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message 1: by Gia (new)

Gia Me too! Thank you! I'll be there:)

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) Oh my gosh I LOVE this book ( and the movie!)

I'm in!!!

message 3: by Andrea (new)

Andrea (andreaxsanz) | 5 comments I've been wanting to read it for a very long time! Count me in <3

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) V i c k s wrote: "So happy you'll join! I just googled the movie, will definitely check it out! I spotted some amazing actors(Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze XD)"

The movie started a lot of careers in Hollywoods that's for sure. For my it started my Matt Dillon phase :)

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) V i c k s wrote: "Hey everyone! If you have any suggestions for the reading schedule pls feel free to share! The book has 12 chapters and they are pretty short, so I was thinking we could try and read it on a week? ..."

Thats totally doable! Everytime I've read it I flew through it. Can't wait to discuss this book with you guys. After we finish the book I'm going to rewatch the movie! :)

message 6: by Gia (new)

Gia Whatever schedule you all come up with works for me. I'm still working on securing my book, lol!

message 7: by Trisha (new)

Trisha (trishaw) | 1 comments I will try to follow this buddy read
I'm not a quick reader so i will try to read with you. but I'm sure I will not finish the book on time with you .

I liked the movie. it was a great one.

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) Trisha wrote: "I will try to follow this buddy read
I'm not a quick reader so i will try to read with you. but I'm sure I will not finish the book on time with you .

I liked the movie. it was a great one."

It was one of those movies that I feel did the book justice. A great adaptation.

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) V i c k s wrote: "Hey! Hope everyone is all right! :) So here are the discussion dates for our buddy read, Im pretty new in this so I'll try and make some questions to discuss each day, but pls feel free to tackle w..."

looks good! Can't wait to discuss one of my favorite classics!

message 10: by Gia (new)

Gia Sounds perfect! Looking forward!

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) So excited!!! The movie is on HBO Max so I'll have to watch it after my reread of the book :)

message 12: by Gia (new)

Gia Me too!!! I just bought this movie last week!!! I've never seen it and I'm going to wait until after I've read the book:)

message 13: by Gia (new)

Gia So it is! :) Thank you!

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) 1: I love this book so much it's in my top 5 of all time favorite classics!

2: I really like Ponyboy but he wasn't my favorite character.

3: I love the greasers and have always said I'd be a greaser. Yes I know they break the law at times but so do the Soc's and I think they are so mean.

4: Aww Johnny it breaks my heart :( sweet Johnny and Dally! :(

My daughters school did a Greaser and Soc day where they had to pick who'd they would be in the book. Which would you be??

message 15: by Gia (last edited Jun 02, 2020 05:17PM) (new)

Gia 1 - This is the kind of book I will enjoy more on the re-read because at that point I will know what is going to happen next. Right now I can't relax and read because I have no idea who is coming around the corner to attack them next and that makes me nervous. I'm also watching the movie as I read, but I only watch as far as I've read and no farther.

2 - I like Ponyboy a lot. He has a quiet reflective side, which I like and he likes to read and write. I think he tries to comfort Johnny in the same way that Soda comforts Ponyboy. I really enjoyed the scene with Cherry and how kind and curious she was about him and how she drew him out--and then how he was completely himself with her. He was authentic, genuine. And so was she. She probably found all of that quite refreshing and new!

3 - I'll start with the dynamics in Ponyboy's own family. I was struck by how much Soda and Darry care about Ponyboy when he came home past curfew, waiting up for him, even though it was explosive with Darry (in contrast to how Johnny isn't even missed at his house when he's gone). This really came through in the movie. At least what I can see right now, Darry has an immense burden on his shoulders and he's only just a kid himself, handling everything the best he can as the head of the family, etc. Soda is great, always looking out for Ponyboy. Also, I love how Dally takes care of his own (they all do) when Pony and Johnny come by desperately seeking help. They all take care of and support each other.

4 - I feel really sad for Johnny. He's way too sweet and quiet to have to go through that. He did save Pony's life, though.

Hmm... I'm definitely not a greaser, although I feel for them! Truth is, I'm just not tough enough to be a greaser. And, I'm definitely not a Soc either because I like to blend into the crowd unnoticed. So, if I were a character I don't know who I'd be right now. Maybe this will emerge as I read further.

Sorry, I always seem to write a novel in these discussions. I can't seem to help it :/

message 16: by Gia (new)

Gia V i c k s wrote: "Don't even apologyze it was very interesting to read your thoughts! I also really liked that scene with Cherry, loved when Ponyboy tells her " just don't forget that some of us watch the sunset too..."

Aw, thank you! Oh yes, that conversation was wonderful! I love it. Yes, so true!

message 17: by Gia (new)

Gia @V i c k s No worries at all! I'm late responding now, too, got so busy yesterday and today doesn't let up either. I'll be able to share my comments Saturday and looking forward:) I will say that when I got finished reading the recent chapters I couldn't stop thinking about it and everyone in it. Stayed with me a long time.

message 18: by library girl reading (last edited Jun 05, 2020 06:27AM) (new)

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) Such a great reread and such a great book. Thank you so much Vicks for picking it and having the read along!! :)

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) V i c k s wrote: "Aw thank you Shannon! I just finished it and I already want to reread it, can't wait to watch the movie!"

