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Rachel Foster (rachfost) | 1 comments Please add the book cover & description to: Man Being Volume 1: The Transmission

The Man Being Volume 1 The Transmission by Dramos

The book can be found here:

Book Cover Link:

Man Being is the transcript of a conversation that began in June of 2018. Authors Dramos and Bohemias received communication from Beings outside of the Earth plane density and have assembled the knowledge for public awareness. The Man Being material reveals how light deprivation has prevented humans from accessing higher dimensional realities and how Mankind's ascension has been obstructed through false religious and spiritual beliefs. The perpetual hoarding and concealment of ancient knowledge - by powerful organizations - has prevented Mankind from transcending the reincarnation cycle. This dissemination is an exploration into the origin of the Human Race and the events that led to their abandonment on Earth. Man Being is part of a Repair Project and rescue mission to retrieve humans and to help them reconnect with a previously lost Intermediary World.

Thank you!

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For future reference, the Adding New Books folder is for requesting the addition of books that don't yet exist on Goodreads. Moved to Book Cover Help.

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