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Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments Boy/girl twins
Or i guess maybe twin girls, but i dont think so. Girl twin is maybe named Cassandra, or Lysandra. Or the lady who helps them is.

I dont know what happened, maybe they were kidnapped, but somehow they're underwater, breathing fine, and find out they are royalty, hidden above ground. There is a whole civilisation down there. Maybe atlantis or something. The girl is really smart and into research and goes to the academy, while the boy isn't so interested. I think they have gems that give them power.

Read maybe 2009-2013, probably published mid 2000s. Pretty sure its a series and this might even be the second or third book.

Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments NOTE: Not related to the Everblue/Evergreen/Everlost series by Brenda Pandos with an extremely similar storyline. I'm currently reading those ones and it reminded me of the series I read as a kid.

The ones I'm after were long books with a whole created universe inside them, not so much just the normal world with the addition of mermaids.

message 3: by Tahlia (new)

Tahlia | 7 comments Kinda sounds like Ingo by Helen Dunmore, but it’s been a long time since I read it so I could be completely off

Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments I like the sound of that book, but I don't think its the one either. Thank you for the suggestion though

message 5: by Emilie (new)

Emilie (emilierose) | 139 comments Maybe Crystal Doors by Rebecca Moeste? This is a trilogy

Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments Thank you, but that's not the right one either. I'll keep looking

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