad. I want to leverage the power of social media and create a sense of community with my students, especially if distance learning continues. Overall, the I think the book I chose will provide me with information that can be used in my classroom now and into the future. I can't wait to dive into it!

message 2: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Roloff | 3 comments The books I chose are about integrating technology into instruction. I have been using more technology in the classroom, but as we are now engaged in distance learning, I want to make it accessible for everyone and engaging. I also want to move higher up the SAMR model. I think that I really need to examine Redefinition in order to optimize the use of technology for my students. A couple of books are specific to Social Science, so I am really interested in those. My capstone project was about increasing student motivation, and I think that these books will contain information about how to make learning fun through the use of technology.

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