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Jillian Asselin (jillspng) Alright, I have spent roughly six years combing the internet for a book I can only now assume I made up, but I figure I'd make one last effort.

I'm 22 and I read this book somewhere between 3nd and 6th grade, so roughly 2005-2009, but it could have been published before then, just not after 2009. From what I can recall it was only about greek mythology and definitely directed towards children or young teens. I can't remember much about the cover- there might have been a meander border (ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meander...). And I'm fairly sure it was a paperback.

What I do remember is the stories- at least some of them. For example, the story of Oedipus and Jocasta was told from the point of view of a detective or a cop working on solving the case- Jocasta's death, that is. The story of Theseus, Ariadne, and the minotaur was formatted as if a reporter was following the story, and the story of Perseus and Andromeda was told in his words through diary entries. I think Orpheus and Euridice were also mentioned, though I can't remember how (perhaps a poem or song?), as well as Heracles and his 12 tasks!

The book had fun lists and illustrations of things like "Most Wanted" posters for the baddies in greek stories (or something similar- maybe arrest records/ mug shots?) and a page where it discussed the creatures in Greek mythology and which ones would make the best house pet (or something like the pros and cons of having it as a pet).

The illustrations were cartoonish and black and white and dotted around the book rather than being a central focus. It was funny but still informative, and the language was modern.

This is all I can really remember. Thank you, any help is appreciated!!

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