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The Cabin at the End of the World
This topic is about The Cabin at the End of the World
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Horror Suspense, gay couple & child held hostage by an apocalyptic cult, published in the last two years. [s]

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Jami (jamisings) | 14 comments I read this book last year and enjoyed it but can't for the life of me remember the title or author and I forgot to put it on my GoodReads Read list. Now I need to remember it to put it on my recommended list for work.

The plot revolves around a gay couple and their adopted daughter being held hostage by a group of people who claim that they've all had the same vision about the end of the world and the only way to stop it is if one of the three hostages chooses to kill one of the others. It has to be a choice and done willingly.

The ending is both sad and ambiguous, which is the only thing that ruins the book for me so it would be a 4 star read, but it's good enough that I want to put it on my list.

And yes, the fact they're gay matters as one of the characters in the past had been beaten up by a homophobe and one of the cultists might or might not be the man who beat him up.

Jami (jamisings) | 14 comments The rockabilly werewolf from Mars wrote: "The Cabin at the End of the World"


I tried to Google the plot points and got everything BUT this.

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