Can't wait to discuss the ending I'll wait because I don't want to reveal anything but oh my stars!!!!

message 20: by Gia (new)

Gia My comments for Chapters 5-8:

I loved so much about this middle section of the book! I can't possibly mention all of the things I liked.

At first I was really scared for Johnny and Ponyboy escaping and hiding out in the church, but then I relaxed because they were okay and just surviving and safe and processing everything.

I really enjoyed the descriptions of the panoramic view from the church; there were three mentions of this. Something about that - the land - goes deep for me. And nature views are so healing in times of crisis, going deep into the soul, to uplift and inspire. And these views inspired me, the reader, too.

I, too, loved that Pony is reading Gone With the Wind - and that Johnny had the thoughtfulness to buy it for him. Then Pony reciting some of Robert Frost's poem. Such a good quality in his character.

I especially enjoyed reading this middle section of the story because for the first time ever the major part of the story line was not about fighting and being bullied. Such a welcome relief for me.

When Pony came home, I cried when Pony and Darry had their heartfelt reunion. Loved that! Early in the book I knew that Darry loved Pony---except Pony didn't know it, which was painful to witness. This part was just sooo good. The bear hug that followed and Pony's realization that Darry DOES love him and the long-time misunderstanding put to rest, once and for all was just awesome.

The home scenes at Pony's, Soda's and Darry's house were fun. How Soda likes "jelly and eggs and chocolate all at once..." and on and on, etc.

But, oh no, Johnny... his prognosis. And, it was awful when his mother came to visit. What an unfeeling and hard person she was! And he's so sweet and sensitive. I just want to give him a hug.

I still don't know what character I'd be, but at least I now know who my favorite character is! :) Will see if that holds up till the end.

I'll be reading Chapters 9 - to the end today so I can catch up to you two! Going to go do that right now! Thanks so much for waiting for me <3

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) Yes I love that schools in my country still use it in their curriculum!

Have tissues handy lots of tears will be shed!

message 22: by Gia (new)

Gia V i c k s, thank you! So happy to write those thoughts! I can't stop thinking about this book either! My husband and I are going to watch the movie tonight and looking forward to that. Yes, absolutely, I agree. What a great book! Thank you so much, V i c k s for hosting this buddy read!

Update: I just now finished reading the book!!! And, looking forward to the discussion:)

message 23: by Gia (new)

Gia I will, thank you! It's all perfect timing! :)

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) I loved it and cried like a baby also during the book and even more so with the movie.

My favorite character was Dally - the way he couldn't live with out Johnny broke my heart!!!! His end scene with his friends running up to him big ugly cry

message 25: by Gia (new)

Gia We watched the movie last night. It was very good!

My favorite character throughout the book is Darry.

All the way through the book Darry loved Pony even though Pony didn't know it and Darry wasn't able to always show it. Darry was a silent worrier and didn't show that either. I got the sense his feelings ran strong, deep and intense.

Darry worked hard as a roofer to support the family and was always under pressure from mostly himself to be a good guardian to keep the family intact. He carried the immense burden of trying to fill in the big shoes of their late parents. We see him cooking and keeping house. And, towards the end of the book we see him asleep in an armchair at Pony's bedside when Pony was sick; Darry had sat there all night long.

Darry sacrificed his own desires of going to school to be there for his family instead, setting his own dreams aside. Two-Bit once said "the only thing that keeps him from being a Soc is us." Later, Pony said, "Darry was too smart to be a greaser." Darry went to school to learn acrobatics then taught the whole gang that summer the same to sharpen their fighting skills.

Darry was his own person. According to Pony, "Darry never went in for the long hair. His hair was short and clean all the time."

Darry met the gang where he found them--and at the same showed them what they could become.

I see Darry as a tower of strength throughout the book. That's why Darry is my favorite character.

message 26: by Gia (last edited Jun 08, 2020 05:08AM) (new)

Gia I loved this book too!!! And, I'm the better for having read it <3 The story is still with me even though I finished reading the book a few days ago. I, too, find myself still thinking about the characters. You're right, V i c k s, it was an emotional roller coaster to read!

I'm so glad the greasers won the rumble at the end! Woo hoo!! But then right after that came the sad news of Johnny's death :c Very sad.

So, yes, all the way through was up and down. But, still, very glad I read this! Thank you, again, for hosting this buddy read!

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) V i c k s wrote: "So happy you enjoyed it! I managed to make one of my closest friends to read it so yay, she is loving it! There is another book by SE Hinton that I might try reading, Rumble Fish. Have you heard ab..."

Rumble Fish and Tex are good as well. Both movies star Matt Dillon :)

I'd be up for a buddy read if you ever want to do another one with those books

message 28: by Gia (new)

Gia Cool! I've never heard of Rumble Fish or Tex. I'd be in for a buddy read on both of those books, too!

message 29: by Nidhi (new)

Nidhi Kumari | 24 comments I liked this book very much. 5 stars.

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