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Here's Marlowe's new, and smaller dorm!

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After parting ways with Sterling, Ibiza headed towards Marlowe's dorm, and was relieved when she found it. It was in a different sector than the rest of the dorms, as they were twin sharing, and she had a rather difficult time looking for it. She raised up her hand to knock on the door, but paused for a moment. What if Marlowe didn't want to talk to her? But she shook her head, and knocked hard on the door, before standing back and waiting for Marlowe to open the door.

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"I- uh, I'm here to discuss something with you..." Ibiza entered Marlowe's dorm tentatively, and closed the door behind her in case anyone walked in and heard them. She didn't know why but she felt particularly awkward, but it was probably because she didn't want Marlowe to feel awkward and in turn it got her feeling all weird.

She cleared her throat, "I'm here to discuss about the academy and it's weird... thing... going on." Even Ibiza felt like she was really losing it, she was usually quite eloquent, even in such situations, but for some reason or another in front of her friend, she just couldn't bring herself to speak properly. She felt like they had to talk about Marlowe's drunk state first, to talk about the elephant in the room.

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Ibiza sighed, "You didn't make things awkward. Turns out, Sterling and I both have an understanding that we'll test the waters as friends, and see how it goes from there. I'm just glad you're fine, Marlowe, and not all wonky with alcohol in your system." After saying that, Ibiza felt relieved, and finally sat properly on the bed, crossing her legs in comfort. She took a deep breath, and began recounting her conversation with Sterling, sounding serious and not joking around for once.

When she finished her story, she asked, "So what do you think ? Are the two of us thinking too much about this?"

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"That's just so creepy. I do not want to be under surveillance by anyone!" and the moment she said that, the light flashed above. She raised an eyebrow and looked up, before letting out a giggle, "I think the lightbulb in the dingy old light is just broken. I don't think there are cameras hidden in there...I hope." Then she dragged a hand down her face, and leaned back on Marlowe's bed, glaring pointedly at the light, "But if this is real, what do you think we should do? We don't even know how to contact the people watching us."

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"Hey if you're staying in a book, can you bring me along? Maybe we could hop back into Pride and Prejudice to remove the makeup and dresses, and wear their old-fashioned PJs to bed? I don't particularly feel like going back to my dorm tonight," Ibiza suggested, crossing her fingers and hoping that Marlowe would say yes. As exhausted as she was, Ibiza wanted to rekindle their friendship, and just hang out with her like normal teenagers.

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"Give me a moment! Don't leave without me," Ibiza grinned widely, because she realised Marlowe and her were sort of patching up, though there really wasn't anything to fix. She ran to her dorm, this time finding her way, and brought some essential things in a mini messenger bag. Slinging it across her body, she made her way back to Marlowe in record time.

"Now I'm ready! To friends speaking in old English," Ibiza said excitedly, lacing her fingers with Marlowe without thinking twice, getting ready to feel the familiar suction of the book drawing them in, into the pages, words and world of the book.

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When they stepped into the room, Ibiza grinned as much as she could - which sounds weird, but because they were in a time where propriety was heavily prioritised, the ladies were not allowed to behave in the way Ibiza usually did. "That's all right, my lovely friend. I will change my outfit too, to something less restrictive so to speak," Ibiza nearly curtsied, but stopped her body from doing so as she went to choose an outfit that didn't look horrible to change into.

When she stepped out, she was wearing a simple white nightdress that had a lace pattern on it. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction. "Marlowe, dear? I'm ready to spend have a splendid time this evening!" she called out, and sat down on the bed that was in the room.

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(( A CANDLE went off in her head!! omg that's so cool! ))

"Dear oh dear! Pour the contents on our suitors? That sounds marvelous! It is absolutely wonderful Marlowe. I propose that we pour the contents onto each others' suitors, they will most certainly be confounded and perhaps even annoyed! Then we no longer have to marry those bothersome men," Ibiza exclaimed in agreement, but as she said that, she yawned gracefully.

