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Jinnik: The Asset: A Cold War Memory
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message 1: by Gideon (new)

Gideon Asche (gideondasche) | 3 comments I need some input and direction here - I hope this is the proper venue to ask for it. If not, please direct me to that correct venue.

I recently got stung by a scam publisher, promised to edit and market but did nothing. As a result, I had to republish my book JINNIK: The Asset. With a legitimate traditional publisher.

Now I'm looking for 10 readers to accept a free copy ( e-book or Print - or both ) of Jinnik: The Asset for review. Location is not important I'll ship the hard copy anyplace.

can one of you tell me what the best way to go about locating readers who would be interested? you can e-mail me at or PM me.

thanks, I would appreciate any input.


A short slide show regarding the story can be found here.

message 2: by Feliks, Moderator (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) | 1128 comments Mod

a possibly more-effective approach would be for you to familiarize yourself with Goodreads' reader-groups and support-groups like these:

message 3: by Gideon (new)

Gideon Asche (gideondasche) | 3 comments thanks - I think that is pretty much what I was looking for.

message 4: by Steven (new) - added it

Steven Dawson | 29 comments I’d be happy to read! Anything I can do to help, just let me know! Shoot me a msg.

message 5: by Gideon (new)

Gideon Asche (gideondasche) | 3 comments thank you steven, let me know how you would like it, Kindle, or hardcopy,

I hope you enjoy it.


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