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Hi everyone, my first time posting so please, be gentle.

I've got a short story that's police procedural/vampires. 8600 words. Think Line of Duty/Innocent Blood.

Would anyone like to have a read and comment?


message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (goodreadscomdaniel_robledo) | 23 comments Hey, Joseph. If you want to do a short story critique swap than I'd be more than happy to read yours. vampire procedural short story sounds interesting. How far along in editing are you? My short story is 8k and is about three young men who, after stealing a safe full of money from a criminal boss, flee into the desert, hoping to start new lives somewhere far away. It's literary fiction foremost, but it has a little bit of thriller and the supernatural spiced in. Kinda Stephen King-esque.

message me your contact info if you're still interested.

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