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Glimmerglass (Faeriewalker, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fiction- Girl finds out she's Fae and can see the fae world. [s]

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Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments Title could be shimmer or glimmer.

16yo girl goes to live with her dad, and finds out she can see into the fae world. Theres a shimmer in the air that she can see and when you pass through it youre in the fae world. I'm not sure if she is fae, but she ends up on a dance floor and meets a pixie guy that she falls for. Inevitably shes separated from her dad and anyone she knows and theres danger of some sort.

Read maybe 2010-2014, fairly new looking book. Series all with similar titles. Shimmer, glimmer, shine, gleam, etc.

Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments Not quite, the title was definitely shimmer or something similar, but that one is close, except I remember she's in the car with her dad I think when she sees the shimmer on the horizon as they go over a bridge. I'll check that one out though, it looks good.

Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments Neither of those ones either, unfortunately. 😕

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Tahlia | 7 comments It’s a little like Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black but she lives with her mum, not her dad. Otherwise it kinda sounds a bit like Paranormalcy by Kiersten White or even Strange Angels Lili St. Crow. I’m usually better with fae based books, but you’ve stumped me

Asia (semi–hiatus) (booknerd117) | 197 comments Could it be any of Holly Black's other books? (I do know it's NOT the Folk of the Air Trilogy, which I do recommend.)

Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments A lot of those books look really good, and i bet i end up buying them all, haha, but they arent the ones I'm looking for.

Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments The girl i think has lived with her mum all her life, and doesn't know about the fae world. Something happens and shes in a car with her dad on a bridge and over the railing she sees a shimmer in the air. She thinks shes tired so doesn't say anything. Next thing I remember, she's gone through the shimmer and is in the fae world and her dad isn't there, but now she knows about the fae world. I don't know, its a vague memory. I just remember that she finds out her dad is fae or a pixie or something, and then shes on a dancefloor or in a square where theres a party or something and shes not with her dad, and i have a sense that there was trouble or danger- shes not supposed to be there, and she meets a brother/sister duo of pixies and befriends them. Maybe one is a bad guy? I dunno. I think shes special and can cross over between worlds, which not many can do.

I do read a lot of books though, so maybe i read two around the same time and my memories are merging. 😕

Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments It's not the one I'm after, but it is close. I'm beginning to think I made the book up... 😂

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5hawna 7an 10 (5hawna7an10) | 17 comments To me, I think you made the book up. I read this book were the girl already new she was fae.

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Stella❤️ 孔凡星 (stella_conway6) | 58 comments I don't think this is the book you're looking for but I'll mention it in case it is.

Lament by Maggie Stiefvater?

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Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments The girl definitely didn't know she was fae, but I'll go back through previous suggestions to see if maybe any of them could be the one.

That's not the one either, but it looks like a good book.

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Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments I'm just going to say the closest one has been Glimmerglass, so that's probably the one, and I read another similar book around the same time that must have had the other details in it. Thanks for your help guys.

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