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May 2020: Comedy > Idiot - Laura Clery - 5 Stars

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Jason Oliver | 2063 comments I added this due to AJ's recommendation once the tag was announced. I am glad I decided to read this. Thank-you so much AJ.

This book engendered many reactions from me.

I had never heard of Laura Clery. Prior to reading the book, I looked up her "See Helen Smash" videos mentioned on the front of her book. They are funny. I immediately became a fan and spent valuable reading time watching YouTube videos. The book is funny also. I laughed several times. Clery's humor is my type of humor.

Clery tells the story of growing up, wanting to be an actress, moving to LA and NY, her battle with drugs and an abusive relationship, her struggle with becoming an actress, struggling to get jobs, struggling to get clean, and then with making original content on YouTube.

Clery is a great writer and her story is raw and true. She narrates the audiobook which adds greatly to the book. This is the only book I've read about heavy drug use and addiction that didn't become repetitive, numbing, and almost bragging about that time of their life. Cleary kept the feeling flowing through this book. Never seem to be bragging about her negative experiences and even questions the way she was raised.

In regards to the way she was raised, her parents frustrate me. Parents are meant to give guidance and direction. Her parents gave her zero guidance, zero direction. I kept thinking what if. I was very happy when later her parents tried to help her out of an abusive relationship. I would have liked more information on Laura's relationship with her parents. Did it change as she became sober and successful?

The story of Clery's life is also inspirational. She examines changing from being selfish and resentful to compassionate and helping others. Adopting a nasty dog with one eye and setting up an animal sanctuary. He examines the addiction of Facebook and YouTube likes. She talks about self-worth and where true self-worth should come from. My favorite part is when she makes a stand to preserve her sobriety and sanity. Though she is compassionate, and understanding, she understands she cannot keep her sobriety when someone close to her relapses and she separates herself. I wish she had spoken on this more, but love and understanding and unselfishness does not mean losing yourself.

This book has everything. Comedy, Inspiration, Drama, Trials, Struggle, Success, Failure, Bad Decisions and Good Decisions, Love, Hate. I think this is a great discussion book.

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Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7758 comments I have this one up as my #2 comedy book this month! Also because of AJ’s recommendation. Glad to see another stellar review.

Jason Oliver | 2063 comments I hope you like it. I think you will. Look forward to your review.

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AJ Timberlake (ajtimberlake) | 825 comments If I can’t do any other good in the world, I can at least recommend books

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