"All though, I must say that I am quite worn out from the ball earlier, what about you, cousin Marlowe?" Ibiza asked, and laid down on the bed, looking up at the other girl.

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(( I KNOW I GOT THE REFERENCE and I was like omg Cal's a genius? ))

Ibiza shook her head, "Nonsense! This night shall be ours, and ours alone. No ferret, or courier is going to disrupt my lovely night with you my friend." Then she looked at Marlowe seriously, "Indeed we shall talk. But, may I have your opinion on the academy's mystery? And.. what do you intend to do, cousin? Do you think you will leave the school, or is it not time yet?" As she said this, Ibiza played with the hem of her nightdress, wondering what to make of the problem at hand.

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(( Already more genius than me when you build a robot Cal ))

"Our abode, that is not even humble. Have you interacted with anyone else in the Academy? The other Gods and Goddesses seem to already form relationships. Imagine that! Relationships within two days of being there. I'm just comforted by the fact that Sterling doesn't wish to rush into what we have. It's practical, really," Ibiza ranted, rolling her eyes at everyone else's shotgun relationship - a Fall Dance-shotgun.

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(( >< ))

Ibiza shrugged, and looked around the room, wondering if there were cards to play. She knew that in the olden days, people played cards to pass their time - or at least, that was what the rich gentries did. Then she had a thought, asking quietly, hoping that her friend wouldn't get mad her her for asking, "Actually, my dear cousin, how... how did it feel like in your head when you were drunk? I have yet to experienced the feeling of being tipsy."

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Ibiza nodded in comfort, but she could not relate to that feeling, and judging by what Marlowe had mentioned, she did not want to feel that. She moved closer to Marlowe, and wrapped an arm around her friend's shoulder. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, Mar, I wish I was there to stop you from drinking so much, and so quickly," she said apologetically, suddenly sounding normal for a bit, and looked down at her fingers that were still tugging on the hem of her nightdress.

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(( what if.. one of the book characters chanced upon them ? XD ))

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Ibiza was about to answer when she heard a knock from the door. We aren't the only ones here? her eyes widened in panic as she looked at Marlowe, wondering if Marlowe knew what was happening - otherwise, it would definitely be spooky.

"Hello? Is anyone in the guest room?" a feminine voice traveled inwards, and Ibiza nearly fainted when she saw the doorknob jiggle. "Something is stopping me from opening this door!" the person sounded frustrated, causing Ibiza to be even more terrified. She could never deal with things she couldn't see - and it was nerve-racking.

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(( what do i do with Liliana though, Aeris can't leave her there levitating.. ))

Before she even had a chance to answer Marlowe, Ibiza's heart leapt to her throat when she saw the door open as the protagonist of the book - Elizabeth, walked in. She whispered back to Marlowe, "I guess she entered by herself, whatever shall we do?" But just as she said that, Elizabeth was already demanding for answers, and somehow that made Ibiza smile appreciatively. She really does behave like how she's described in the book by Austen, man.. she thought to herself, and gave Elizabeth a wide smile.

She cleared her throat, "We! We, are the Goddesses of Poems and Books, and Earth, respectively. It is an honour to meet you, Miss Elizabeth!" Ibiza was horrified at the way she spoke - it was awkward, it was so untactful, it was weird... she could almost die of embarrassment there and then, but propriety prevented her from doing so.

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Ibiza nearly choked when she heard that her 'name' was Isadora, no pun intended. "Yes indeed, I was just doing it for the jest. Mar-- Marie and I, are distant cousins of your father's, that came from far away to visit and.. admire your beautiful grounds!" Ibiza said convincingly, even though she wanted to just dig and hole and crawl into it. "Why are you awake, may I ask?" she tried to continue the conversation, feeling just a tiny bit less intimidated.

