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The Book Gram (Nikita) (the_book_gram) | 1 comments I just finished the novel Erotic Stories of Punjabi Widows!!

Wow! Its revealing, bold and completely unexpected! Outright SPICY! Review below.

Nikki is a university drop out in England and who has moved out of home to pursue her own life. She endures her family’s disappointment and the gossiping Sikh community whom judge her for her seemingly failed career, smoking habits, job as a bartender and for her feminist activism agenda. To earn extra money, Nikki signs up to teach English writing classes to a group of illiterate Punjabi Bibi’s at the Gurdwara. Her first day on the job she realises the group are mostly older Punjabi widows looking for time pass by engaging in lively erotic storytelling discussing their sexual desires and fantasies. Their vivid descriptions of body parts, sex and pleasure are completely eye-opening.
While I found the concept unrealistic (but who am I to judge lol), there were many themes and experiences cleverly embedded throughout the story that made it real. Balli was able to unpack cultural stigmas and explore conceptions of arranged marriage, domestic violence and emotional abuse, as well as taboos which oppress Indian women in her writing. There were so many unexpected turn of events thrown in and at one point I had no idea where the story was headed and I felt like many the author just threw things. It could turn from a a fun x-rated sexual fantasy into a romantic love story or an all out crime and murder mystery…. However, it just came together well and I was satisfied.

There aren’t many novels about Indian culture, specifically focused on women, so if you’re curious or think you can relate, this is a must read! Personally, I was glad it wasn’t a book just about sex and that there was so much more depth in it (because I’m so shy lol). I cannot wait for my friends to read this one so I can talk to them about all the naughty parts and just giggle.
I may not look at Punjabi aunties the same….

Hope you liked this review! Follow my instagram @the_book_gram for more updates.

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RAJAN KOKKURI | 3 comments Nice.
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If possible do consider it for review.

Rajan V Kokkuri

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