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message 1: by Marco (new)

Marco Versiero | 24 comments * Title: Codex Atlanticus 14. I diluvi e le profezie. Disegni di Leonardo dal Codice Atlantico
* Author name: Marco Versiero
* ISBN: 978-88-418-8651-9
* Publisher: De Agostini (Novara, Italy)
* Publication date: 2012
* Format: book + CDrom
* Description: Exhibition catalogue that recollects 44 folios from Leonardo's Codex Atlanticus dealing with the literary issue of apocalyptic prophetism in connection with the iconographic imagery of the final deluge at the end of the world.
* Page count: 48
* Link to book page:

No preview of the cover is available online l; I can provide you with an image of it, by the way.

message 2: by Marco (new)

Marco Versiero | 24 comments Thanks a lot, C.
Here is the link to the cover image:

message 3: by Marco (new)

Marco Versiero | 24 comments Thanks again, C.
Yes, the correct number if pages is 47. As regards "Codex Atlanticus 14", it's the series name (consisting of 24 volumes written by several different authors).
The publisher (De Agostini) is located in Italy in two towns (Novara and Milano). This whole series was published in Novara.
The publication is made of a paperback book including on the back cover a CD resuming in HD resolution the images of the same book. If you wish, you can simply indicate it as a paperback, by the way.

message 4: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43570 comments Mod
C. wrote: "I need an expert to tell me if we include the location for the publisher. Is it included because they have different locations around the world?"

No, and still no.

Format should be paperback. Included CD can be indicated in description or edition.

message 5: by Marco (new)

Marco Versiero | 24 comments Thanks a lot for your contribution, rivka

message 6: by Marco (new)

Marco Versiero | 24 comments As I remember, only the first 6 volumes of the series were bilingual (Italian with front English translation) between 2009 and 2010. The rest were mostly written in Italian until 2014. Only in a few cases of British authors, the texts were in English.
Here is the Italian description of mine that you requested:

Catalogo della mostra che ha raccolto 44 fogli del Codice Atlantico di Leonardo aventi ad oggetto il suo lascito letterario in tema di profetismo apocalittico, in connessione con il suo immaginario iconografico del diluvio come visione finale del mondo.

message 7: by Marco (new)

Marco Versiero | 24 comments Yes, of course: they all dealt with Leonardo's Codex Atlanticus.

message 8: by Marco (new)

Marco Versiero | 24 comments Thank you so much!

message 9: by Marco (new)

Marco Versiero | 24 comments Thank you, C.
The upload is perfect, I've just checked it. I wrote the fourth issue of the series in 2010, as well. And I know other items (not among those you've indicated, by the way). In case, I'll be referring to the fold "Series", for sure.
Best wishes,

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