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message 1: by Mill (new)

Mill Woods | 23 comments Hello everybody.

My next book is due to release on May 17, 2020 (this Sunday). It's a thriller / mystery novella named "Orb of Wonders" - here's a short description:


A man awakes next to three dead bodies, with no memories of who or where he is. Surrounded by strange monuments and golden artifacts, he hides from a creature searching for him in the dark. A whispering calls from his pocket, and he picks up the glowing whisperer; An extraordinary orb claiming to be his friend.

While attempting to escape, the man, Christian have dreams informing what he believes to be the past. He remembers his daughter, knowing that she needs him, like he recalls devastation greater than himself. He urges to escape - which will only be possible with support from the orb. But is the orb truly a friend?
In the end, is the world even like Christian believes it to be?

Orb of Wonders is an emotional thriller, filled with mystery and eye-opening philosophy. Follow Christian on his journey through time, encountering wondrous creatures and hidden secrets destroying the world as we speak.

Everyone interested, whether it's just taking a look or ending in reviewing it, shall we welcome to request a copy. I can provide most formats (pdf, Mobi, ePub, etc.)

To show my appreciation, I will select a random review and send a paperback of either this book or "Two Lives, One Adventures," if wanted.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might stumble upon.

Thanks in Advance :-)

Mill Woods

message 2: by Elaine (new)

Elaine McCall (intrepidmedusa46) | 2 comments I will read and review it if you want.

message 3: by Mill (new)

Mill Woods | 23 comments Elaine wrote: "I will read and review it if you want."

You are very welcome. I sent you a message :-)

A_ bookbound _soul (a_bookbound_soul) | 18 comments Hello! I'm interested in reading and reviewing.

message 5: by Mill (new)

Mill Woods | 23 comments ➹ƓℛἎℂℰ⚡(on hiatus) wrote: "Hello! I'm interested in reading and reviewing."

That sounds good :-) I've sent you are message.

message 6: by laura8759 (new)

laura8759 (takeeachdayonebookatatime) | 55 comments Sounds okay i'm interested.

message 7: by Sophrosyne (new)

Sophrosyne | 2 comments Hi, I'm interested in reading and reviewing

message 8: by Mill (new)

Mill Woods | 23 comments laura8759 wrote: "Sounds okay i'm interested."

Hi Sophrosyne,

Great :-) I can't message you on Goodreads. Do you have an email I can deliver the book to? Which format do you prefer?

In case you can't contact me on Goodreads either, and if you don't want to write your email here in public, you can reach me at .

Best wishes

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