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Zoom book club: anybody interested?
Five Word Reviews Five Word Reviews May 11, 2020 01:57PM
Hey fellow bookworms,
Lockdown has been a blessing for all of our bool piles but a curse for our social ineptitude so I thought why not start a small ZOOM based book club?
I think we should start small, one of the free classics on Apple's iBooks (I propose Kafka's Metamorphosis- but please feel free to suggest) and we can take a week or fortnight to read the book then schedule a book club meeting. I'm in Japan, so that's GMT +9 so this is probably best suited to Aussies and fellow asian Expats.
My email is if you want to add me on ZOOM or just post here if you want in.
Otherwise it'll just be me, in a one-man meeting, talking about how I feel like lockdown is a good example of how I increasingly feel like a giant beetle.


Hi guys,

I'm new to Goodreads and I'd be interested in joining your book club if you'd have me. I'd be up for either of the titles you've suggested as a first read. I'm currently reading Flowers for Algernon but I'm almost finished.


Count me in man. Would love to join this club. i am from India and I live in GMT+5:30.

Evros Stylianou When are we meeting? I noticed that Igaz finished Metamorphosis. What's the plan Matthew? ...more
Jun 19, 2020 12:17AM · flag
Evros Stylianou BTW Hi Karan and welcome! :)
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Hi Evros and Ilgas
Ok awesome, let’s do it. First book Metamorphosis by Kafka. I too have already read it, but as a teen having not experienced a true existential crisis up to that point. I’m sure I’ll get much more out of it some 15 years later.
So what’s our deadline? Two weeks?
Awesome, let’s jump in!


Hey Matthew, I would love to participate in a book club. Been badgering my friends to join me but we can't seem to agree on a book lol
I'm down with any of the classics though!!
I'm in Turkey right now but I would be alright if you are doing it in the weekends
Cheers x

Hey Ilgaz,
Thank you so much for replying to post!! I thought it would just die out. I too have been badgering my friends and they are all reluctant or too busy.
We can just keep it us two for now and build the group once I’ve got some of my mates to join? How’s that sound?
So, you can choose the first book if you like?
I’m always just nose down in Fantasy so I need something to punctuate my escapism.
Awesome, let me know what book and we can chat about it. I’m in Japan, a househusband and so lonely, apart from my fictional, written ‘friends.’
All the best


Hi Evros! The more the merrier :)
I just realised that this post is under the book Metamorphosis. I've read it before but would love to read again so yeah I'm down with any of the two. What do you think Matthew, you could give a final vote as the founder of this mini book club!

Also, where are you based in Evros? I'm sure we can find a common timeslot for all of us to get together online

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