(( in this instance, has Elizabeth married darcy yet? ))

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Ibiza nodded her head, always one to listen to a love story, about its fun times, but also about its woes. Occasionally, as Elizabeth talked about how Mr. Darcy seemed like a very open-minded individual, he still expected her to do wife duties, and expected her to stay at home when what she really wanted to do was to travel the world - with him, or without.

"Not allowing you to leave? That's not the Mr. Darcy we have read-- I mean, we knew! Absurd!" Ibiza exclaimed dramatically, placing a palm on her chest, but genuinely feeling the emotions. She noticed that Marlowe seemed to have spaced out, but paid her not much notice still, because she knew that her friend was probably thinking of a new book. "Elizabeth, my fair cousin, it is time you speak up against Mr. Darcy! Just like how you spoke up against that horrid Aunt of his, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Simply horrible," Ibiza shook her head in disdain, frowning at the thought of the snobbish aristocrat.

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Ibiza's mouth turned into an 'O' shape, when she heard what Marlowe said. To be fair, she didn't know, but she would definitely listen to her friend. She didn't want to be the one who caused the abrupt change in story line, which would be an issue if anyone reread the book. she nodded fervently, "I understand, cousin. I will not speak a word, and only listen to Elizabeth from here on. I would like to thank you for reminding me about the dangers yet again. Oh whatever will I do without you? Now, let us go back to listen to her story, my dear."

She walked back to Elizabeth, who was looking at them with the oddest look on her face. Smiling awkwardly at Lizzy, Ibiza said, "Elizabeth, my cousin, after a quick conversation with Marie over here, we believe that Mr. Darcy is right, and you should most definitely listen to him." No you shouldn't! was what Ibiza thought in her head.

Elizabeth nodded thoughtfully, and gave them a small smile, "Perhaps. But I have this one other problem that I cannot seem to resolve. Maybe both of you would like to help with? If, of course, you are not already getting ready for bed."

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Elizabeth sighed, and looked down, her hands gripping her nightgown tightly. Then she looked around, for fear that someone was around, and finally turned back to them. "You see.. Mr Darcy gave me a piece of jewelry on the night of our marriage. And I have been placing it an extremely clandestine place, but just two nights ago, I found it missing! I am not one to jump to conclusions, or make false accusations, but, I suspect there might be a thief in our midst! And I fear for you ladies' safety, especially because you are our most welcomed guest. Will you help me look for the dishonourable thief?" Elizabeth asked the two of them.

Ibiza didn't dare to really respond confidently, because she was afraid that it would change the plot, and Marlowe would give her an earful again. "Marie, dear, what do you make of this?" she asked quietly, tapping Marlowe gently as she realised that the Goddess seemed to have trailed off in her train of thoughts again.

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Ibiza was disappointed that Marlowe had disagreed, but had completely understand why she did so. She had read Austen's novels, and most of them were basically based on feminist ideals, and constant satirical comments on society. She instantly knew that Marlowe would be opposed to changing the essence of Austen's novels, and even though she did agree eventually, Ibiza shook her head, giving Marlowe a knowing smile. She couldn't let Marlowe always agree and give in to her, and decided that she would do something for her friend instead.

"I'm so sorry, my lovely cousin, Elizabeth. Marie and I had attended a ball earlier in the day," she was technically not lying, "and we are quite exhausted from the dancing and socialising with men, if I may say. We are leaving first thing in the morning, and as much as we would love to help you, I do not think that it is wise for us to hunt in the middle of the night when we have a morning carriage to catch."

Elizabeth had looked sad, but because she was merely a fictional character, she gave them a small smile, holding their hand endearingly, "It is quite all right, Isadora, Marie. I hope to see you here some time, you two seem like a swell company to be around. In fact, you two remind me of my sister, Jane, whom I've missed dearly since she has gone to live with my brother-in-law, Mr. Bingley."

