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Crime vs. Mystery novels

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message 1: by Denise (new)

Denise (denisekuhr) | 2 comments Mod
What is the difference between a crime novel and a mystery novel? Is there overlap? Do you have a preference? Since we can't travel right now, here's a list of crime books set in tourist towns: https://crimereads.com/crime-books-se... See what you think! ~Denise

message 2: by Carol Pesdan (new)

Carol Pesdan | 1 comments Seems interesting to me. I like Stowed Away - Monster in Florence and the Pandemic novel. Carol Pesdan

message 3: by Marna (new)

Marna | 1 comments Definitely there is a difference between a crime novel and a mystery. There have been crime novels where we know who did it from page 1 and the story is not a mystery.
Thanks for sharing the list although I think Jaws is a stretch as a "crime" novel. I have not ready any of the authors. I may need to wait until we are out of the pandemic before reading the pandemic one.

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