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William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope (William Shakespeare's Star Wars, #4)
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May 2020: Comedy > [Poll Book Tally] William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily a New Hope by Ian Doescher

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Karin | 7202 comments I reread this on kindle--a mistake--my kindle isn't wide enough for the lines to work properly. Also, this is much more enjoyable for me on audio when it is dramatized, but it is still very well done. Even if it were, I hate trying to go back an forth from place to place on a kindle--paper books still rule for me. I am not sure what new I can say over my first review, but to underscore the fact that if you prefer Shakespeare read aloud or dramatized, you will definitely find this much better on the audiobook. If you are able to read it out loud and like doing this and won't disturb anyone, then that is the second choice, IMO. But overall I recommend this for both Shakespeare and Star Wars fans alike.

Original Review:

4.5 stars rounded up

Wow, what can I say Doescher really knows his Star Wars inside out and backward, and he knows his Shakespeare. But the audiobook made it better, and I am sure if I read it it wouldn't have been rated this high. Why? Because there are things you can do there you can't in a print book, such as with music. My son and I listened to the opening music part about 3 or 4 times because, as an aspiring musician, he laughed so hard at that part. But then there is the excellent way the book was introduced with title and author, and the excellent way it was handled when it ended--really well done, and in character, etc.

Plus, we got to hear the inner voices, including R2D2. This made it make comedic sense when some of its sounds were spoken and only a few done as sound effects.

If only I were more familiar with Shakespeare so that I'd catch more of the witty ways lines from that were incorporated and sometimes slightly altered to fit perfectly. Also, I haven't seen the movie for this one (this is the orignal movie) since--wait for it--it first came out in theatres. Yes, I'm that old, doggone it. I have only seen 2 or 3 of the movies, all in that first set, which are movies 406, and was fabulous because, unlike Millennials, we had NO CLUE who Darth Vader was until the big reveal.

Who knew a parody could be so fun?

annapi | 5069 comments I loved this too, I think it's a work of genius!

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