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tonia thank you!

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tonia ((ok so i'll find a picture for ciel's part of the room))

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tonia Ciel's side:

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((oh cool! I'm finding mine now))

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((Oliver's side: ))

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tonia ((ooh looks good!!))

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(( thanks))

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Oliver walked up to his new dorm and slowly opened the door. He looked around. 'Nice place,' he thought to himself. He walked silently over to his side of the room and sat his bags down.

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tonia Ciel walked into his dorm and looked around. Wow, he thought to himself. He spotted a guy around his age on one side of the room and waved, "Hey, I'm Ciel." He said, beaming at him. He walked over to his side of the dorm and plopped down onto his bed. Comfortable, he thought.

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Oliver turned around quickly, but relaxed when he saw that it was only his new roommate. He smiled and waved. "I'm Oliver."

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tonia Ciel smiled, "Ciel." He said, setting his stuff down on his bed.

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Oliver started unpacking a few things from his bags. He realized that he didn't bring many clothes and made a mental note to go shopping for more. "So what are you a god of?" he asked Ciel. Oliver flopped back on his bed.

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tonia Ciel mimicked Oliver, needing something to do with his hands. "Tranquility," He murmured, he had always thought his power sounded stupid. "what about you?" He asked, trying to draw the attention away from himself.

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Oliver winced. "Thievery," he said quietly. He had been worried since coming to this school that what he was a god of would push people away. That's how it had always been. "Tranquility...that sounds pretty cool I guess."

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tonia Ciel nodded, "That's sick." He said. He had always been a fan of mischief even though his very presence caused calm. He didn't dislike his power, it was just underrated and, quite frankly, boring. "It's okay, I know it's boring." He said, forcing a laugh.

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Oliver laughed. "I don't know. It sounds like it would be nice to have some calm in your ilfe every now and then."

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tonia Ciel shrugged, "I guess. It kind of keeps me from seeing everyone's real emotions sometimes." He wrinkled his nose then shook his head, "It is what it is, though."

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Oliver nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah I guess there's no controlling it. Just have to make the best of it."

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tonia Ciel nodded, "Hey if you don't mind I'm gonna head out." He said, feeling bad for leaving him. He shook that off and waited for Oliver's response.

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Oliver smiled and waved his hand towards the door. "Go ahead. I'm gonna take a nap anyway, then maybe explore later," he said, and kicked off his shoes. "See ya later!"

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Oliver woke up and left his dorm to go find something to eat.

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