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Ibiza was quite startled at Marlowe's outburst, but she had her suspicions that perhaps Marlowe was simply tired, tired from that evening's events, but did not expect that she was only behaving that way because of her want to make Ibiza happy. She shook her head, and gave her a look as if to say: Don't worry about it. "It's quite all right, Marlowe, my sister. I am beyond honoured at your objective of pleasing me, but we are like sisters, thou need not go to such length," she said, holding Marlowe's hand gingerly in hers.

Ibiza knew that in her mind, it wasn't even a "such lengths" kind of problem, but in the olden days, every situation was worthy of "such lengths". She chuckled internally at how ridiculous the people of the older times were, wondering how her teachers in school would behave. They must have been at least a thousand years of age each, and that meant probably speaking in even weirder exaggerations and sentences. "And, yes, my dear sister, I believe we should retire for the night. We still have to solve a mystery for the Academy come morning," she added at the end, rubbing her eyes in a not-so-ladylike manner. The Bingley sisters would have been absolutely horrified at her behaviour.

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(( since you're gone, I'm going to execute your final wishes-thing + do the time skip! ))

As the two of them settled into their separate beds to sleep, Ibiza yawned gracefully again. She rubbed her eyes, before climbing in and pulling the blankets up to her chin, smiling across the room at Marlowe, the faint lamp light illuminating her friend's face.

"Thank you for spending the last few days and night being such a dear cousin," Ibiza whispered, feeling the sleep take over her slowly. She blinked several times, trying to put in a few more words, "Let's not end our adventures... Marlowe." And a few more blinks later, the Goddess of Earth fell deep asleep, dreaming about fantastical stories, and adventures that she wanted to embark on with her friend.

{ In the morning }

Sunlight streamed into Marlowe's dorm, a heavy contrast to the dying lamp of the evening they had. Ibiza rolled on her back, and realised she was back in Marlowe's dorm. Did Marlowe... did she bring us back already? I didn't even realise, gosh. Ibiza thought to herself, as she sat up from the comfortable bed. "Mar? Mar, where you at?" she called out, realising that she was the only one on the plush bed that Marlowe owned in her now single dorm. There was no response. Maybe she's just out buying breakfast... she continued to speculate, but a weird feeling had settled inside of her.

Walking to the bathroom, Ibiza washed her face and rinsed her mouth, stepping out to discover that her friend was not yet back. Puzzled, she tried to look around the room for clues, noticing that Marlowe's phone was exactly where she put it before they went into the story. "Marlowe?" she asked tentatively this time, her bad feeling increasing exponentially as she was greeted with silence.

As she glanced about more, Ibiza saw that the book - Pride and Prejudice, was also still at the page that they were flipped to before they entered the story. Frowning, Ibiza picked up the book gingerly, and ran her fingers across the coarse pages, her mind spinning. And that was when her blood turned cold. She saw the words "Marie Abott" appear in the book - and it was for more than one sentence. She flipped through the novel quickly, running her thumb across the edges, and almost broke down. The name was written throughout every single chapter, in almost every single paragraph.

Her friend was trapped. And she could do absolutely nothing about it. In shock, Ibiza dropped the book on the ground, and crumpled to the floor. "What... what happened? Marlowe... why.. why are you still in the book? I can't.. I can't get you out.." she whispered over and over again, unable to peel her eyes off the pages that had Marlowe's alias written all over it.

The Goddess was at a lost, and worst of all, she had no idea what to do.

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(( she will !! and ibiza will be there to receive her with open arms :> ))

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(( INTENSE! i love it :> so are we gonna stop here? ))

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(( WOAH !! I thought she as going to be trapped in there until you were back from summer camp XD ))

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ƦƛƔЄƝ (daydreamer18) ((YEA SAME))

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ƦƛƔЄƝ (daydreamer18) ((oh. well, we should be opening really soon. In fact, Texas has opened most of its businesses already. Check the news))

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(( ill have ibiza be like in her dorm emo-ing so maybe marlowe can go look for her? i love that shes pregnant by the way! ))

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