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message 1: by Travis (new)

Travis Casey (traviscasey) | 17 comments I don't need in-depth beta reading. This thing has had multiple betas and a professional editor. However, I made a significant change to a character's motivation and need a consistency and continuity read. And I'm not entirely happy with the blurb. Any blurb help would be a huge contribution. But as it stands:

As a devoted wife, Yvette supports her husband in all he does—and Isaiah Hightower does a lot. He is the principal of Hilton Head high school, a leader of the community, a warrior against social injustices, and a deacon in his local church.

He is also a member of Dark Alleys nightclub: a place where he does not have to maintain his public image of purity. Funny thing, he never mentioned his membership there to his wife.

Then she witnesses Isaiah's greatest sin—and she is the only one who can save him.

All it will take is one little lie to preserve his years of good work and protect his iconic legacy.

message 2: by Olguta (new)

Olguta Iordache | 43 comments Hi,
Your blurb sounds interesting.

I am a beta reader. But I am not good at blurbs.

PM le if you want to beta read your MS.

Thank you

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