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Shelly | 578 comments Other reviews have used quirky, poignant, charming, and magical to describe this book..... and I couldn't agree more. All these adjectives describe it, in a story where the main character's brain injury robs him of adjectives! The story revolves around Virgil Wander, who is pulled from his car after he drives it off the slippery road into Lake Superior. Being born again (or at least temporarily escaping death), he realizes he has the chance to reinvent himself and be a different man. The sleepy town of Greenstone Minnesota also drove off the road of prosperity and struggles to find a way to reinvent itself. The people of Greenstone are quite quirky, each with his/her own struggles in small town America. Then an old man from the Norwegian north comes to town to try to discover the son he never knew he had. He builds relationships with the townspeople by building beautiful kites and inviting them to fly them and feel how they pull into the sky, higher and higher. Some of the townspeople are elevated to new heights, but some are not, and come crashing down. The book is not very fast moving, although it does build to a climax. It is character driven, and the writing is clever and beautiful. Thanks to Doughgirl for telling us about this one.

Barbara M (barbara-m) | 2275 comments I'm glad you also enjoyed this.

Ellen | 2218 comments I read this recently and felt very much the way you do. Such interesting characters!

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